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This is Colton Provey, and I’ve been the PBR Tennessee Scouting Director since June 2019. Over the past two and half years, I’ve been serving the state of Tennessee by providing opportunities for prep players and assisting families to help further their child’s playing career by providing quality video, reliable metrics, and a platform to showcase their abilities. As a born and bred Tennessean, I take great pride in representing our state and being an asset to others that call this great place home. 

In this occupation between traveling from ball field to ball field, I often get asked an array of questions by players and parents regarding a multitude of topics surrounding the game. I wanted to open up the conversation and provide more insights surrounding recruiting, exposure, do’s/don’ts, and other topics of interest to further serve families during these exciting yet (sometimes) confusing times as their child rises through the high school ranks. 

Good chunk of players refer to me as “coach,” which is fine, but I’ve never felt like a coach. I’m not with them everyday in the trenches, helping them sharpen their skills. I’ve always viewed myself as more of a mentor: sharing my experiences in the process, providing feedback on strengths/weaknesses, and helping players see the bigger picture to make the best decisions for themselves. What we do in Tennessee is a grassroots, family operation looking to provide honest feedback, but also a level of fair opportunities for kids to showcase their abilities for everyone in the country to follow. My purpose with these Provey’s Pen blogs are to provide insight to players aspiring to play at the next level and give parents the tools to assist their child achieve their goals.