2022 MLB Draft League: Pre-Draft Pitcher Rankings

By Mike Rosenbaum, Trevor Madison, Peyton Sumpter, Koby Bernstein and Brandon Smith

MLB Draft League Data Analysts

1 Jonah Tong RHP FRE 19 Younger arm with wiry athletic frame and plenty of projection remaining. North Dakota St. is a data darling when looking at his fastball (up to 96, high spin offering w plus IVB outputs) and curveball (12-6 with good depth, over 2800 rpm).
2 Brock Blatter RHP SC 18 Blatter's projectable frame and four-pitch mix have shown room for improvement. High spin offerings on a 12-6 curveball (2700-2800 RPM) and 2-plane slider (2600-2700 RPM) with obvious ability to grow into more velocity as he matures. 
3 KC Hunt RHP TRE 22 Hunt has starter traits as he commands a quality four-pitch mix headlined by a riding fastball (91-94) and a big 12-6 breaking curveball that has posted a 59% Whiff%. Showing starter durability was a big development for Hunt in the Draft League. 
4 Trey Braithwaite RHP WV 24 Blazing 4-seamer (97-99) flashes double plus with great riding action paired with a serviceable slider which will give him the chance to be an effective reliever in pro-ball.
5 Micah Bucknam RHP TRE 18 Polished prep pitcher impressed against older Draft League hitters, posting a 0.53 ERA in 5 starts. He works at 91-92 (T94.5) with his fastball (30% Whiff%), effectively pitching up in the zone and complementing his heater with a sharp low-80s slider (35% Whiff%) and a nascent changeup.
6 Riley Gowens RHP WSP 22 Redesigned arsenal during Draft League stint and paid dividends with a 93-96 MPH riding fastball (18-21 IVB) that posted a 40% Whiff%, paired with a sweeping slider and depth-killing changeup. Starter traits.
7 Jackson Soucie LHP MV 18 A late arrival during the Draft League's first half, Soucie impressed immediately with his smooth delivery and three-pitch mix, showing an advanced feel for a low-90s FB (T95), a slider that he could land in the zone or bury for strikes, and a late-running changeup that flashes above-average with out-pitch potential.
8 Will Geerdes RHP MV 22 Deep six-pitch mix with starter traits headlined by a cutting fastball (88-93) which he commands well. Has the traits to be given a chance to start upon his arrival in pro-ball.
9 Jacob Peaden RHP WSP 21 Analytical darling of a relief prospect with a riding 4-seamer (93-95) with a flat vertical approach angle creating an "invisible-ball" illusion to hitters. Super athletic frame with a clean operation suggests plenty of future projection is still in the tank.
10 Duncan Davitt RHP MV 22 Right-hander with a low release point that gives fastball hopping action which generates 27% Whiff%. Curveball a solid secondary with 21" HZB and effective changeup as an out pitch diving down and away from righty barrels generating an astounding 50% chase rate and a 65% Whiff%. 
11 Geo Rivera RHP FRE 21 Filthy slider with 14" HZB, 3" IVB that generates whiffs at a 35% Whiff%. Spins consistently at 2900 and frequently peaks above 3000. Fastball 90-92, T93 that generates 28% Whiff%.
12 Kohl Drake LHP MV 21 Athletic lefty that oozes with projection and dominated JUCO ball this past spring by posting a gaudy 160 K's to 17 BB. Starter traits with plus command of all pitches complete with an above-average curveball and changeup.
13 Austin Marozas RHP WSP 23 Marozas' XL, athletic frame pairs well with his above-average arsenal. The sinker (92-94) garnered a 92% GB% while with the DL and a sweeping slider and plus changeup (18" HB) kept hitters off balance.
14 Daniel Harper RHP SC 23 Harper has only improved during his stint with the Draft League while heavily relying on a hard fastball (95-97) and a lethal cutter (91-92). Both pitches have elite spin (2700-2800 RPM) and miss bats often.
15 Mason Ronan LHP SC 22 Ronan is a big-bodied left-hander who has stunned Draft League hitters with a good riding fastball and lethal breaking balls from his 3/4 slot. The curveball and slider have achieved 90% and 53% Whiff%, respectively.
16 Andrew Walling LHP WSP 22 Physical LHP is aggressive in the zone with four-seamer (94-96). Sharp, high-spin slider that has two plane movement with sweep. Quality reliever prospect.
17 JJ Sanchez LHP WSP 22 Super athletic body with a live arm. Two future plus pitches with a low release high hop fastball paired with a sweeping slider that consistently pushes over 12" of horizontal break.
18 Jean Paul Ramos RHP FRE 17 Puerto Rican prep has a loose, lively body with projectable arm strength (FB up to 91) and some natural spin ability with the breaking ball. Competed admirably against hitters 4-5 years his senior.
19 Wesley Scott RHP WSP 21 Big-bodied, power-throwing righty with a wide release and a deadly fastball-slider combo. 2-Seam 92-93, T94 with 10" IVB, 15" HZB riding laterally in on the hands of RHHs. Slider has 18" of HZB and 0" of IVB that spins at 2700 and generates 38% Whiff%. 
20 Dillon Orr RHP SC 19 The big, physical prep righty showcased a unique fastball during his brief Draft League stint, running it up to 91 while averaging 19" IVB across his 58 tracked fastballs. 
21 Will Schomberg RHP WV 21 Key trademark is a disgusting slider that averages 2900 spin and has been over 3,200. Has 19" of run off the table against RHHs. Throws in all counts to get ahead effectively. Fastball 92-93, T95 with 24% Whiff%.
22 Alan Carter RHP MV 24 Quick, short arm delivery with low release. Ride fastball 91-94, T96 with 17" of IVB generating 37% Whiff%. Superb slider with 10" of HZB and sweeping action generating 46% Whiff% and 15% Chase%. Has also shown deceptive curveball and changeup.
23 Cole Paplham RHP MV 22 Short power-throwing righty blows the fastball by guys at 95-97, T99 that generates 25% Whiff% and 11% Chase%. Slurvy slider with 16" of HZB and 6" of IVB plays off the fastball well.
24 Branden Noriega LHP WV 21 Projectable body and a low mileage arm with present arm strength, despite poor mechanics, has been up to 98, with a sharp breaking ball.
25 Connor Brandon RHP SC 21 Brandon's unique delivery and low slot aid in two plus pitches in his sinker and changeup, both achieving 16-18" of arm-side run. Has additional vertical depth on his changeup and the potential for a wipeout sweeping curveball.
26 Tyler Hoffman RHP SC 22 Hoffman has achieved high whiff rates with an above-average fastball (94-96) and a plus slider (41% Whiff%), showing his potential to be an effective bullpen arm.
27 Max Alba RHP WV 23 Swing-and-miss strikeout pitcher: 21K/3BB. Lethal ride fastball with 21" of IVB and 7" of HZB giving the illusion of rising vertically from release to plate. Up to 93 mph and generates 35% Whiff%. Hard slider pairs well with the fastball and moves with good sinking action down and away from RHH. Pitch generates 45% Whiff% and 29% Chase%.
28 Joe Joe Rodriguez RHP TRE 22 Rodriguez shows solid starter traits with his ability to miss bats and induce weak contact with each of his three pitches. He mainly operates with a 92-94 (T95) and a mid-to-upper 70s slurvy breaking ball (61% Whiff%, 2700 rpm avg.) while also working in a quality changeup (60% Whiff%). 
29 Cobe Reeves  LHP FRE 21 Big-bodied lefty with rubber band delivery that produces generous amounts of strikeouts and whiffs. Fastball up to 96 with 19% Chase% and 26% Whiff%. Breaking balls have good downward, gyro action that plays off the fastball well.
30 Braden Nett RHP WSP 20 Sturdy power-pitching righty. Hop fastball is extremely effective with 17" of ride at 92-94, T96 creating 35% Whiff%. Curveball spins 2700-2900 with 12-6 action that he throws in all counts for strikes.
31 Creed Watkins RHP WSP 21 Athletic right-hander with a big fastball up to 99 with a sharp 12-6 curveball.
32 Easton Sikorski RHP WSP 22 Knows how to pitch with a quality 4-pitch mix. Starter traits as he repeats his delivery and commands his arsenal well.  
33 Will Stevens RHP SC 20 Super raw talent, has struggled to command pitches. Fastball has been up to 96 numerous times in the Draft League with a hard sweeping slider and a sharp curveball-- both breaking balls with above-average spin (2900-3100 RPM). 
34 Terry Busse RHP WSP 20 Busse has a promising bullpen profile, as he attacks hitters with a riding 94-96 FB and a pair of swing-and-miss breaking balls, both of which induce whiffs. 
35 DJ Carpenter RHP FRE 22 Long and lanky right-handed groundball pitcher. Ride fastball 92-94, T95 with 17" of ride and 11" of run. Slider has more of a slurvy shape but gets whiffs at an incredible 44% Whiff%. 
36 Javier Ramos RHP TRE 22 Ramos has thrown gas for two straight Draft League seasons, touching 97.5 this summer with a low-to-mid 80s swing-and-miss slider (61% Whiff%) 
37 Aaron Roberts RHP WSP 21 XL frame with long levers. Command is an issue, but has above-average raw tools. Fastball has been up to 97, with plus riding action up in the zone. Throws a curveball, that has more of a slurvy shape. High spin offering. Plenty of upside with Roberts. 
38 Josh Bortka  RHP SC 23 Big, physical right-hander that racked up insane whiff rates during his stint with the Draft League, including a 61% Whiff% on his slider. Good velocity on riding fastball (T95) and elite spin rates on all pitches. 
39 Zach Fruit RHP FRE 22 Fruit racked up more strikeouts than any other Draft League pitcher, punching out 36 in 22 innings (14.7 K/9) compared to seven walks. He has the two requisite pitches to become a good pro reliever, pairing a 92-95 T96 FB (39% Whiff%) with an upper-70s slider (32% Whiff%).
40 Eli Ankeney LHP MV 21 Deceptive southpaw attacks hitters, missing bats and inducing weak contact with a disappearing low-90s fastball that averages 20" IVB. 
41 Ben Thompson RHP MV 20 Sturdy right-hander with big-time arm strength, Thompson has a pair of present above-average offerings: a 94-95 mph with 18"+ IVB that gives it excellent riding life up in the zone (36% Whiff%), and a mid-70s changeup that absolutely drops off the table, eliciting ugly swings from hitters on both sides of the plate (66.7% Whiff%).  
42 Mark Adamiak RHP SC 21 Poised righty with a solid arsenal. Fastball (T97) pairs well with cutter and sweeping slider (113 sweep+), both secondaries generating whiffs (35% and 40% respectively).  
43 Wyatt Wendell RHP WV 22 Wendell operates with a four-pitch mix led by a low-90s fastball and a high-spin (T3000+), swing-and-miss slider (61% Whiff%), and he also shows aptitude for turning over a quality changeup.  
44 Austin Becker RHP WV 22 Becker has a big arm (up to 95) but lacks consistency with his fastball. Improvement on that front stands to make both his curveball and changeup (50% Whiff% each in DL) even more effective.  
45 Cédric De Grandpré RHP WV 20 De Grandpré has numerous starter traits, including a repeatable delivery and advanced feel for sequencing his pitches. He can run his fastball up to 95+, pitching to both sides of the plate, and De Grandpré can keep hitters off balance using his curveball and changeup that fuels his starter potential.  
46 Mason Olson LHP SC 20 Small, crafty lefty that knows how to pitch, fills the zone with sinker/slider and is uncomfortable at-bat. 
47 Jonathan Pintaro RHP FRE 24 A big physical right-handed pitcher with a deceptive 3/4 release. Pintaro features a (91-95) FB, an 85 mph Cutter, and a high-spin curveball with heavy downward action (-16 IVB). 
48 Cameron Tullar LHP FRE 22 Muscular lefty with nasty offspeed pitches. Slider sweeps down and in on the hands of RHHs with 8" of horizontal break garnering 30% Chase% and 50% Whiff%. Changeup plays off the fastball well with good downward action and 10" or run making it an effective out pitch. 
49 Tyler Jeans RHP TRE 23 Projectable, athletic righty only improved during his Draft League campaign, showing more velocity (T95) as the season progressed along with a high-spin (2600-2800) swing-and-miss (~40% Whiff%) slider.
50 Alec Whaley RHP TRE 24 Plus sinker (0" IVB, 19" HB) induces lots of soft contact on the ground. Swing-and-miss slider has accumulated 48% Whiff%%. Low slot makes for an uncomfortable AB.