2023 PBR Canada Spring Training Showcase

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This Is AN *OPEN INVITE* EVENT for PLAYERS IN the 2023 to 2026 Class

Spring Training in Florida is back.

PBR Canada is excited to announce the 3rd Annual PBR Canada Spring Training Showcase, in conjunction with PBR Florida.

From March 11 to March 17, players from across Canada will descend on the Launchpad Sports Complex in Cocoa, Florida for a week of baseball in the sun, PBR style. The entire week will be hosted at one location, with 5 fields on site, including one stadium.

We'll also be returning our PBR Selects Teams, which will be comprised of individual Canadians from Coast to Coast, as well as Canadian organizations. There will also be a presence of American academies throughout the weekly game schedule (in 2022 we hosted teams from Alabama and Puerto Rico).

All players that attend Spring Training will qualify to be under consideration when we send out  invitations to some of PBR's biggest invite-only events such as the ProCaseFuture GamesNortheast Senior GamesNew York State Games, and West Coast Games.

The main purpose of our Spring Training is to give Canadians an opportunity to showcase their off-season gains in a low-pressure, but high-octane game environment where the score isn't the priority. Players will get outdoor game reps prior to their season kicking off, while giving PBR staff an opportunity to get an early look at players in order to make more educated decisions on our rankings and selection process for PBR Canada Selects Teams.

Players can expect a Scout Day, six games, practice slots and pre-game batting practice with full unrivalled social media coverage from PBR Canada and our partners in America. Players will also be given a full tech package that includes Trackman, Swift Technology, Blast Motion, ProPlay AI, and Vizual Edge. 

Each player that participates in the Spring Training Showcase will receive a PBR Player Profile that our staff will update with videos, scouting reports, verified stats, All-Tournament teams and more following the event. The PBR Staff will also write up pre-content coverage of teams attending and players to watch, as well as post-content coverage of event and player results. The PBR Staff will provide Scout Blogs and team recaps throughout the event, and a daily recap of the top performers from each day. 

If you are interested in participating, please contact Chris Kemlo, Supervisor, PBR Canada at [email protected] or George Halim, Director, PBR Canada, at [email protected].


This is a stay-to-play tournament - Please Book Your Hotel Below  

PBR Canada and PBR Florida have partnered with Group Book. This is a stay-to-play tournament, and accommodation must be booked through the below link.

Contact [email protected] for all hotel information.

Hotel Options can be found **HERE** 



  • 6 Guaranteed Games
  • PBR Selects Receive 4 Pre-Game Workouts
  • Organizations Receive 2 Practices & 2 Pre-Games Guaranteed (More available upon request)
  • 5 Fields (4-Field Clover Complex + Stadium)
  • PBR Scout Day


  • Livestream for Games
  • Live-Game coverage through Twitter for colleges following live
  • Pre-content coverage of teams attending and players to watch
  • Post-content coverage of event results and player results
  • PBR Player profiles for all players attending the event
  • Scout Blogs and team recaps after every day
  • PBR Staff on-site for all games with coverage
  • Baseballs will be provided for all games
  • Umpires provided for all games

Launchpad Sports Complex 
500 Friday Rd, Cocoa, FL 32926, United States

March 11 to March 17, 2023 
Opening Day Workout - March 11th 
Last Day of Games - March 17th



In an effort to elevate the post-event experience for players who attend a PBR Showcase, the Account Dashboard is now your one-stop shop to view all of your post-event deliverables, including your Video, TrackMan, Blast Data and more.


Following a Prep Baseball Report event, players will receive unrivalled access to their advanced ball-tracking and swing metrics through the TrackMan and Blast Connect apps as well as visual skills through Vizual Edge testing. Furthermore, key metrics will live inside your Prep Baseball Report profile to help players in their recruitment process.  

TrackMan is the global leader in ball-tracking accuracy. Following a Prep Baseball Report event, all players will get unrivalled access to their performance data in the Trackman interactive app. Players can create custom dashboards that unlock both hitting and pitching data.

Pitching Features Include:

  • Pitching data access includes: release speed, spin rate, spin axis, release height, extension, horizontal and vertical break, and location on each pitch 

  • See each pitch trajectory in 3D from multiple viewpoints

  • Create defined tags to label and compare pitches

  • Pin pitches together to create tunneling visualizations between different pitch types

  • Visualize each pitch location

Hitting Features Include:

  • Hitting data access includes: Exit speed, distance traveled, launch angle, launch direction, spin rate, contact depth and contact side/height for each swing.

  • Visualize plate coverage

  • Pairing of all data points on each swing

Key ball flight metrics will also live inside player profiles at PrepBaseballReport.com for the benefit of college coaches and recruiters, which will help prospects advance to the next level. TrackMan’s advanced data metrics will augment what players already receive from a PBR showcase, which includes an edited video of their performance, personalized scouting reports, verified statistics, run times and positional velocities.

Blast is the global leader in swing analysis and used by nearly every MLB organization. Following a Prep Baseball Report event, players will receive access to BlastConnect in the Blast App, that unlocks critical insights and actionable data from their performance.

Features Include:

  • Swing Analysis and Blast Motion hitting assessment

  • Professional-level swing analytics to help players improve their hitting performance

  • Free 30-day trial to Blast Premium Services subscription

Key hitting metrics and Blast Motion Scores will also live inside player profiles at PrepBaseballReport.com for the benefit of college coaches and recruiters, which will help prospects advance to the next level.

ProPlayAI will be delivering lab-accurate biomechanics data for purposes of player assessments and in-game analysis, all from a single video camera. ProPlayAI’s biomechanics platform for baseball pitchers, PitchAI, is powered by computer vision algorithms that extract 3D skeletal data from a single 2D video camera such as an iPhone. The platform provides full-body kinematics to analyze lead-knee dynamics, torso and pelvic motion, arm motion, and aspects of the kinetic chain and pitch efficiency. 

All showcase prospects will receive a numbered, state-specific PBR jersey sponsored by our partners at Mizuno. Players will also receive a PBR Future Games hat sponsored by Mizuno and a gear bag with a bag tag.

Prep Baseball Report events will be equipped with Swift Performance’s industry-leading athletic testing technologies to capture pinpoint accurate, actionable data for all participants, ultimately delivering new insights into athletes’ speed, explosiveness and power for recruiters to evaluate.

Through both systems, the Swift UNO timing gates and EZEJump mats, athletes will be evaluated on a multitude of metrics that goes beyond just the 60 yard dash. Participants will be put through a jump protocol as well as adding 10 and 30 yard splits to the 60 yard dash.

Athletic Testing Metrics include:

  • 10/30/60 yard splits

  • Top end speed (mph)

  • Reactive Strength Index

  • Vertical jump


Launchpad Sports Complex
500 Friday Rd
Cocoa, Florida
United States of America
PBR Selects
# Name High School Class Pos.
Easton Aldebert Barrie North Collegiate 2024 RHP
Matt Barkley Thousand island secondary school (TISS) 2025 OF
Andrew Behring A.N Myer 2024 LHP
Kolin Betts King's-Edgehill 2023 OF
Evan Bosch St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary 2026 LHP
Brycen Brittain Sir Winston Churchill 2024 C
An-Drew Chen Sentinel Secondary School 2025 RHP
Brody Clark Innisdale Secondary 2025 OF
London Dingwell Lambrick 2025 C
Jackson Feggi Eastview Secondary School 2025 RHP
Luca Giovinazzo Cardinal Carter 2025 1B
Ethan Haley Twin Lakes 2025 SS
Noah Hall Regiopolis Notre Dame 2026 RHP
Benjamin Harris Waterdown 2025 RHP
Brennan Herr Lambrick Park 2024 C
Erik Jarvenpaa Sir John A Macdonald 2025 SS
Chad Leclair Garneau 2026 3B
Mason Maiatico Bishop Reding Catholic Secondary School 2026 RHP
Carter McGee Bowmanville High School 2024 OF
Carter Messina Brooklin High School 2024 1B
Nicholas Myatt Banting Memorial 2027 2B
Dylan Nerlich St. Michaels College 2026 C
Kerrick Norrie Asquith Chinook High School 2024 3B
Corrado Nucifora Sinclair 2025 OF
Jonathan O'Reilly RH King Academy 2025 OF
Evin OReilly Waterdown District 2024 C
Max Postic Newton's Grove 2026 2B
Zachary Robinson Lambrick Park 2024 SS
Elias Rubio-Reyes St. Michael's College 2026 SS
Josh Skuce Michael Power/St. Joseph 2026 SS
Lucas Trivedi Bill Crothers Secondary School 2024 1B
Steven Trkulja Bishop Allen Academy 2026 1B
Wylder Wigeland Kelowna secondary school 2025 1B
Etobicoke Rangers
# Name High School Class Pos.
Cory Adda Westmount Collegiate 2023 OF
Johnny Banks Silverthorn Collegiate Institute 2023
Demo Borovilos Northern Secondary School 2023 OF
Talan Cardinal Weston Collegiate Institute 2024 C
Joaquin Cater Sanchez Brebeuf College 2026 2B
Aidan Chanderbhan Bishop Allen Academy 2026 OF
Aaron Collings Etobicoke Collegiate Institute 2024 2B
Lucas Cordeiro Michael Power/St Josephs 2026 3B
Ryan Joben Cordero Neil McNeil 2025 C
Nicholas DeSousa Silverthorn Collegiate Institute 2024 3B
Max Dippolito Etobicoke Collegiate Institute 2025 C
Griffin Dougan St. Aloysius Gonzaga Secondary 2025 RHP
Marcus Duarte MIchael Power / St. Joseph HS 2024 3B
Adam Fadel Northern 2023 1B
Thomas Fournier King's Christian Collegiate 2023 3B
Wesley Freeman Martingrove Collegiate Institute 2023 RHP
Christian Giannone Michael Power/St. Joseph 2023 SS
Chazz Grossington Silverthorn Collegiate 2023 SS
Kai Howard Mentor College 2026 SS
Jack Iachetta Holy Cross Catholic Academy 2023 2B
Julian Iannarella St Marcellinus 2024 C
Aaron Krautner Bishop Allen Academy 2025 OF
Marko Lashkiv Richview Collegiate Institute 2024 SS
Dylan Loranger Richview Collegiate 2025 3B
Liam Mandzak Parkdale Collegiate Institute 2026 C
Noah McPherson Neil McNeil 2024 OF
Adrian Mychaluk Humberside Collegiate Institute 2023 RHP
Stefano Parente Silverthorn Collegiate 2025 RHP
Joseph Pereira Michael Power/St. Joseph 2026 3B
Ben Rogers Silverthorn Collegiate Institute 2023 LHP
Chuck Roy Central Tech HS 2023 1B
Seth Soultanidis Silverthorn Collegiate Institute 2025 LHP
Otis Stang Parkdale 2025 C
Samuel Szokola St Marys Catholic Secondary School 2025 1B
Russell Wallace Kings Christain Collage 2025 C
Nolan Walsh Bishop Allen academy 2025 OF
Ethan Westfall Michael Power/St. Joseph 2025 RHP
Clayton Winteler Kings Christian Collegiate 2024 C
Ontario Prospects
# Name High School Class Pos.
Ko Abe Prospects 2026 RHP
Jack Barry Uxbridge Secondary School 2024 OF
Connor Candolini Brooklin 2023 SS
Matthew Clarke Mowat Collegiate 2025 1B
Owen Ellis Pineridge Secondary School 2024 RHP
Ozzie Fitzpatrick Sinclair 2024 SS
Evan Fornelli Northern Secondary School 2026 C
Cooper Gaskin Dunbarton High Achool 2026 LHP
adam ho Donald A. Wilson 2024 OF
Caleb Ho Donald A. Wilson 2024 LHP
Griffin Johnson Henry Street 2025 RHP
Thomas Khan St. Mary Catholic Secondary School 2025 RHP
Alex Landry Bill Crothers 2026 RHP
Oliver Lange-Brown Monarch Park 2025 OF
Migel Lopez Frontenac Secondary 2026 SS
Matthew Lu Bill Crothers S.S 2025 RHP
Will Marshall Henry Street 2024 2B
DJ Mazzaferro USS 2026 SS
Carter McCormick Brooklin 2025 C
Ryan McGivney Sinclair 2024 RHP
Logan Meerburg St. Charles Garnier 2024 C
Jude Moss Henry Street 2024 OF
Kian Salehi Richmond Hill 2025 OF
Nate Smyth Dunbarton High School 2024 C
Charlie Valliant Don Mills Collegiate Institue 2025 C
Caden Williamson Port perry 2025 SS
Whitby Canadians
# Name High School Class Pos.
Jaden Avis Brooklin 2025 OF
Luke Bakker Brooklin 2025 OF
Wil Clark Sinclair 2025 RHP
Owen Evans Henry Street 2025 2B
Michael Hancock St Peter Catholic Secondary 2025 SS
Nathan Innes Neil McNeil High School 2025 LHP
Easton Joss Trinity college school 2025 C
Connor Lynch Henry Street High School 2025 RHP
Akshay Persaud Dunbarton 2025 3B
Cole Phillips Henry Street Highschool 2025 3B
Trevor Pickering Brooklin High School 2025 C
Canes Canada
# Name High School Class Pos.
Jackson Beauchamp Coalhurst High School 2024 OF
Tye Carrier Lethbridge Collegiate Institute 2024 C
Kieran Cutler Mount Pearl Senior High 2025 C
Rhoan Dillon Prince of Wales 2024 2B
Luka Dodig Holy Cross Academy 2025 OF
Luke Druken Waterford Valley 2025 RHP
Luke Hatcher Holy Spirit 2025 RHP
Ben Kent ODonel 2027 3B
Phillip Ledgister Holy Spirit 2024 C
Andrew Maltar Christ the King 2025 RHP
Christopher Menard Ecole Secondaire St. Albert Catholic High School 2024 RHP
William Parsons Prince of Wales Colleagiate 2025 LHP
Caleb Rideout Holy Spirit 2024 2B
Duncan Smith Great Lakes Secondary 2026 C