Toronto Elite Prospect Showcase 3.26.16 (Invite Only)

Name State School Class Pos Commitment
Conner Allen ON Anderson CVI 2018 RHP
Ricardo Alvarez de Lugo ON Our Lady of Mount Carmel 2017 OF Coffeyville CC
Jackson Arender ON Malvern Collegiate Institute 2017 2B
Cam Arnold ON Iroquois Ridge 2018 OF Queens University (ON)
Braden Babcock ON Maxwell Heights 2018 LHP McCook CC
Jordan Bahnuk ON College Avenue 2018 RHP Indian Hills CC
Braeden Barnett ON Innisdale 2018 3B Frontier Community College
Mathew Barta ON Lakeshore Collegiate 2019 RHP
Austin Bertrand ON Our Lady of Mount Carmel 2019 OF
Ryan Bester ON Sacred Heart 2017 1B
Darshpreet Bhandohal ON David Suzuki 2018 RHP
Cooper Blanchette ON Westdale 2016 RHP
Florent Bllacaku ON R.H King Academy 2018 3B
Chris Bowles ON T.A. Blakelock 2018 RHP Clarendon JC
Kyle Bryan ON Sinclair 2017 C Northwestern Ohio
Reid Carty ON Assumption Catholic 2016 OF
Alex Chalklin ON David Suzuki 2017 OF
Blake Cherwaty ON Holy Cross 2018 SS
Curtis Chung ON St.Thomas Aquinas 2018 C Humber College (ON)
Joshua Churchill ON St Joan Of Arc 2018 RHP
Ben Ciprovski ON Port Credit 2017 2B
Daniel Cirillo ON St. Marguerite d'Youville 2016 LHP
Aiden Colangelo ON St. Jean de Bre Beuf 2017 1B Niagara County CC
Robbie Costa ON Iriquois Ridge 2017 OF
Easton Currie ON RS McLaughlin 2018 SS Durham College (ON)
Ty Cymbalista ON St. Mary Catholic School 2018 3B Queens University (ON)
Brandon Deans ON Our Lady of Mount Carmel 2019 RHP Oakland
Matthew Deen ON St. Marcellinus 2018 1B Castleton State College
DJ Doiron ON Westside 2017 2B
Ethan Duggan ON Holy Trinity Catholic 2018 1B Laurier University
Darren Dwyer ON G.C.V.I. 2017 RHP
William Dyal ON Albert Campbell Collegiate 2017 OF
Jack Fabregas ON North Toronto Collegiate Institute 2017 RHP
Aidan Findlay ON Kenner Collegiate 2017 RHP Lakeland CC
Keiven Frost ON St. Peter's 2018 OF McCook CC
Jordan Gamble ON Appleby College 2018 2B British Columbia
Lucas Gilbert ON St Theresa's 2019 RHP North Iowa Area CC
Andrew Giorno ON St. Michael's College 2018 RHP Adrian College
Anthony Goddard ON Michael Power-St. Joseph 2019 RHP
Jared Gonsalves ON R.H King 2018 SS
Nicholas Hammill ON St Joan of Arc 2017 OF
Tyler Harniman ON Notre Dame Catholic 2016 OF St. Charles CC
Micah Harris ON Essex District 2015 RHP
Griffin Hassall ON Bill Crothers 2018 RHP Kansas State
Ryan Heighway ON Sinclair Secondary School 2018 RHP
Cameron Hibbs ON David Suzuki 2016 RHP
Shanif Hirani ON Waterloo Collegiate Institute 2017 OF South Carolina-Sumter JC
Ajith Jeyaranjan ON Cardinal Ambrozic Catholic Secondary School 2017 OF
Dylan Johnson ON St. Michaels College 2018 C Adrian College
Erik Johnson ON St. Michaels 2019 OF
Liam Kerr ON Home school 2016 OF
Evan Kiser ON Robert F. Hall 2017 RHP Niagara
Adam Koffman ON Richmond Hill 2017 RHP
Cooper Lamb ON Robert Bateman 2016 3B
Sam Lebel ON Brampton Centennial 2018 3B McCook CC
Ryan Leitch ON Sinclair 2019 C Marshall
Kyle Lev ON St. Martin 2019 RHP Siena
Matthew MacDowell ON Holy Trinity 2017 LHP
Jakob MacLeod ON Malvern 2017 RHP
Graham MacNeil ON Brooklin 2021 RHP
Cameron Mahler ON Jacob Hespeler 2016 RHP
EJ Martinez ON Our Lady Of Lourdes 2019 C
Curtis McCully ON Malvern Collegiate 2019 OF
Matthew McEachern ON Dr. Frank J Hayden 2019 OF Lourdes University
Kayne McGee ON Almonte and District 2017 RHP
Kevin Millar ON Christ the King 2020 RHP Southeastern CC (IA)
AJ Min ON A.Y. Jackson 2018 C
Ben Mitchell ON Bill Crother's 2018 OF British Columbia
Aaron Muravski ON Maxwell Heights 2018 2B
Aaron Nash ON Craig Kielburger Secondary School 2018 3B
Jonah Offman ON Vaughan 2017 RHP Johns Hopkins University
Joshua Palmer ON Waterdown District 2020 RHP
Zack Panek ON Lorne Park 2017 C
Nick Parsons ON Bluevale Collegiate 2018 C
Matthew Pasquale ON St Joan of Arc 2018 SS
Claye Paton ON Humberview 2018 1B
Alan Plunkett ON St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School 2017 RHP
Tyler Roberts ON St. Peter's 2017 RHP Lake Michigan JC
Matthew Robinson ON R.S.McLaughlin C.V.I 2018 C Durham College (ON)
Michael Rourke ON Henry Street 2017 3B
Sanjay Sareen ON Iroquois Ridge 2017 3B
Tyrell (TJ) Schofield-Sam ON North Park 2019 3B Chipola College
Tyler Small ON St. Martin 2018 SS Dallas Baptist
Ronan Smith ON Monarch Park 2018 C
Kyle Smyth ON Sinclair 2017 RHP Niagara
Michael Ssemanda ON Cathedral 2017 OF Canisius
Dimitri Stamatopoulos ON Satec 2018 RHP Paris JC
Daniel Starrett ON Sinclair 2018 C
Kyle Stevenson ON R.S McLaughlin C.V.I 2018 3B
Edwin Tam ON Father Michael McGivney Catholic Acadmey 2017 C
Chris Tani ON Garth Webb 2018 OF Niagara County CC
Calum Theal ON AN Myer 2018 RHP Niagara
Daniel Thibideau ON Guelph C.V.I. 2017 LHP
Jackson Toms ON Our Lady Of Lourdes 2016 RHP
Jacob Underwood ON Bishop Tonnos 2017 C
Max von Gemmingen ON Heart Lake 2018 Lakeland CC
Matthew Walker ON Sinclair 2018 2B
Dawson Walters ON Blyth 2018 1B Eastern Oklahoma State JC
Lucas Wepf ON Christ The King Catholic 2017 RHP Pratt CC
Austin Whelan ON Bill Crothers Secondary School 2016 OF
Cameron Wilcox ON St Marcellinus 2018 C Humber College (ON)
Blake Wilson ON Heart Lake Secondary 2017 C
Tony Zhang ON Mentor College 2017 C