Event Info


Date: 09/16/22 - 09/19/22

Divisions: 2023, 2024, and 2025 Divisions

Start Date: Sept. 16th

End Date: Sept. 19th

Expected Arrival/Departure: All teams are expected to be prepared to play as early as 8:00AM on Friday, September 16th

Age Eligibility: Graduation Year

  • Or age, your age is determined by the May 1st date of that year

Event Fee: $1795

4 game-guarantee hosted at LakePoint Sports as well as local off-site locations.

LakePoint's elite baseball facilities include 8 Major League-size fields, which are surfaced entirely with synthetic turf provided by Shaw Sports Turf. This high-tech playing surface has been designed to accurately mimic the bounce of the ball off of real dirt and grass, and will allow fields to be playable immediately after rain.




Emerson, GA


Registered Teams

  Team Name City State Roster
1 Adidas Academy National 2023 St Louis MO View
2 Canes Midwest Indianapolis IN View
3 Dirtbags All Blacks 2024 Sedalia NC View
4 East Coast Ghost Little Silver NJ View
5 East Coast Ghost Little Silver NJ View
6 Florida Burn Scout Team Sarasota FL View
7 SBA Scout Team 2023 Charlotte NC View
8 SBA Scout Team 2025 Charlotte NC View
9 South Charlotte Panthers 2023 Charlotte NC View
10 South Charlotte Panthers 2024 Charlotte NC View
11 South Charlotte Panthers 2025 Charlotte NC View
12 Team Elite Black 2025 Winder GA View


  Team Name City State Roster
1 5 Star National Black 15U Warner Robins GA View
2 643 DP Academy 2025 Marietta GA View
3 Arizona Sandlot 2025 Phoenix AZ View
4 BPA 15U San Juan Capistrano CA View
5 Dirtbags National 2025 Burlington NC View
6 East Cobb Astros Marietta GA View
7 Florida Dodgers Scout Team 2025 Orange Park FL View
8 Midsouth Prospects 2025 Omaha NE View
9 Ninth Inning Royals 16u Iglesias Chamblee GA View
10 Northeast Baseball 2025 Hudson MA View
11 Scottsdale Dirtbags 2025 Scottsdale AZ View
12 Spartan Baseball Club 2025 Pawleys Island SC View
13 Team Elite 2025 Winder GA View
14 US Elite 15U National Windber PA View


  Team Name City State Roster
1 5 Star National Black 16U Warner Robins GA View
2 5 Star National Gold 16U Warner Robins GA View
3 643 DP Academy 2024 Marietta GA View
4 Arizona Sandlot 2024 Phoenix AZ View
5 Artillery 2025 Gibbstown NJ View
6 Artillery Baseball 2025 Gibbstown NJ View
8 Dirtbags National 2024 Burlington NC View
9 East Cobb Astros 16U Marietta GA View
10 Midsouth Prospects 2024 Omaha NE View
11 Powers Baseball Marucci Orlando FL View
12 Powers Baseball Navy Orlando FL View
13 Richmond Braves 2025 Richmond VA View
14 Team Elite Black 2024 Winder GA View
15 Team Elite White 2024 Winder GA View
16 Texas Rangers Scout Team/Titans Baseball 16u Kennesaw GA View
17 Top Gun Team Alabama Oxford AL View
18 US Elite 16U National Windber PA View


  Team Name City State Roster
1 5 Star National Black 17U Warner Robins GA View
2 5 Star National Gold 17U Warner Robins GA View
3 643 DP Academy Cougars Marietta GA View
4 643 DP Academy Jaguars Marietta GA View
5 Aggies National Scout Team Atlanta GA View
6 Arizona Sandlot 2023 Phoenix AZ View
7 Artillery 2024 Gibbstown NJ View
8 Artillery Baseball 2024 Gibbstown NJ View
9 BPA 17U San Juan Capistrano CA View
10 Devine Baseball Buford GA View
11 Dirtbags 2023 Burlington NC View
12 Dirtbags All Blacks Burlington NC View
13 East Cobb Astros 17U Marietta GA View
14 East Cobb Astros Orange MARIETTA GA View
15 GBSA 2023 Dracula GA View
16 Powers Baseball 2023 Orlando FL View
17 Pro Youth Foundation 2023 Palmetto FL View
18 Richmond Braves 17U Platinum Richmond VA View
19 Richmond Braves 2023 Richmond VA View
20 Richmond Braves 2024 Richmond VA View
21 SBA Scout Team 17u Charlotte NC View
22 Scottsdale Dirtbags 2023 Scottsdale AZ View
23 Slammers Baseball 2023 - Duman Englewood CO View
24 Southern Athletics 2023 Greenville SC View
25 Spartan Baseball Club 2023 Pawleys Island SC View
26 Spects National 2023 Omaha NE View
27 SWA Storm Spring Hill TN View
28 Team Elite Black 2023 Winder GA View
29 Team Elite White 2023 Winder GA View
30 Titans Scout Team 18U Kennesaw GA View
31 US Elite 17U National Bridgeville PA View


  Team Name City State Roster
1 Artillery/East Coast Ghost Gibbstown NJ View
2 Richmond Braves 18U Platinum Richmond VA View
3 USA Prime Scout Team Canton GA View