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We're extremely excited to announce the first-ever PBR Alabama Bracket Challenge for the upcoming Class 1A-7A Playoffs, a March Madness style bracket challenge that allows each person to make their own picks and predictions for every matchup in the Class 7A-1A Playoffs. There's been a lot of behind-the-scenes work that has gone into getting this set up, and we're pumped to be able to bring this to baseball fans throughout the state giving them a chance to show how much they know about high school baseball in the state of Alabama.

There's a lot of information included below that covers how to play, the steps on how to enter in each classification's bracket league, the prize the winner gets, and much more related to this bracket challenge.


Format, Rules & Prize

These rules and the format of this challenge should be fairly straight-forward and easy to understand, especially for someone who has participated in ESPN's Tourney Challenge for March Madness. This should be fairly similar in terms of of how you can win, standings and much more. We've created seven separate leagues (seven different classifications) on that are open and joinable for anyone to participate. This challenge is completely FREE to play and there will be no money involved for entry or for the prize-winner. 

  • Winner is determined by who accumulates the most combined total points for their Class 7A-1A brackets, meaning that in order to earn more points, you should enter in all seven classifications to earn the maximum amount of points.
  • Class 6A-1A Playoffs will begin this weekend (April 22-23), but Class 7A starts a week later (April 29-30), so we will be sending out reminders to submit 7A picks when that bracket becomes available.
  • All Class 6A-1A brackets must be submitted by 12:00 PM (noon) on the day that the first playoff series begins in that specific classifications. The deadlines are also posted on the website. For example, Class 1A has series beginning on Thursday, April 21st, so all brackets for Class 1A must be submitted by Thursday at noon.
  • All Class 7A brackets must be submitted by 12:00 PM (noon) on Friday, April 29th.
  • All picks must be made for your bracket prior to the deadline, including selecting a winner from each matchup and ultimately the champion for that specific classification.
  • Also be sure to enter your tie-breaker before submitting your bracket, which will be the combined total number of runs scored in that classification's finals series.

The prize for the winner of this challenge will be a sizable Prep Baseball Report merchandise bag that includes hats, shirts and other forms of PBR gear. Once the playoffs are over and the winner has been determined, we will reach out to the winner and ship them this merchandise bag with various forms of PBR gear.


Points System

The bigger the matchup, the bigger the reward for correctly picking the winner. Below is an explanation for how many points will be rewarded for correctly picking the winner for a matchup in different rounds of the playoffs. This point system will be the same for all classifications.

  • 1st Round: 1 point
  • Sweet Sixteen: 2 points
  • Elite Eight: 4 points
  • Final Four: 4 points
  • Championship Series: 8 points

Once again, the winner of this challenge will be the person with the most combined points for ALL classifications. When the playoffs have concluded, we will go back and add the totals and the person who has the most combined points throughout all classifications will be the winner of the PBR AL 7A-1A Bracket Challenge.


Steps on How to Join Each Bracket League

In order to join each classification's bracket challenge, there are a few simple steps that you need to follow to enter. We've gone through these steps multiple times and seems to be fairly simple to access and join. If you for some reason run into any questions, please feel free to reach out and we will do our best to assist. It will be much easier to do these steps on a laptop.

  1. You will need to create an account to join, so CLICK HERE to head to the website and create your own account.
  2. That link will take you to where you can register and create a new account. Once again, it's completely free to join and play. You will just need to enter your first & last name, email, username, password and your birth date. Once you've filled out all the necessary information, click "Sign Up" to finish creating your account.
  3. Once you've finished that and your account is created, it should pull up a "Join League" page and will ask you for a League ID and Password. Each League ID and Password is provided in the section below.
  4. From there, you will be able to enter a League ID and Password to join each specific classification's page. Once you have entered that information, it will put up the main page for that bracket challenge.
  5. Click the blue-highlighted "Bracket" on the main page and it will pull up the full bracket for you to access and make your picks. 
  6. Once you have made every single pick for that bracket and entered the tie-breaker, you must click "Submit Bracket" to have all of your picks saved and entered into that challenge. NOTE: If you mess up and click the wrong team, you can click the "Reset" button next to "Submit Bracket" to restart your picks. 
  7. Once you're done and have clicked "Submit Bracket" for that bracket challenge, click the "My League" drop down button on the top right of the page. Click "Join a League" to pull back up the previous page where you can enter another classification's League ID and Password.
  8. Repeat Steps 4-7 to enter the rest of the classification's bracket challenge.


League ID's & Passwords

Class 7A
League ID: 40728
Password: pbralabama
Class 6A
League ID: 40721
Password: pbralabama
Class 5A
League ID: 40722
Password: pbralabama
Class 4A
League ID: 40724
Password: pbralabama
Class 3A
League ID: 40725
Password: pbralabama
Class 2A
League ID: 40726
Password: pbralabama
Class 1A
League ID: 40727
Password: pbralabama


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