Arkansas Insider: 2016 Uncommitted Left-Handed Pitchers

By: Zac Bottoms
Arkansas Scouting Director

The NCAA early signing period ended last month. The NJCAA signing period opens up in January. I want to break some of the top players at each position in the 2016 class that are still looking for a place to call home.

2016 LHP Hunter Brantley, Junction City HS
Brantley is a 5-foot-10 180-pound left-hander with an athletic build and frame. He pitches from a high ¾ arm slot with an average arm with a slap wrap in the back. He has repeatable mechanics and has a feel for the strike zone. He located his fastball in bottom of the strike zone at 79-81 mph with late run. He complimented his fastball with a 1/7 curveball with depth at 66-67 mph. Overall Brantley is a quality left-hander with pitch ability that is uncommitted.

2016 LHP Adam Brown Harrison HS
Brown is a 6-foot-5 210-pound left-hander with a large frame and an average build. He works from a H ¾ arm slot with a clean arm action. His mechanics are repeatable with a tall and fall balance point and limited extension. He pounded the strike zone with three pitches. His fastball set 77-80 mph up 81 mph. His curveball was 65-57 mph with some depth thrown with near fastball arm speed. He located a change up at 67-70 mph with slight arm-side run. He did slow his arm down to locate the change up. Overall, Brown projects to get better as he continues to grow into his large frame. The fact that he can throw strikes consistently makes him intriguing as he gains velocity.

2016 LHP Brandon Hawkins, Jacksonville HS
Hawkins is a 6-foot-3, 170-pound LHP with a medium frame and an lean build. He works from a high 3/4 arm slot with average arm speed and a short arm action. His fastball is 77-80 mph. He throws a 2/8 curveball with late break at 63-65 mph. He locates his change up to the arm-side thrown at 68-71 mph with arm side run. Hawkins would benefit from becoming smoother with his delivery and getting more extension toward home plate. Overall he is a good athlete that projects to get better as he cleans up some mechanics and gets stronger.

2016 LHP Gunnar Gilbert, Shiloh Christian HS
Gilbert is a 6-foot 175-pound left-hander with an athletic frame and build. He pitches from an high ¾ arm slot with a clean loose arm. He commands his fastball on both sides of the plate at 78-80 mph up to 82 mph. He uses a 12/6 curveball with late sharp break to put hitters away .His curveball is thrown 65-69  mph. He shows a change up at times thrown 67-71 mph. He does a sound job repeating his delivery with some rhythm. Overall Gilbert is quality arm with a swing and miss breaking ball. He should throw harder in time as he is a solid athlete with a loose arm.

2016 LHP Triston Wolfe, Northside HS
Triston Wolfe is a 6-foot 165-pound LHP. With a medium frame and an athletic build. He works from a 3/4 arm slot with average arm speed and a clean arm action. He has choppy rhythm and gets very little extension. He works with 78-81 mph with his fastball that he locates well on arm side. He throws a curveball at 66-68 mph with 2/8 action and late break. His changeup is thrown 69-71 mph at near fastball arm speed. He repeats his delivery and arm action on a consistent basis. Overall Wolfe has a feel to pitch, and is a solid athlete as he adds strength his overall game will improve.

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