2023 Top Prospect Games: Catcher Analysis

Brett Thorney
State Scouting Director

On Tuesday, June 16th, PBR Arizona had the chance to run its first event of the summer circuit where we got a good glimpse into some young future prospects. The Class of 2023- Top Prospect Games is an invite only event that took place at Shadow Ridge High School in Surprise, AZ that featured some of the top players in the 2023 grad class. There were many players in attendance that have started to establish themselves as must follow prospects into the near future. This event featured over 60 players from from all across the state of Arizona that took part in a pro style workout followed by live game action. This annual sold out event has become a must attend event for future college prospects looking to play at the next level. 

We began our post-event analysis with our Statistical Analysis, taking a look at the top statistical performers in each category. We also posted a Quick Hits article of our first impressions from the event. This event gave us some good knowledge into some players that we haven't seen before. We also had the chance to see players we haven't seen in a while due to seasons being shut down. 

Today, we continue our post event coverage by starting our positional analysis starting with the backstops that competed at this event. Be sure to stay tuned over the next couple weeks for more post-event coverage. 

CLICK HERE to view all event statistics. 

Catching analysis

Eli Blurton C / 3B / Shadow Ridge , AZ / 2023

5-foot-8 135-pounds, medium build, average athleticism, still maturing physically. Worked hard and showed hustle throughout the day. Hits from a squared upright base, using a leg lift trigger. Loads hands slightly back with a vertical barrel, showing some hand speed. Staggered stance behind the plate. Deep transfers while turning the body. Replacing feet with minimal direction. Long arm swing with L3/4 arm slot. Quick one knee blocks. Fields bunt barehanded. Also worked out as an INF. Starting in a low wide stance pre-pitch, moving to the baseball with some rawness.


Tyler Clementz C / 2B / Basha , AZ / 2023

5-foot-10 175-pounds, long arms, strong legs, broad shoulders. Hits from squared base using knee to knee trigger. Slightly above average bat & hand speed for high schooler. Mid/opp approach with level swing, 88mph exit velocity. Hit a line drive to the right side in our live action. Narrow secondary stands. Step behind foot work, average body control & accuracy. Above average arm strength at 77mph with some carry. Gets tall on throws at times. 1.96-2.12 pop times. Upside as a catcher with cleaning up some actions.


David Galindo C / RHP / Saint Mary's, AZ / 2023

5-foot-10 190-pounds, stocky build with strong body, broad shoulders, above average strength for age. Still learning to use his body to his advantage. Hits from narrow upright base, using a small forward leg lift with minimal transfer of weight.  Pull approach with slightly downward path, 85mph exit velocity. Potential behind the plate, quick raw actions, almost looking as if he wasn’t ready at times. Wide stands with tighter hips. Lets the ball get to him before using a short step to the bag with limited momentum & finish. Naturally strong OT arm at 75mph, recording 2.0-2.1 pop times. Also, pitched at the event and has some upside as a two-way. Worked his FB 82-84mph with some varying movement from a higher arm slot. Mixed in a CV at 69-70mph that showed some downer break.

Wyatt Graham C / OF / Desert Vista, AZ / 2023

5-foot-11 180-pounds, broad shoulders, long torso, some strength to frame. Average athleticism, running a 7.72 60-yard dash. Sets up in an upright squared base with knees slightly inside feet. Gets into the back leg using a slower leg kick. Displayed more body control than the past with some present rawness. Gets the barrel onto the swing plane quickly with above average rotational acceleration. Pull approach opening up early at times, 85mph exit velocity. Average athlete behind the plate. Starts in a wide stance. Receives ball with two hands. Throws from a lower arm slot with 70mph velocity, recording 2.17-2.26 pop times.

Chance Greene C / SS / Shadow Ridge , AZ / 2023

5-foot-11 150-pounds, thin body, long limbs, high waisted, room to add more strength, looks like he's going to get taller. Hits from a squared spread out stance, using a small rock back toe tap.  High positive attack angle with inconsistent swing plane to the baseball. Middle approach with some pop at 88mph exit velocity. Behind the plate, catches from a wider base. Gains ground towards target, transferring out in front. Good accuracy to the bag with 73mph arm strength, recording 2.05-2.15 pop times. Starts with target on the ground working up early with his backside, some stiffness to hands.


Mattix Meade C / OF / Chandler , AZ / 2023

5-foot-10 160-pounds, big legs, long arms, some present strength in frame, looks bigger than listed. Hits from a narrow slightly open stance with upright posture, some knee bend. Rides his leg forward with a knee turn as his hands go slightly back, showing some rhythm. Above average bat speed for a high schooler showing some pop at 89mph exit velocity. Hit a double in the LCF gap in live game action & hit another hard to deep CF. Some strength in actions behind the plate, tall wide secondary stance, starting with throwing hand close to glove. Replaces feet with short release. Tall upright thrower with some natural arm strength at 73mph. 2.05-2.13 pop times. Upright chest on blocks at times. Development should be followed.


Giovanni Melchione C / OF / Desert Ridge, AZ / 2023

5-foot-11 180-pounds, large build with proportional strength. Improving athleticism, looking noticeably lighter on his feet than the past, turning in a 7.6 60-yard dash which is a significant improvement for him. Forces actions behind the plate at times with average body control. Mobility and flexibility in stances have received an uptick. Above average arm with some effort, working 1.99-2.1 pop times with a quick release at 73mph arm strength. Round of BP stood out at the event, where he hit four balls over 87mph, including a ball to LF at 343ft. Typically, he is a line drive hitter with not a ton of flash but showed some ability to drive the ball deep on this day with arguably one of the top BP rounds.


Derek Schaefer RHP / C / Cactus Shadows, AZ / 2023

6-foot-1 160-pounds, young frame, long projectable body, strength looks to be coming. Looks like a ball player & athlete. Hits from an athletic squared base using a leg kick to transfer energy. Showed some bat speed with a high positive attack angle, looking to drive the ball in the air.  Gets into the hitting zone late with low rotational acceleration. Defensively, showed some versatility being able to play multiple positions. Hands & speed at SS might stick him behind the plate in the future, ran a 7.65 60-yard dash. Athleticism is good behind the plate with loose easy actions & flexibility, being able to get low in his stance effortlessly. Showing good direction with a quick release to 2B on throws, turning in the top pop times of the day at 1.95-2.05 at 71mph. Schaefer also pitched on the day showing upside on the mound. Easy delivery with short quick arm stroke. Worked his FB 80-83mph with 20in. of vertical movement. Threw 3 pitches for strikes. Projectability makes Schaefer a strong follow.


Bryce Stanton SS / C / Shadow Ridge, AZ / 2023

5-foot-11 170-pounds, high waisted, strong legs, long arms, some overall strength. Starts in a balanced setup, lowering his posture as he rocks into the back leg with a leg lift. Some extra moving parts. Gets into the hitting zone quickly, with flat barrel entry. Mid/oppo approach with uphill swing path, hitting some balls in the mid 80’s in live BP with slower hands. Behind the plate, he has a staggered secondary stance, receiving the ball with two hands on throw downs. Makes transfers in the center of the body. Turns his shoulders late. Falls off to 3B side on finish, missing high to right side of bag. 74mph arm strength, recording 2.17-2.26 pop times. Worked out in the INF, showing average quickness, fielding balls cleanly, ran a 7.96 60-yard dash.


Jordan Vigil C / 3B / Basha, AZ / 2023

5-foot-10 155-pounds, lean build, young body with shorter limbs, some strength. Hits from a relaxed setup with a slightly open stance. Hands start low with a vertical barrel working slightly back. Uses a gathered leg kick to transfer energy. Average hand & bat speed for a high schooler. Varying uphill path to the baseball with average contact at 80mph exit velocity. Above average defensive skills, recording 1.97-2.06 pop times. Quick feet & transfers. Creates direction to the bag with footwork. Average carry with 73mph arm strength. Soft hands, relaxing glove before sticking from lower stance.

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