Prep Baseball Report

Canes National ID: Quick Hits

Shea Sbranti & Jason Forari
Arizona Scouting Director

On Saturday, August 19th, Prep Baseball Report Arizona hosted Canes National ID Scout Day at Scottsdale Stadium in Scottsdale AZ. The Canes National ID Scout Day is a closed event held for Canes prospects in the 2029-2024 classes in the state of Arizona. Giving the players the chance to showcase their skills in front of the PBR Arizona Staff using state-of-the-art technology on field. 

Today, we’ll start by giving you the Top Performers from the Canes National ID Scout Day, which we like to call Quick Hits. In Quick Hits you will be able to see how these players tested and were evaluated by the PBR Arizona Staff throughout the showcase. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more post event coverage.


Max Farrell OF / SS / San Marcos , CA / 2025

Max Farrell, a San Diego State commit, exudes natural athleticism and fluidity on the baseball field.Demonstrating his speed, Farrell was the top 60 of the day, with an impressive time of 6.79 seconds. At the plate, his flat swing showcases remarkable versatility, allowing him to drive the ball to all parts of the field with high level power potential to come. This adaptability was evident during live gameplay as he showcased his hitting with two triples—one directed towards left field and the other finding its mark in the right-center field gap. 


Jacob Melendez LHP / LHP / Paloma Valley, CA / 2027

Melendez showed an array of tools on the mound and the plate during the showcase. At time plate utilized his strong compact build to generate solid exit velocities with consistent line drive contact. Generated consistent hand and bat speed at the bat and showed some gap to gap power with more consistent power from the pull side. On the mound Melendez worked with a lower 80’s fastball, changeup, and slider pitch mix. The fastball displayed decent control of the zone and got up close to the mid 80’s. The changeup showcased solid late movement that creates deception from the fastball and showed a decent feel for the strike zone and below the zone. The slider displayed more of gyro movement that generated some swing miss below the zone and showed to be an effective secondary offering.


Erick Jaylen Jimenez OF / RHP / Sandra Day O'Connor, AZ / 2027

Erick Jimenez left an impressive mark at the Canes National ID event with a standout performance that caught the attention of onlookers. His fastball, consistently clocking in at an impressive 81-83 mph, showcased his pitching prowess and promise on the mound. However, Jimenez's talents extend beyond the pitcher's mound, as he also demonstrated remarkable ability at the plate. His capability of generating a max EV of 94.8 at the plate added another layer to his skill set, solidifying his reputation as a well-rounded player. Jimenez's notable showing at the Canes National ID event exemplified his versatility and potential, hinting at a future ripe with possibilities both as a pitcher and a potent offensive force.


Adin Oeltjen OF / LHP / Cactus Shadows, AZ / 2024

Oeltjen showcased plenty of tools within his athletic frame at the plate and on the mound. At the plate Oeltjen utilized a simple setup with a small leg kick that generated consistent contact from both sides of the plate. Showcased a consistent ability to drive the ball gap the gap with line drive contact with solid exit velocities. Showed the ability to make quick adjustments within his approach and swing and generate impact contact against fastballs and breaking balls. On the mound works with a mid 80’s fastball that generated decent spin rates but at times struggled to command the offering within the zone. The slider had average spin rates but showcased some late depth into the zone with more effective command of the zone. The changeup was the best offering for Oeltjen that displayed strong late running action into the zone that generates consistent chase swings. Changeup has potential to be a plus pitch offering for Oeltjen.


Jake Claver OF / 1B / Desert Mountain, AZ / 2026

Jake Claver a 2026 out of Desert Mountain undoubtedly stood out  at the Canes National ID event, leaving a lasting impression on Arizona staff. His time at the plate was nothing short of impressive, as he consistently showcased a well-honed line drive approach directed towards the heart of the field. Claver achieved an impressive maximum exit velocity of 95.5 mph, a testament to his power and bat speed. In the outfield, his defensive capabilities were equally noteworthy; his clean and sure-handed glove work was complemented by an 83 mph throwing arm that proved precise and effective in getting the ball to the bases. Claver's multifaceted skill set and exceptional performance at the Canes National ID event solidified his status as a player to continue to watch, with his promise resonating both in his offensive prowess and his defensive finesse 



Jaxson Baxter C / 3B / Notre Dame Prep, AZ / 2027

Jaxson Baxter is a rising star in the 2027 baseball class, representing Notre Dame Prep. Baxter has a strong arm for the class, throwing at 70 mph with a quick exchange behind the plate and pop time of 1.97 to 2.20 seconds. At the plate Baxter's got a strong build and power potential in the near future, with his hardest EV reaching 85.4 mph. With skills as both a catcher and batter, Baxter's future in baseball looks promising as he continues to develop and show off his talent.



Noah Sanchez C / Highland, AZ / 2024

Sanchez displayed a compact strong build with high levels of athleticism on the field and at the plate with a solid run tool. Behind the dish moves quickly and had some of the best pop times throughout the day. At the plate generates solid contact from gap to gap with plenty of line drive and power. Overall Sanchez displayed an array of tools that resulted in disciplined at bats with plenty of line drive and fly ball contact. Solid contributor towards the upper half of a lineup.


Ayden McGinnis 1B / LHP / Sunrise Mountain, AZ / 2027

Ayden McGinnis is a rising star from Sunrise Mountain, known for his two-way skills. He's a left handed hitter with a strong swing, hitting the ball hard with a max EV of 93.5 mph. He's got power and can drive the ball to the pull side with true backspin. On the mound, from the left and reached a top of 82 mph. McGinnis is a versatile player with lots of potential, both as a hitter and a pitcher, making him one to watch in the future.


Grant Mcmeekin C / 1B / Aspire, AZ / 2025

McMeekin brought plenty of athleticism and tools at the plate and on the field with flashes of above average speed on the base paths. On the field McMeekin displayed decent arm strength and solid movement behind the plate as well. At the plate McMeekin provides plenty of power within his swing with consistent line drive contact. Brings a strong presence at the plate and showed the ability to drive the ball with gap to gap contact. On the mound offered a fastball that sat in the mid to upper 80’s that displayed solid carry into the zone. Showcased a gyro movement slider that generated some swing miss low in the zone. Decent offerings on the mound with mostly effective command of the zone.


Christopher Sinacori C / RHP / Brophy, AZ / 2027

Sinacori in the field showcased an average arm with decent pop times but showed decent movement behind the plate with solid command of the strike zone. At the plate showed consistent hand and bat speed that resulted in consistent contact rates. Although not the highest exit velos at the plate showed the ability to drive the ball with power and generate gap to gap power and contact. On the mound Sinacori worked in the low 80’s with his fastball but displayed some of the best vertical break of the pitch throughout the day, generating solid carry movement late into the zone. The curveball showed decent late depth into the zone with some running action and decent command inside and below the zone. Although a slower secondary offering for Sinacori, it has the potential to be a decent breaking ball as he continues to develop velocity.