Fall Underclass: Catchers

Brett Thorney
State Scouting Director

The Arizona Fall Underclass Showcase was an open event that featured 35+ prospects ranging from the 2023-2024 classes. The event consisted of a Pro-Style workout that used industry leading technology to analyze and assess each position player at the event. This event took place at Cactus Shadows High School in Cave Creek, AZ and was attended by prospects from all across the state of Arizona.

In the past, we took a look at some of our first impressions of the event in our Quick Hits segment. We also took a deep dive into the stats from the even in our Statistical Analysis. Trackman & Blast metrics have also been a big addition to PBR events since the beginning of the summer. We broke down some of these data analytics in our Trackman & Blast Leaderboards. 

Today, we. take a look back at the backstops that attended this open event: 

Kaden Coutts, Sandra Day O'Connor (AZ), 2023
Positional Profile: C/OF Shows some upside.
Body: 5-11, 188-pounds. Strong wide bodied frame, broad shoulders, big chest and legs.
Hit: RHH. Semi spread out base, squared slightly crouched stance with some weight in back. Starts with hands head height, loads back. Uses knee to knee leg lift with some forward movement.  Slightly upward swing with upright posture. Makes contact out in front of the plate, reaching at times with pull approach. Some hard contact to LF.
Power: 89 mph exit velocity via Trackman. Some strength through contact.
Arm: Right-handed. C - 70 mph. Short direct arm action, quick release, clean easy transfers.
Defense: 2.09-2.2 pop times. Average flexibility, some stiffness to primary, staggered secondary. Replaces feet while gaining ground. Firm glove.
Run: 7.94 runner in the 60. Wide based runner.

Wyatt Halvorson, Chaparral (AZ), 2023
Positional Profile: C/RHP
Body: 6-0, 210-pounds. XL frame, broad shoulders, long limbs, some strength & durability to build off.
Hit: RHH. Squared stance, neutral weight distribution. Heel lift trigger rolling into front foot strike, landing closed. Loads with vertical barrel entry.  Downward start to swing, before pulling up through. Middle approach with varied contact. Low rotational acceleration.
Power: 92 mph exit velocity via Trackman.
Arm: Right-handed. C - 73 mph. INF - 76 mph. Short arm action with lengthy release. Showed some accuracy to the bag.
Defense: 2.09-2.25 pop times. Stiff setup behind the plate with limited mobility. Gets tall coming out of his stance. Firm hands with relax & catch approach with glove. Also worked out at 1B where he projects better. Solid glove with active feet, some feel for the position.
Run: 9.09 runner in the 60. Tall upright runner.

Isaac Macias, Sunrise Mountain (AZ), 2023
Positional Profile: C
Body: 5-10, 160-pounds. Large athletic body, has gotten stronger in a compact frame.
Hit: RHH. Athletic setup, square stance with bent knees. Controlled leg kick trigger. Loads into an arm bar with a vertical barrel.  Middle/pull approach with LD contact. Some quickness.
Power: 88 mph exit velocity via Trackman.
Arm: Right-handed. C - 71 mph. Short arm action & release with limited extension. Makes transfers on the side of the body. Average accuracy.
Defense: 2.13-2.32 pop times. Athletic primary stance with flexibility, staggered secondary. Extremely exaggerated setup for throwdowns. Stays down replacing feet with some direction towards 2nd base. Still target receiving with usable hands.
Run: 7.69 runner in the 60.

Matt Malek, Paradise Valley (AZ), 2024
Positional Profile: C/3B Average feel currently that should get better with maturity & reps.
Body: 5-10, 155-pounds. Large frame, average body, limited strength, still maturing, slow-twitch actions.
Hit: RHH. Squared stance, pre-loads with toe tap/drag. Handsy pre-pitch movements.  Raw downward swing, quick acceleration. Late timing, creating an opposite field approach.
Power: 85 mph exit velocity via Trackman.
Arm: Right-handed. C - 66 mph. INF - 69 mph. Long arm action with lengthy transfer. Some trouble syncing feet & arm. Throwing hand starts by the glove.
Defense: 2.3-2.5 pop times. Average young setup, lower half up in stance, pops up in footwork, step & throw approach. Also, worked out at 3B. Showed quicker feet with raw athleticism.
Run: 8.03 runner in the 60.

Colin Masco, Cactus Shadows (AZ), 2023
Positional Profile: C/3B
Body: 6-3, 175-pounds. Large athletic frame, lengthy body, projectable strength.
Hit: RHH. Spread out base, open stance. Hands start close to the center of the body, loads to back foot with barrel tilt. Uses a knee turn leg kick, landing tall.  Steep start to swing, finishing high. Some trouble slotting the barrel. Worked the whole field with varied contact.
Power: 93 mph exit velocity via Trackman. Some bat speed & quickness of the hands give him the ability to make some adjustments.
Arm: Right-handed. C - 71 mph. Short arm action from an OT slot. Limited extension and follow through. Average arm strength.
Defense: 2.2-2.37 pop times. Balanced secondary, up in stance. Small jab step, staying open, taller footwork. Could get lower in primary receiving stance. Firm hands, ball dictates glove movement.
Run: 7.54 runner in the 60.

Kade Thompson, Casteel (AZ), 2024
Positional Profile: C/SS Shows above average feel behind the plate.
Body: 5-7, 140-pounds. Medium athletic build, young compact body, above average athleticism, has started to grow but still maturing.
Hit: RHH. Balanced athletic setup, sinks into back hip just before leg lift. Hands start back with minimal load. Lands closed.  Level swing with an efficient path. Gets out of the zone early at times. Low rotational acceleration. Worked the whole field.
Power: 85 mph exit velocity via Trackman. Pop should get better with strength & maturity.
Arm: Right-handed. C - 73 mph. INF - 76 mph. Short quick arm action with athletic finish. Quick clean transfers in the center of the body. Above average arm for age.
Defense: 2.08-2.22 pop times. Natural low center of gravity. Quick footwork, short step towards target. Low flexible primary stance, wide secondary. Glove works from underneath the ball. Athletic blocker. Also worked out in the INF. Good pre-pitch movement, stays low with active feet, usable hands.
Run: 7.70 runner in the 60.

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