JFG Trials: Quick Hits

Brett Thorney
State Scouting Director

This past weekend, PBR Arizona had a chance to hold its annual Junior Future Games Trials, which is an open event to help identify some of the upcoming future prospects in the middle school ranks in Arizona. This year the event featured players from the 2025 & 2026 grad classes. This has been a great event over the years not only start getting a feel for some of the younger players in the state but help them get their profiles started. We also take some time at the JFG trials to discuss what it is scouts will be looking for in the future and way they can showcase their skills the best. 

Another big purpose for this event is to help our staff identify potential players to represent TEAM ARIZONA at the 2021 PBR JUNIOR FUTURE GAMES. The Junior Future Games is an annual event held at LakePoint Sports in Emerson, GA and runs in conjunction with our PBR Future Games, which is the biggest event in the country for uncommitted prospects. There have been several players in the past that have committed to DI programs shortly after schools have seen them at that national event. In years past, there have been over 250+ scouts in attendance at our facility during event and some of the schools pop over to the junior games to get a head start in recruiting the younger classes.

At the Junior Future Games Trials, players participated in a pro-style workout, followed by pitcher bullpens. Standouts from the event will receive invites to represent Team Arizona. We will be taking about 12-14 players to compete against some of the top players from around the country. 

Today, we will be highlighting some first impressions from the event in our Quick Hits. This is not a top prospect list but some of our initial takeaways. Be sure to follow us on social media where we will continue highlighting the event. 

To view the full event stats click here.

Quick hits

+ 2025 OF Kyle Frazier (Chaparral)- athletic well balanced frame at 5-11/150-pounds, maturing left. Frazier turned in a solid day across the board, logging the top exit velocity & 60-yard dash times of the day. He hits from a neutral squared base, using a small knee turn trigger. Uses a limited load with quiet barrel, creating a short flat swing through the zone. Bat speed continue to develop with strength & maturity. Made solid contact with a mid-pull approach, 90.45mph exit velocity via trackman. Ran a 7.31 60-yard dash with athletic feet in the OF. Fields the ball on side with traditional crow hop. Relaxed first step with low intensity on approach, took some extra steps on release. Arm is above average for age and should continue to progress at 77mph. 


+ 2026 SS/RHP Bubba Coleman (NA)- athletic frame, mature above his age at 5-10/155-pounds, projectable athlete. Had one of the top performances of the event, working out as a two-way player. Right-handed hitter, sets up in squared athletic stance, using a small leg lift with short stride. Hands start above back shoulder working to to the backside with small load. Barrel works backwards as he starts his downward move to get on the swing plane. Advanced bat speed for his age with the ability to accelerate quickly. Ball has some jump off the barrel to mostly the pullside with hard contact at 90.45mph exit velocity via trackman. Fluid actions with mature instincts at shortstop. Rounds the ball to create angles. Fields the ball out in front with finger tips down and throwing hand near glove. Gets to solid power position on throws with strong arm for age at 79mph. Also worked out on the mound, throwing with a simple athletic delivery with short stride. Throws from a H3/4 arm slot with short arm swing, some looseness in the arm. Straight FB showed occasion run at 73-75mph. Threw two breaking balls that had similar gyro shape at 60-65mph. Development should be followed closely.  


+ 2025 RHP/ 3B Lucas Mitchell (Liberty)- tall long-limbed body with solid projectability, already standing at 6-2/150-pounds. Showed some future upside as a two-way prospect. Sets up in a squared stance with even weight distribution. Sways into back side with knee turn leg lift. Handsy load with flat barrel entry into zone. Gets on plane efficiently with level swing, middle LD approach. Pop should continue to develop with strength, 86mph via trackman. Worked out at third base. Foot speed, quickness and how his body continues to develop will determine if he sticks there in the future. Fields the ball in a staggered stance underneath his body with flat glove angle. Some arm strength across the diamond for age at 74mph. Also worked out on the mound where he shows solid future potential. Uses a tall & fall delivery with extended back leg combined with high leg kick. Lands slightly closed with longer stride. Throws with extension with short action. FB displayed some cutting action, getting stronger over the course of the session, topping out at 78.5mph via trackman while sitting 75-77mph. CV at 54-56mph shows some potential as he gets older and gains velocity. CH was thrown at 63-64 with some arm side movement. 

+ 2025 LHP David Sheppard (Desert Edge)- some strength to 5-8/165-pounds with broad shoulders, might even be a bit taller than what hes listed at. Worked out as a left-handed pitcher. Showed some feel to pitch while pitching predominantly out of the stretch, using a repeatable delivery with tall balanced finish. Throws with short arm action from a 3/4 slot with higher release. Threw strikes up in the zone. FB was mostly straight at 75-77mph with some arm side fade, spinning well in relation to his velocity, averaging 2031 rpm. He called his breaking ball a curveball but had gradual break with gyro spin at 65-66mph. Threw a CH on a similar axis as his FB at 71-72mph. 

+ 2025 OF Hagen Wright (Red Mountain)- body stands out for age at 6-2/180-pounds with above average strength while still maturing. Right-handed hitter, sets up in a spread out base with squared stance, using a small pickup with some forward movement. Starts with a higher handset with slight load. Raw aggressive swinger with some swing & miss to his approach, gets on plane with strength through his swing. Power potential as he learns to control energy & actions. Has the ability accelerate quickly. Good pop for age with 90.38mph exit velocity via trackman. Ran a 7.5 60-yard dash. Strong arm with slight length to his release. Also hopped on the mound where he used two pitch combo. Worked his FB up to 76.68mph while sitting 74-76. CV had slurve action at 60-64mph. 

+ 2025 C Grant Smith (Basha)- has continued to mature since we last saw him at event almost a year ago now. He is more of a late bloomer than his brother,  Tanner Smith (Oregon State commit). Grant has improved in almost all aspects of his game. He is pretty baseball savy for age his having followed his brother around to the ballpark on a consistent basis. Smith sets up in a narrow upright base using a coiled knee turn to create energy. He has some natural ability to lift the baseball with some feel for the barrel. Defensively, Smith shows some versatility but shows fluid receiving skills and ability to work with pitchers. His physical tools should continue to progress across the board as he continues to mature. 

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