Preseason All-State Games: MINF Analysis

Brett Thorney
State Scouting Director


With the current cancellation of spring baseball season, we want to take the time to highlight some players from our past events. Here's a look at the Middle Infielders from the Preseason All-State Games that took place on January 26th at Arizona State University. One of the stronger positional groups of the event, there was talent across the board with many players that scouts should keep an eye on going into the summer season. Here are reports from the afternoon, listed in alphabetical order. 

Stay tuned for corner infielders next week followed by pitchers. 


Tyler Acton SS / C / Verrado, AZ / 2023

5-foot-10 140-pounds, athletic frame, proportionate body, still physically maturing, projectability. Versatile player showing confident actions at SS and behind the plate. Switch-hitter with similar approaches from both sides. Starts from a tall upright base. Uses leg lift to transfer weight, landing in athletic position at foot strike. Rides the leg a little longer from the left side. Slightly upper-cut swing plane, showing the ability to hit the ball in the air. Gap to gap approach, with LD contact at 81mph. Showcased soft twitchy hands at shortstop with natural athleticism. Caught a couple innings in our game portion, showing some upside with natural flexibility & a low center of gravity. A move behind the plate might boost his stock as a switch-hitting catcher. Ran a 7.51 60-yard dash. Overall feel for the game should make coaches monitor his progress closely.

Nick Arias SS / RHP / Tucson Magnet, AZ / 2022

5-foot-11 165-pounds, looked noticeably stronger than last time we saw him with lean strength & definition throughout his frame. Hits from an athletic slightly spread out base. Uses a leg lift gathering weight into his back hip. Stays in control of his load, letting his body work into footstrike. Rhythm in his hands getting to a solid launch position. Gap to gap approach with flat path through the zone. Extension to swing, reaching at times. Above average pull contact at 88mph exit velocity. Hits some hard LD’s to pull side in our games for hits. Looked the part at shortstop. Showcased a strong arm across the diamond at 88mph with sure hands. Plays more athletically than 7.47 60-yard dash time would suggest. Should be followed closely.

Aiden Bronska 2B / SS / Saguaro, AZ / 2022

5-foot-10 145-pounds, medium frame with average athleticism, still maturing. Hits from an open & narrow stance, upright posture with slight knee bend. Steps forward, landing square with weight over bent front leg. Downward swing plane with middle approach. Minimal carry at 81mph exit velocity. Fields ball with two hands. Rushed footwork with momentum going away from the bag. 70mph arm strength across the diamond. Ran a 7.27 60-yard dash.

Quinn Carrier SS / RHP / Arcadia, AZ / 2023

6-foot-2 180-pounds, physical frame for age, strength in legs with some athleticism, some rawness to his actions. Ran a 7.29 60-yard dash with short strides. Hits from a relaxed base with a slightly open stance. Uses toe tap to transfer weight into back heel. Uses ground to generate leverage. Loads hands down and back. Slightly downward swing plane with pull approach. Hard contact at 87mph to pull-side. Fields ball deep. Puts his body in a position to be able to throw. Uses shuffle to create some direction and momentum to 1B. Some natural arm strength at 80 mph that could play on the mound. Currently projects as a future corner infielder. Development should be followed.

Griffen Chewning SS / 2B / Notre Dame Prep, AZ / 2020

5-foot-11 175-pound, South Mountain CC Commit, athletic compact frame with some present strength, ran a 7.19 60-yard dash. Overall swagger and confidence in his game showed. Switch-hitter with similar approaches from both sides. Starts from a slightly open stance with feet shoulder width apart. Uses a leg-kick to help get off his back gaining some ground into foot strike. Showed a bit more body control from right side, turning barrel a little early at times from left. LD hitter that showed some ability to drive baseball. Ball carried off his bat with hard contact at 88mph. Short easy footwork in the infield, fielding the ball cleanly. 80mph arm strength across the diamond. Could make a move to 2B at the next level. Bat should continue to be followed.

Campbell Cozby RHP / SS / Thunderbird, AZ / 2022

6-foot 160-pound build, high-waisted with some lean strength & athleticism to frame. Showed some overall body control at the plate. Starts in upright base with feet shoulder width apart, slightly open stance. Uses above average leg kick to gather weight in back leg, leg kick was controlled. Lands at 50/50 weight distribution, staying balanced through swing. Average separation in load. Mid/pull approach with above average pop to LF. Level swing with 84 mph exit velocity. Low effort fielder with average quickness. Profiles as a corner INF/OF at next level, running a 7.47 60-yard dash. Some natural arm strength with little momentum to the bag, 81mph arm strength. Pitched at our last event and shows some upside on the mound.

Demetrio Crisantes SS / 2B / Nogales, AZ / 2022

5-foot-11 165-pounds, lean proportional strength throughout frame, above average athleticism. Stood out in a talented group of young middle infield prospects with some tools. Hits from a relaxed upright base with back toe pointing inward. Uses leg lift with balanced forward movement. Gets into his legs and uses the ground to create leverage. Gap to gap approach with above average pop to LF. Consistent loud contact with level swing, 94mph exit velocity. Hit a deep triple to LCF in the games portion of the event. One of the top arms in the infield, throwing 87mph across the diamond. Short arm action with some effort. Stays low, playing through the ball. Fields balls out in front with sure hands. Overall tools and athleticism should make for a follow over the next couple years.

Trenton Harrington SS / 3B / Chaparral, AZ / 2022

6-foot-1 160-pounds, lean athletic frame with above average projectability, ton of room to add strength on quick twitch frame. Fields with energy and hop in his step, running a 7.09 60-yard dash. Stays low throughout his raw footwork in the infield, showing some quickness. Sure hands. Left-handed hitter that hits from a tall upright base with narrow stance. Uses leg-kick trigger to create leverage. Stiff elbows in load, turning barrel early creating a pull approach. Shows the ability to lift the baseball. Squared up baseball consistently to RF at 91mph exit velocity. Also threw an inning on the mound in the games portion. Throwing from a ¾ slot with short arm action. FB sat 81-84mph with some heaviness. Breaking ball is still developing with little shape at this time at 72-73mph. Progress should be followed, should get significantly better in all areas with added strength.

Christian Koklys 2B / RHP / Cactus Shadows, AZ / 2023

6-foot-1 178-pounds, average build & athleticism with some strength in the lower half. Starts in medium squared base, using toe-tap trigger. Transferred little energy off backside early. Used the whole field with average contact at 78mph exit velocity. Enters hitting zone vertically, getting out quickly. Raw actions in the infield with minimal direction and follow through. 72mph arm strength across the diamond. On the mounds, throws from a H3/4 arm slot. Repeats delivery with bent front leg. Straight FB sat 69-71mph. CV showed gradual 11/5 shape at 60-61mph.

Ryan Kucherak SS / 2B / Hamilton, AZ / 2023

6-foot, 161-pounds, long lean body with present athleticism, twitchy movements. Tools stood out for this young shortstop. Hits from a squared semi spread out base. Used a leg lift with minimal forward movement, standing up at foot strike occasionally. Showed bat speed, staying in the zone with a flat path to the baseball. Quick swing but got slightly long at times, dropping barrel head a bit in BP. Aggressive approach with some raw power staying in control, using the whole field. Above average contact at 86mph. Currently looks like he will be able to stick at SS into the future. Ran a 7.14 60-yard dash on a slow track. Instincts are above his age with a quick first step. Fielded balls cleanly, out in front. 85mph arm strength across the diamond. Strong follow over next few years.

Isaac Macias SS / RHP / Sunrise Mountain , AZ / 2023

5-foot-9 145-pound build, athletic body, still maturing physically. Hits from a squared upright base. Rocks into back leg using a small knee turn leg kick, showing some body control in this phase. Arms get extended early. Over rotates in his lower half, spinning off the ball at times. Mid/pull approach, average contact at 80mph. Showed some quickness & athleticism in the infield. Plays quicker than 7.77 60-yard dash would indicate. Let the ball get to him, creating some rushed throws. Sure hands. 78mph arm strength across the diamond with some effort.

Marshall Mastrantuono SS / RHP / Sunnyslope, AZ / 2022

6-foot-1 175-pound frame, long limbs, high waisted, some strength in lower half. Starts from an average squared base, using a forward leg lift to create momentum. Lands out in front at times with bent front leg. Loads hands straight back with a vertical barrel. Looks to lift the baseball with a long raw approach, using the whole field. Average contact, 84 mph exit velocity. Did hit a hard line drive to LCF in game for a double. Ran a 7.22 60-yard dash, covering some ground in the infield with long strides. Minimal momentum and direction on throws with 78mph arm strength. Determined effort. Also pitched on the day. Throws with long arm action from a H ¾ slot. FB worked 76-78mph, Falls off to 1B side. Mixed a gradual 11/5 CV at 67-68mph.

Ty Nelson SS / 2B / Saguaro , AZ / 2021

5-foot-10 165-pound, lean compact build with strong legs & forearms. More athleticism than 7.65 60-yard dash would suggest, plays faster. Gamer type of mentality that plays the game with high energy. Hits from an athletic spread out base. Uses a quick leg lift to create leverage, landing hard on front foot. Hands get to a good launch position with level swing. Some extra movements throughout the process. Middle approach with above average contact at 83mph. Showed above average actions defensively with soft twitchy hands. Gets rid of the ball quickly with short arm action at 76mph. More arm strength there. High baseball IQ. Development should be followed. 

Kellen Newsome SS / 2B / Brophy College Prep, AZ / 2022

5-foot-8 150-pound build, compact athletic build, starting to get more physical, some strength in the lower half. Wide base runner, running a 7.45 60-yard dash. Starts from an athletic squared base with quiet pre-pitch movements. Used leg lift with minimal forward movement to gather weight in bag leg. Tilts barrel more vertical in load. Barrel works from underneath baseball, quick out of zone. Relaxed approach, working foul lines. 78 mph exit velocity. Showed some feel at SS. Tools currently project as future 2B. Absorbs baseball to the center of his body. 76mph arm strength across the diamond.

Nate Pokorney SS / OF / Basha, AZ / 2022

5-foot-8 150-pounds, athletic young body, balanced frame, some projectability. Slightly open stance with feet shoulder width apart, balanced base. Used a small leg kick turning knee inward. Slight separation & stretch in load. Quiet middle approach, using the whole field. Consistent hard contact, ball carrying off the bat at 82mph. Ran a 7.31 60-yard dash. Confident actions in the infield, easy footwork. Soft hands with clean glove work. Created direction towards the bag. 81mph arm strength, throwing from a couple different arm angles. Follow as he develops physically. 

Luke Thiele SS / RHP / Hamilton, AZ / 2021

6-foot 160-pounds, average body, long limbs & torso. Raw swing, starting from a squared upright base with some knee bend. Uses coiled leg kick to transfer weight to back leg. Starts with hands high, loading back. Downward swing plane, steep at times. Stayed through the baseball. Showed some bat speed when in sync. Average contact at 79mph exit velocity. Long average footwork in the infield. Does have some quickness, covering some ground to glove side. Ran a 7.15 60-yard dash. Approaches the ball with the glove and fingertips down in the center of his body. Changed up arm slots depending on where the ball was hit. 81mph arm strength across the diamond.

Nuri Todd SS / RHP / Brophy College Prep, AZ / 2023

6-foot 145-pounds, lean body with long limbs, highly projectable athlete, can hold considerably more strength/weight. Multi sport athlete who plays football and basketball. Ran a 7.30 60-yard dash with quick short strides. Suspect he will run faster in future. Left-handed hitter with raw swing mechanics. Hits from a tall relaxed base, using knee turn trigger, tapping toe at times. Hands start slightly below shoulder, loading back with flat barrel. Quick to the baseball with slightly downward swing plane. Mid/oppo approach, 75mph exit velocity. Raw movements with average footwork in the infield. 76mph infield velocity. Played some OF in the games portion of the event. Athleticism might play better in OF in the future.

Miles VandenHeuvel SS / RHP / Chaparral, AZ / 2023

5-foot-9 140-pounds, average body with long arms, still maturing, limited strength at this time. Hits from average base with slightly open stance. Uses a quick coiled leg kick to create some leverage. Hands start high with a vertical barrel, loading into an arm bar. Raw swing with some extra movement. 72 mph exit velocity. Rushed footwork in the infield. Fields ball with two hands. Throws from a L ¾ / side arm slot with 77 mph arm strength. Momentum goes to the glove side.

Owen Wade SS / RHP / Pinnacle, AZ / 2023

6-foot 160-pounds, lean athletic build, balance frame with some strength in legs. Two-way player. Hits from a narrow open stance, resting bat on shoulder. Reaches forward into foot strike, landing square. Loads hands back tilting barrel vertical. Oppo approach with Inside out swing. Power to RCF gap. Late timing. Average footwork & quickness in the infield. Ran a 7.68 60-yard dash. Fields in low position, funneling baseball in between legs. Minimal momentum & direction to bag with 75mph arm strength. Also pitched at the event. Repeatable delivery, pitching predominantly from the stretch. Throws with short ¾ arm action. FB sat 78-79mph, slight arm side run at times. Mixed in an 11/5 cv with gradual shape at 65-67mph.

Karsen Waslefsky SS / 2B / Casteel, AZ / 2022

5-foot-11, 150-pound frame, thin high waisted body with long arms, good projectability. Stood out at the event. Simple repeatable swing at the plate. Hits from an athletic squared base, sinking into back leg as he lifts front leg. Gets off the back leg early at times. Showed overall control and balance, using a comfortable middle approach. Hit two hard LD up the middle in our game. More pop than 80mph exit velocity showed, number should improve as he fills out. Confident actions in the infield with clean hands and footwork. Showed some range and quickness. Ran a 7.29 60-yard dash on a slow track. Short & quick arm action to the bag with 75mph arm strength. Should improve in all aspects as he gets stronger and his current tools show potential to stay at SS into the future. Should be followed into summer.

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