Team Arizona: Bat Speed

Brett Thorney
State Scouting Director


One of the important tools Prep Baseball Report is starting to implement at its events is the use of Blast Motion sensors. During batting practice, the Blast Motion sensors measure Swing and Impact Metrics across several categories. Swing metrics measure pre-impact mechanics centered around plane, connection, and rotation while Impact metrics measure pre-impact performance outcomes based on ball contact.

At the 2020 PBR Future Games, all hitters were hooked up to blast sensors for there on the field BP rounds during their individual showcases workouts. We were able to collect valuable swing & impact metrics on many of the top uncommitted players in the country. We will be able to share this data with coaches & scouts from around the country as well as help players identify areas of development.

Below will you get a look in how #TEAMARIZONA stacked up against the rest of the west coast when measuring bat speed using the Blast Motion sensors:


Bat Speed is the observed speed of the sweet spot of the bat at impact. For more info: Blast Bat Speed 

MLB Avg: 66-78 mph   MiLB: 63-75 mph   College: 66-75 mph HS: 60-70mph

Future Games:

2022 1B/OF Mitch Namie (Red Mountain) had the top AVG Bat Speed in the West Coast workout at the PBR Future Games, recording 79.3mph. 2022 1B/LHP Mario Bejarano (Tucson Magnet) came in a close 2nd with 78.8mph. Namie, Bejarano, Chabot & Jackson were all in the top-10 overall in Bat Speed during the workout with California, Nevada & Pacific Northwest.

West Coast Workout Average: 69.58mph

Team Arizona Average: 70.97mph

Rank Player School GRAD AVG Bat Speed
1 Mitch Namie Red Mountain 2022 79.3mph
2 Mario Bejarano Tucson 2022 78.8mph
3 Henry Chabot Brophy College Prep 2022 76.4mph
4 Isaiah Jackson Cienega 2022 73.6mph
5 Nick Arias Tucson 2022 73.2mph
6 Marcus Delgado Canyon Del Oro 2022 72.5mph
7 Alessandro Castro Pusch Ridge 2022 72.4mph
8 Joshua Tiedemann Hamilton 2023 72.3mph
9 Caleb Herd Cienega 2022 72.3mph
10 Lucas Cardy Canyon Del Oro 2022 70.9mph
11 Sean Farney Millennium 2022 70.2mph
12 Ruben Castro Tucson 2022 69.4mph
13 Ryan Kucherak Hamilton 2023 68mph
14 Dominic Chacon Horizon 2022 67.3mph
15 Tyler Acton Verrado 2023 66mph
16 Connor Mattison Canyon View 2023 65.3mph
17 Brandon Compton Buckeye 2022 65mph
18 Karsen Waslefsky Casteel 2022 64.5mph

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