Prep Baseball Report

Upper Class Top Prospect: Quick Hits

Shea Sbranti
Arizona Scouting Director

On Monday and Tuesday, June 3-4th, Prep Baseball Report Arizona hosted the Upperclass Top Prospect Games at Grand Canyon University in, Phoenix AZ. The Top Prospect events are an invite only event held for prospects in the 2025-2026 classes in the state of Arizona, giving the players the chance to showcase their skills in front of the PBR Arizona Staff using state-of-the-art technology on field. 

Today, we’ll start by giving you the Top Performers from the Upperclass Top Prospect Games, which we like to call Quick Hits. In Quick Hits you will be able to see how these players tested and were evaluated by the PBR Arizona Staff throughout the showcase. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more post event coverage.


Alain Gómez Gudino C / 3B / Saguaro High School, AZ / 2026

Alain Gomez Gudino, a catcher from Saguaro High School, is the top catcher in the state of Arizona for the 2026 class. He boasts an elite skill set behind the plate, featuring a pop time of 1.82-1.90 seconds with consistent accuracy and a strong arm clocked at 80 mph. In addition to his defensive prowess, Alain is a switch hitter, demonstrating the ability to hit successfully from both sides of the plate. His combination of defensive excellence and offensive versatility makes him a standout player and a highly promising prospect in Arizona's 2026 class.



Jet Berry SS / 2B / Queen Creek High School, AZ / 2026

Jet Berry, a middle infielder from Queen Creek High School, showcased one of the best all-around workouts on Monday night. Demonstrating a high-level glove up the middle, Berry paired his defensive skills with plus athleticism and an impressive sub-6.7 60-yard dash time, clocking in at 6.68 seconds. At the plate, Berry is a switch hitter with an advanced contact tool, hinting at significant power potential in the near future. His combination of speed, defensive prowess, and offensive capability makes him one of the top middle infielders in Arizona's 2026 class.



Ryan Jung RHP / 2B / Pinnacle High School, AZ / 2025

Ryan Jung, a right-handed pitcher from Pinnacle High School, delivered an impressive performance, recording the highest velocity of the day at 92 mph. Despite being on the smaller side, Jung generated powerful pitches from the right side and consistently filled up the zone with strikes. Over the past six months, he has made significant strides in his velocity, reflecting his rapid development and dedication. The Arizona staff is eagerly anticipating his continued progression on the mound, as Jung is trending in the right direction at a remarkable pace.



Adolfo Pacheco C / 3B / Cesar Chavez High School, AZ / 2025

Adolfo Pacheco, a switch-hitting catcher from Cesar Chavez High School, showcased his impressive abilities during Monday's workout, recording the top catcher velocity behind the plate. This arm strength translated effectively into the game portion, where he gunned down numerous runners. Pacheco is arguably the top uncommitted catcher in Arizona's 2025 class. Offensively, he demonstrates solid hitting skills from both sides of the plate, backed by significant power potential within his stocky, athletic frame. His exit velocity reached up to 102 mph during batting practice, highlighting his offensive prowess. Pacheco's combination of defensive excellence and powerful hitting makes him a standout prospect.




Diesel Toth, a middle infielder and right-handed pitcher from Arrowhead Christian High School in California, delivered the top two-way performance of the week. At the plate, Toth showcased his power with a maximum exit velocity of 102.9 mph. Defensively, he demonstrated his strong arm with the second-highest infield velocity, clocking in at 91 mph across the infield. On the mound, Toth continued to impress, effortlessly pounding the zone and generating numerous swings and misses with a fastball that touched 91 mph. His exceptional skills both at the plate and on the mound make him a standout performer and a versatile prospect to watch.


Noah Forney SS / OF / Mesquite High School, AZ / 2025

Noah Forney, an uncommitted middle infielder from Mesquite High School, stood out with one of the top batting practices on Monday. Displaying an easy, compact swing from the left side, Forney generated impressive power for his size, sending numerous balls over the right field wall. Defensively, he showcased his skills up the middle with a quick first step and a natural ability to find the pocket. Forney's combination of offensive power and defensive agility makes him a notable prospect in the 2025 class.



Jack Petroff 3B / 1B / Pinnacle, AZ / 2026

Jack Petroff, a third baseman from Pinnacle High School, delivered one of the most impressive batting practice performances of the weekend. Showcasing his power from the right side, Petroff launched balls over the left field wall with a fluid, flat bat path. Standing at 6'1" and 180 pounds, he boasts a plus build and a strong arm across the infield. As a Junior Future Games alum, Petroff is one of the top prospects to watch in the 2026 class, combining physical strength, power-hitting potential, and solid defensive skills.



Landon Hood RHP / 3B / Canyon View, AZ / 2025

Landon Hood, a right-handed pitcher from Canyon View High School, delivered an impressive performance on Tuesday, featuring a fastball that sat at 86-88 mph and demonstrated true pitchability. Standing at 6'3", Hood is one of the top uncommitted arms in the 2025 class. He complemented his fastball with a devastating changeup, effectively keeping hitters off balance. With his tall, projectable frame, Hood has significant potential for a velocity increase in the future. Given his current skill set and room for growth, it wouldn't be surprising to see Hood commit soon, as he remains a highly sought-after prospect.




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