Mizuno Monday - Prospect of the Week

Jordan Broatch
BC Director of Scouting

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Mizuno Prospect of the Week: Micah Bucknam

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Micah Bucknam RHP / 3B / M.E.I, BC / 2021

Report: Bucknam has cemented himself as one of the top arms in the country from the 2021 class and will be a name professional scouts want to keep tabs on heading into 2021. The Washington commit works with three pitches he can throw for strikes and the fastball has been up to 93 mph this summer, a nice little increase in velocity for the righty. He's dominated local competition this summer and the quality of strikes and the ability to put players away and finish off hitters has been encouraging to see.

Future: With Bucknam, the future will be bright no matter which way you want to spin it. He's going to have to be able to step up when he has big opportunities as it is not hard to envision Bucknam wearing Canada across his chest in 2021. With BC he'll have the ability to get outside earlier than some of the others in Canada and if the velo keeps trending and the secondary polishes up and becomes more consistent and sharper, look for Bucknam to be a well known commodity coming out the west. 

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