Bay Area World Series (CA) 2020's to Know

Ryan Ozella
N. California Area Scout


Islanders Field, Lathrop, CA - The Bay Area World Series (BAWS), an officially scouted PBR Event, was on display 5/31-6/2/19 bringing together 140+ players from around Northern California in one of the biggest, best, and long running showcases (established 2004 by PBR Northern California Director of Scouting Blaine Clemmens) in the area. Players went through full evaluations with each of the 6 teams following up evaluations by playing three scout games over three days.

One of the best things about the event is that it's almost all uncommitted players (one committed player this year) so the competition is regularly strong as players look to make a name for themselves and be seen. Here's a look at a group of some 2020 players who stood out and should be on college rosters this time next year. Video of each player will soon be loaded within each player's profile. BAWS 2019 stat leaders page.

The event was the first ever multi-day BIG event held at the beautiful new Islanders Field at River Islands.

2020 Pitchers to Know:

2020 RHP/1B Charlie Hurley - Jesuit - 6-7, 200 - committed to USC

The Most Valuable Pitcher from the weekend, Hurley really impressed on the mound using his very long and lean frame to create uncomfortable at-bats for hitters with steep angle from a loose and live arm. The extension down the hill from the long frame made pitches jump on hitters through 3 innings over two days as he showed off three impressive pitches. The FB (85-87 T89 MPH) created tough angles to both sides of the plate with bits of action off the barrel. The life at the plate and up through the zone was very impressive causing hitters to put poor swings on display. The CHG (76-79 MPH) flashed as a future plus pitch with late bottom and times where he could really turn it over for more dive through the zone. The CB (73-75 MPH) showed 3/4 shape with late action and flashes of bite; another pitch that flashed Above Average to Plus at times. Hurley is athletic and could repeat his delivery, impressive feats for a 6-7 pitcher at his age, and with his stuff has a bright future on the mound. 

2020 RHP Joey Schott - St. Francis - 6-3, 180 - committed to Baylor

After seeing a lot of Schott through the Spring season, he came out and continued to show the impressive stuff he had all season. Long, lean frame that can add weight to improve the overall profile, Schott started the first game of the weekend and came out looking to attack hitters especially to his arm-side where he worked under barrels and in on hands. Over two innings he made two mistakes leaving two two-strike FBs up over the plate  where they got hit. Besides those two mistakes he induced lots of weak contact while striking out 4 hitters. The FB (84-87 T88) had run arm side with ability to get angle under the hands of hitters as well. The CB (72-75 MPH) showed strong feel with late 11/6 shape and bite through the zone. The CHG (76-77 MPH) wasn’t as prominent in this outing showing run arm-side. His command is the best asset being able to show strong tempo on the mound and willing to attack hitters with all pitches flashing average or better. Love his personality and feel he’s one good offseason away from being higher up with the velocity.

2020 LHP Max Pettey - Whitney - 6-3, 190, L/L

Pettey is a long frame with solid strength and a high waist showing the type of body that stands out on the hill. The lefty showed three pitches that project some growth with the frame being able to project more strength as he matures. Pettey started Game 4 and went right after hitters with all three pitches and a delivery that allows him to drive the hill with the back leg creating some extension out front. The FB (83-85 T86 MPH) shows controlled arm side run and bouts of angle that way as well, using the pitch to freeze hitters and induce weak popups. The CB (68-72 MPH) was able to be manipulated with a blend from a true 12/6 shape to a sweeping 1/8 shape that would also freeze hitters and miss barrels. The CHG (74-77 MPH) was firm with actions on both sides of the plate as it fades and cuts off a FB look. Pettey has the chance to keep improving the release point of all his pitches for more consistent command, but the stuff was strong with life occurring late at the plate. 6-3, 190lb LHPs are hard to find and when they’ve still got some projection they end up highly sought after.

2020 RHP Ethan Medders - Rio Vista - 6-0, 183, R/R

Medders started the 2nd game of the weekend and showed a physical frame that has firmed up and shows good strength throughout. On the hill he works with a tight delivery keeping hands close before coming out over a crossfire delivery and creating tough angles especially for RHHs. After a couple hits to start his outing, he settled in and started using his athleticism and lower half more when he rattled off 4 straight K’s over two innings before a 5th one later in the 2nd inning. His velocity continued to improve as he was out on the mound and had a very strong 2nd inning. The FB (83-85 T87 MPH) was straight but able to be moved around not allowing hitters to see it back to back in the same spot. His CB (67-74 MPH) showed big slurve shape with late depth and the ability to put the pitch into and through the zone; he picked up 3 K’s on the pitch having it start as strikes before finishing out of the zone and missing the barrel. The ability to compete and throw both FB and CB in any count stood out and he’s got the repertoire that keeps hitters putting weak swings through the ball.

2020 Two-Way Players to Know:

2020 RHP/INF Treven Crowley - Hilmar - 6-1, 165 - committed to Fresno State

Crowley did just about everything on the field moving around from the 60 to OF work to INF work and showing off his athleticism and arm talent. The lean frame has the space for added strength showing quickness as he ran a 7.28 60-yd. In RF he let loose a very quick arm that was loose and accurate attacking the baseball (92 MPH); at SS he showed fluidity moving through the ball with fair glove skills and the arm strength to make every throw (92 MPH). From the left side at the plate he stayed balanced through contact showing a compact stroke to the pull side of the field. During the game he showed his live arm touching 90 late in the evening working 86-88 MPH through the two inning stint. The SLD (71-73 MPH) was tight with late actions flashing bite and using more off the plate while his CHG (78-80 MPH) had hard bottom and flashes of run. The control can continue to improve, but he ended up striking out 4 over the 2 innings. As he strengthens and continues to learn how to be a pitcher, Crowley will have a bright future on the mound.

2020 OF/RHP Angelo Zazzarino - Lodi - 6-0, 180, R/R

Compact physical frame with length in the limbs, Zazzarino came onto my radar during last fall where his athleticism was top of the charts and flashed strong skills all over the field. That athleticism is still present and he’s made some strides with the tools. Ran a very quick 6.76 60-yd and then worked gap-to-gap and through the middle of the field with line drives (85 EV); the swing has a heavy load of the hands and doesn’t look the most comfortable with turned knees but he continues to find the barrel. During the games he picked up two hits, but also had a lot of hard contact for tough outs and used that speed to bust down the line (4.33-4.41 H-1st) making defenses have to be on their toes. Zazzarino was aggressive in RF attacking the ball and making plays. It’s a longer arm action but works quickly to it’s high release showing the strength to stick in any of the three OF spots (87 MPH). On the mound that long arm action shows life to the arm side with run and life up in the zone at 82-85 T87 MPH; it’s an athletic delivery and when in time creates uncomfortable AB’s for hitters. The SLD (69-72 MPH) shows cross plate actions with flashes of tilt on the pitch as it sweeps. Everyone is looking for athletes and Zazzarino definitely fits the bill.

2020 3B/OF/RHP Kevin Haynes - Granite Bay - 6-3, 195 - committed to Sacramento State

Long, lean and projectable showing current strength and putting up tools showing two-way abilities as he worked out in OF/INF and then also hopped on the mound showing off his three pitches. Strong run times with 7.03 60-yd before showing off his defensive skills in both RF and at SS. In RF shows easy athletic actions moving well and allowing his compact arm to produce carry online to the bags (87 MPH); at SS showed a similar compact arm with the high release and loose hips to create easy angles on the baseball moving well (87 MPH). Build and actions in the INF fit better at 3B, but showed fine at SS also. At the plate Haynes keeps hands tight to the body with quick turns designed to produce lift and it showed as he drove the ball through the gaps and middle of the field (93 EV). During the games he showed that strength in the bat driving a 2B into LCF staying on a hanging CB and letting the quick bat get through the zone and moving athletically on his way into 2nd base. On the mound Haynes worked with a three pitch mix flashing potential in the pitches and attacking hitters moving through his inning of work quickly. FB 85-87 with angle down and away before run up through the zone arm side. The CB was a flash with quick depth and overhand spin (77 MPH) while his CHG (79-80) was more predominantly used showing late bottom off that FB down and away look. Haynes continues to show he’s got the tools to be on a college roster next year; where he ends up is a variable that coaches will have fun getting to decide.

2020 OF/RHP Connor Hennings - Live Oak, 6-3, 190, R/R

Hennings was a guy I saw during the Spring and wrote about because of the frame and the tools standing out. Long and strong with space in the frame to continue to project, the athleticism stands out and was on display with all phases of his game. Excellent runner at 6.73 60-yd, Hennings really swang it from a tall stance peppering the LCF gap showing carry and the ability to create loft on the baseball (93 EV); as he learns to get into his legs there’s future pop in the bat. In the OF he’s got a compact arm that has lots of life in it (87 MPH). The OF tools are raw, but have a chance to make a major jump as he learns to harness his athleticism. In games he picked up a couple of hits including driving a line drive 2B into RCF during his last AB. Even when he didn’t square up the ball he ran hard down the line (4.45 H-1st, 4.50T) and showed off his defense in the OF; put a ball on the money to 3rd preventing a runner from advancing. On the mound he showed off a H-3/4 release with arm-side run on the FB (83-84), a diving CHG (76) and a short downer CB (75).  Guys that are 6-3 with space in the frame and strong two-way skills are not easy to find, so Hennings should be on some lists especially since he’s also a 4.0 GPA.

2020 RHP/3B David Rodriguez - Vacaville - 6-1, 200, L/R

Large, physical frame with strong lower half, Rodriguez really swang the bat well during BP and was consistently making plays during games at 3rd and on the Hill. 7.33 60-yd is a better runner underway than out the box, but has the agility and looseness to handle the hot corner and ability to repeat his delivery on the mound. During BP he showed the ability to lift the ball from a tall stance especially to the pullside where there's more pop from late bat speed (83 EV). At 3B he shows loose hips and a loose arm (80 MPH) with the ability to make plays laterally and on the move; that defense was on display during games where he consistent made plays including moving both ways and a great play on a top ball to get a strong runner. On the mound he attacked hitters working quickly striking out half the hitters he faced over two innings. The FB (80-83 T84) worked at it’s higher velocity more consistently in the 1st with ability to spot on both sides of the plate flashing some life up through the zone. The CB (68-70 MPH) was a true weapon being used on both sides of the plate from a tight short 11/5 break with feel. The CHG (73-74 MPH) had arm side fade with good feel also. The numbers aren’t anything that is going to jump off paper, but the consistent ability to go out and compete while producing during games did. Rodriguez could still make a jump as he firms up the frame and matures.

2020 Position Players to Know:

2020 OF Jaxson Bates - Benicia, 5-9, 175, R/R

Compact frame with strength that really showed well during the testing portion of the event where he ran a 6.84 60-yd. During BP showed a very quick bat (93 EV) where he drove the middle of the field showing line drives with carry deep into the gaps. Defensively he’s got a solid arm (85 MPH) and moves athletically in the OF with quick feet; ability to keep strong throws on the bag as well. During games he showed those tools were very playable picking up three hits and putting together quality ABs; a long double over the LF head showed that bat speed and his other two 1B’s were on the barrel as well. Played strong defense as well tracking down balls including a sliding catch in RF showing that makeup speed.  One of the guys who battled for the MVP Award and definitely raised his overall profile with skills that will have to be followed up on later this summer.

2020 C Omar Plascencia - Lodi, 6-0, 190, R/R - committed to UC Davis

Plascencia has been a name that we’ve seen plenty of times over the last year as he had a great summer last year and a strong spring as well. Compact, muscular frame with quick twitch attributes. The tools continue to stand out and they absolutely carry over to game time. Ran a 6.82 60-yd before staying to the middle of the field during BP crushing a few balls deep over the CF fence; the swing shows late bat speed through the zone with easy leverage on the baseball from his lower half (91 EV). Behind the plate he was regularly 1.94-1.97 with throws having life on the bag (82 MPH) with very quick transition and a future plus arm. In the first set of games he made a lot of hard contact reaching on a few errors, but having a lot of balls end up right at fielders. That all changed on Sunday where he singled to RF then ended the game with a long 2B into RCF; ball was hot off the bat. His defense was also on display during the games catching a runner at 3rd base and showing strong blocking and receiving skills. As good as the skills are, his personality in the dugout and on the field show he’s got a future at the next level. Someones going to get a very talented player late in the recruiting cycle.

2020 INF Harry Mauterer - Marin Catholic - 5-10, 180, R/R

Medium frame that shows muscled strength throughout the frame. After running a 6.92 60-yd, Mauterer showed off his hitting skills in BP with a quick trigger and tight turns keeping a compact barrel and showing strength on line drives into the gaps (88 EV). His defense was solid working low and behind the baseball with his eyes staying behind the glove; it’s a compact arm with the ability to keep throws on the bag (81 MPH). During the games he didn’t pick up any hits, but showed the ability to find the barrel with lots of deep drives into the OF; lots of solid contact that ended up falling into gloves instead of finding holes. His defense was also solid during the games being able to make plays at 2B with decent range and the ability to make the throws needed for the position; the glove looks like it could fit at 2B/3B and possible in the OF. The strength is present on the frame with some space for the tools to continue to develop.

2020 INF Brendan Bobo - Harbor - 6-2, 195, L/R - committed to Cal State Fullerton

Long and lean with budding strength in the frame, Bobo was one from the group I’d seen regularly during the Spring and the physique and tools continue to show promise. During BP showed solid bat speed from a tall, balanced set up on the left side of the plate showing strength in the barrel as he drove through contact into the pullside gap flashing some power that way (85 EV). On defense he moves well (7.14 60-yd) with good feet being able to take strong angle and make the play on the run; the compact arm has good hand speed keeping throws on a line to the bag from controlled actions (80 MPH). I think the arm has more in it as I saw him make big plays in the 6-hole during the season where he can let it loose. During the games he adjusted his approach and stayed to the middle of the field creating hard contact picking up two hits with a 3rd AB hitting a hard fly-out to CF. The frame projects more strength on an already impressive build that passes the eye test. This summer is a chance for Bobo to continue growth and playing well should raise his profile for the next level.

2020 OF Creighton Kreshel - Valley Christian - 5-11, 155, R/R - committed to Coe College

Medium frame that is long and lean with athletic proportions. Ran a 7.37 60-yd with ability to use his long legs well. BP round saw Kreshel getting on plane early and peppering balls to the pull side driving liners into the middle of the field and the gap from a flat bat that was loud (89 EV). In RF he showed athleticism and the arm profile to fit in CF at the next level; compact arm was consistently online showing life through hops at the bag (82 MPH). During the games is where Kreshel really shined winning the MVP honors for the weekend. Kreshel went 4-6 over the weekend with a 2B, 3B and 2 1B showing control of the barrel with balls through the middle, into RCF and down the LF line. He also stole bases whenever he wanted taking 3 from his hits alone before picking up multiple others running after walks to hitters; the jumps were very impressive and he’s got a chance to be an above-average or better base stealer. He also played a solid OF in all three spots using his athleticism to track balls deep into gaps and prevent runners from advancing with quality throws. Kreshel is the type of player that works hard and understands his role on the baseball field, looking to execute it to the fullest.

2020 OF Logan Azem - Serra, 5-10, 185, L/R

Solid, compact frame with a high waist showed some good tools during testing day, but it was his constant energy and gameplay that really carried him for the weekend. Showed the athleticism running a 7.04 60-yd before putting together a strong round of BP where he showed quick turns and strength as he drove balls to the pullside flashing pop that way as well (87 EV). In the OF the arm is compact and accurate (78 MPH) profiling best in LF/CF. During the games Azem went and showed that the tools were very real and put them to use. Picked up 5 hits over the weekend and showed feel for the barrel all around the field. Beat out a hard single into the 4-hole using his speed to get down the line (4.33 H-1st) and used that speed taking bases at will; was regularly the dirtiest guy in the dugout because of it. Ended the weekend with a HR to RF capping off the flashes shown during BP. I’d seen Azem a bit during the Spring season at Serra, but this weekend gave me a great look at his overall talent; chance to make an impact this summer/fall. Another name that was a finalist for the MVP.


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