Bay Area World Series (CA): Uncmtd 2021 2-Way Players

Blaine Clemmens
Northern CA Scouting Director

Lathrop, CA - Bay Area World Series (est. 2004) has seen its fair share of outstanding players over the years (38 MLB players and over 800 D1 players, including 2-way standouts like Stephen Piscotty). Two-way players, especially those who are legitimate talents as position players and also flash projectable stuff on the mound, they are among the most intriguing high school prospects.

As is the case all over, kids are always getting better, some later bloomers, some are a bit underexposed, even in California. Sometimes it just takes the right eyes on a player to give them that nudge toward colleges looking for one more potentially impact-type talent for their next incoming class. Maybe not necessarily even an impact talent, rather, adding quality depth to an incoming class, which ultimately, can be more important as injuries and attrition take place over a college career.

These uncommitted players participated in the games portion of BAWS 2020 (September 5-7). Videos from the games are in the editing process, though some of them have video from the BAWS workouts or from a previous PBR event. Stats are in their PBR profiles. The reports are a brief look at the standout qualities for these players.

Listed Alphabetically, click on player profile for bio information and stats, video, etc:

Timothy Reeve OF / RHP / Truckee, CA / 2021

Ultra athletic, plus run, plus arm, plus range, XBH power, athleticism shows up as position player & pitcher. FB up to 88 w/spin that projects more velo, can snap off a big CB. Take him as OF/ignitor & if he doesn't hit, pitching is an option. There just aren't a lot of uncommitted players in the 2021 class in California who can match his full set of talents. For that matter, there aren't a lot of committed players who can match his talents.

Fidel Ulloa RHP / SS / Lodi, CA / 2021

Quick arm, clean delivery, athletic on mound like many SS who transition to pitching. Has feel for the CB, gets FB up to 87, attacks hitters. Can't be written off as a hitter quite yet, showed barrel feel w/wood, compact swing and has strength. The run tool would likely push him to 3B beyond HS, where his bat could flourish, however, the gut says it's on the mound where he's got the brightest future.

Ben Pernetti 3B / RHP / Pleasant Grove , CA / 2021

Physical man-type body, showed 2-way talent though stood out more brightly on mound. HEAVY stuff, zone pounder w/FB 83-88 (max 2305 spin) & potential hammer CB (70-74, avg spin 2431, max 2517). There is some LHH thump here too. Outstanding 'baseball player' who runs bases well, has feel for the game.

Eli Rainey RHP / OF / Chico , CA / 2021

Long and lean, highly athletic/projectable talent, ceiling looks a bit higher on mound where he's up to 87 (max 2404 spin), can rip the slider (76-79, max 2350 spin) as a K pitch, easy arm too. Does have range in OF (6.97) & there is power in the bat that plays to the big parts of the field. Has a competitive streak in him and shows an aggressive approach to the game.

Aidan Lombardi SS / 2B / Cardinal Newman, CA / 2021

Not much he can't do on a ballfield, classic SS athlete, sure-handed in the field, handles bat well, runs well, throws well, gets on mound & gets to mid-80s (max 2433 spin), can spin a tight breaking ball. Still not as strong as he's going to be. More along the lines of a talented SS who can pitch, but if the bat doesn't play (not saying it won't), there are LOTS of SS who have converted full time to the mound.

Logan Drummond OF / LHP / Tokay , CA / 2021

Multi-tooled position player (plus run, plus arm, abv avg bat speed) showed flashes of middle of line-up CF/RF. On mound gets up to 86 w/attacking FB. Gut says take him as a hitter & if hit tool doesn't pan out, he's got a shot on the mound. The athleticism simply needs a chance to blossom.

Bryce Baughman RHP / 1B / Placer, CA / 2021

Low slot RHP reliever profile, pounds zone w/3 pitches (FB/SL/CHG), showed ability to lower his slot even further, low-80s w/projectability for more. Locates the slider, can drop in the CHG, there are always spots for different looks on a college pitching staff. At plate he showed middle of field approach, consistent barrel contact w/extra base pop in 4 of 6 plate appearances.

Joey Van Dusen OF / RHP / Chico, CA / 2021

Competed as 2-way player w/pitching ceiling/present ability showing stronger. Quick arm, good athlete, spins the FB well (max 2253) which allows for higher projection than the 84 mph he touched. Flashed offensive talent that can blossom. The EV has flashed as high as 97 mph and there is clearly some bat speed. The 7.03 60 also shows the athleticism.

Hayden Hildenbrand LHP / 1B / Lodi , CA / 2021

Rangy projectable body, strike thrower w/full repertoire which projects very nicely given his future size and strength gains. FB 78-80, CB 63-66, CHG 65-67. As weekend went on he found feel at the plate, driving the ball gap to gap. Much more development is ahead for him, both on mound and at the plate.

Garrett Faure C / RHP / Woodside, CA / 2021

Focused and intense competitor, showed ability to make in-game and in-at-bat adjustments vs live pitching, interesting stuff on the mound, including a FB with some natural cut, up to 83 in a recent outing. Played OF in this look so didn't see at his best position of catcher, where his arm gets up to 78 mph and with some mechanical adjustments he can be a threat to baserunners.


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