SoCal ProCase Spotlight: RHP Vincent Grant IV

Anthony Antolin
Associate Scout


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San Juan Capistrano, CALIF. - With the 2021 SoCal ProCase now in the rear view mirror, now is a great time to reflect on the talent we had on display. Uncommitted RHP Vincent Grant IV out of Peninsula HS started off the day on the pitching side of things and while he worked through some command issues in his outing, his stuff and deception played well against the competition.

While there are improvements that need to be made for him to take the next step forward, you can dream on what could be. Coming in at 6-4 195, the frame is lean and stands out and the stuff plays up due to his height. Perhaps a few slight mechanical adjustments away from throwing very hard on a consistent basis. 



Body: 6-foot 4, 195 pounds. High waisted, athletic build. Long limbs on his large frame with room to add mass. Great foundation to build on. 

Delivery: Slow, under control side step to start with significant crossfire in the delivery. Hides the ball until late and pulls through hard with the glove side. Very high slot creates plus fastball metrics, can get quad dominant at times moving down the mound causing the arm to lag. Efficient unload into the front side as he rotates. 

FB: Ranged from 81-84 topping out at 84.11 MPH, have seen him up to 87. Average spin came in at 1917 RPM, but the number that pops out the most is the 22.1 Inches of induced vertical break. Peak IVB totaled 24.8 inches and is considered elite amongst all levels of baseball. Average extension on the day was 6.12 inches for this pitch with a max Bauer units of 26. Although he struggled to command this pitch at times, the metrics definitely play up when under control. 

CB: Velocity range from 66-70 MPH while peaking at 71.23 MPH. Spin rate on average was 2040 RPM and showed some horizontal movement. Averages of 4.9 inches of horizontal and 1.6 inches induced vertical break. Primarily gyro (bullet spin) dominant with a max Bauer units of 33. Tunnels well with similar release data compared to the other pitches in his arsenal. 

CH: Changeup came in at 76-77 MPH peaking at 77.18 MPH. Does a nice job killing spin with an average of 1484 RPM, movement is similar to fastball and has room for improvement. Averages of 18.8 inches of Induced Vertical Break and 1.9 inches of Horizontal movement with max Bauer Units of 20. Will look for him to kill vertical break in order to get more swing and miss. 

Summary: Vincent is the type of kid whose sky's the limit. The stuff currently projects well at the next level and could potentially take that next step over the Summer and Fall. Mechanical efficiency and consistency will be of importance during this time and could potentially help him skyrocket up college coaches lists and draft boards alike. Once he cleans up the lower half things should start to sync up a little better and create some more repeatability. It only takes one look at Grant to know the kid is an athlete and it will be interesting to watch him develop as we get into next season. 


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