Socal ProCase Spotlight: LHP Chase Hoover

Joey Cohen
California Staffer


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San Juan Capistrano, Calif - One of my biggest regrets of the 2021 HS season was not making my way up to Santa Barbara. There are plenty of great arms up there and one of them is the #2 LHP in the state in Chase Hoover. I lucked out in that he was able to make the long drive down to make it to our ProCase. Hoover had a ridiculously good season for San Marcos HS going 7-1 with a 0.79 ERA in 53IP and striking out 94 for a K per 9 of 16Ks. He showed the same strikeout stuff at our ProCase where he breezed through his six batters striking out three and gave up no hard contact. After his outing, it was of no surprise to me in why he is committed to one of the top programs in the country in TCU. 

The Report: 

Body: 6-1, 180 pounds. Athletic build with present lower and upper half strength that help in giving him good rotational and linear power in his delivery. Still believe there is some room to fill out which gives him some upside. 

Mechanics: Smooth repeatable delivery. Side steps into a high knee tuck that gets him engaged into his back hip. Sinks into his lower half while keeping that hip hinge. Keeps a more higher chested positioning as he gets into good hip-shoulder separation at foot strike. Still head throughout. Consistently in line, gets into a good fielding position, and finishes with a slightly bent front leg at finish. In terms of arm action it’s a quick and compact arm circle in the back that comes out of a ¾ slot. Pulls elbow tight into his scalp as he transitions into foot strike. Arm gets into a good layback positioning during his cocking phase. Arm accelerates fast into release with a good deceleration pattern. Overall clean mechanics. 

FB: Sat 88-90. Showed good feel for it all around the zone. Present armside run made it hard for hitters to square up. Spin rate sat around 2200 rpm. Induced vertical break of 18.5 inches and horizontal break of 7.4 inches give it decent movement characteristics. Extension on his FB was 6.08 ft (average MLB: 6.5ft). 

SL: Sat 75-89. True slider due to the minimal vertical break (average was 0.8 inches). Creates that movement profile due to the 3:30 tilt he has for the pitch. Spin rate average was 2133 rpm and max spin was 2291 rpm. Drops arm slot slightly when throwing it. Had trouble locating it but is a swing and miss pitch when thrown for a strike. 

CH: Sat 78-80. Was the more effective secondary pitch of his outing. Showed nice fading and diving movement that gave RHHs trouble. Present HB break with average of 13.2 inches. Located it consistently to the armside with the fade placing it on the outside black or right off it. Keeps the same arm speed as his FB which gives it good deception but dropped his slot slightly.  

Summary: The TCU commit showed all the makings of a future pro. Besides the stuff it’s the confident mound presence that really stood out. He attacked hitters with the trust that he can execute all his pitches and when he actually does, he’s just unfair. The stuff just oozes upside as none of his pitches are easy to square up, especially his FB/CH combo. They just profile extremely well together and if he can further develop his slider I don’t see any high school hitter touching him. Chase exploded onto the scouting scene last summer and with what I just saw he should see a continued rise this summer.


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