Socal ProCase Player Spotlight: RHP Xavier Cardenas III

Joey Cohen
California Staffer


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San Juan Capistrano, CALIF. The most eye-popping pitcher from our 2021 ProCase was SDSU commit Xavier Cardenas III. Cardenas has been on our radar for some time now as he has a 6-6, 195 pound frame that is a pro scout’s dream. Cardenas has some of the loudest stuff on the mound especially when talking velocity and spin. Command is the one facet of his game that he has still been fine tuning as he worked through some command issues during his ProCase outing but showed that once he finds his lanes he can dominate. 

The Report:

Body: 6-6, 195 pounds. Lean athletic build. Projectable with his long limbs and plenty of room to add some efficient mass. 

Mechanics: Athletic delivery with some slight crossfire. Side steps into a high knee tuck. Keeps a stable back foot keeping it planted into the rubber till footstrike where it peels off. Smaller sit (higher angle) into his back leg as he drives down the mound. Bent front leg at footstrike that lands slightly toward the 3B side of the mound and he ends up falling toward the 1B side. Long and loose in the back. Whippy action. Arm gets into a full arm circle in the back. It also gets good layback in the cocking phase as it accelerates well into release for plus arm speed. 

FB: 91-93 T94. Trouble commanding it, leaking it up. Present movement profile flashes + pitch potential. Avg 21 inches IVB with + spin rate sitting around 2600 rpm and maxing out at 2720 rpm. Extension on the pitch is also above average at 6.87 ft (6.5 ft mlb average) which helps it gain some more perceived velocity. When thrown for strikes up in the zone it basically guaranteed a swing and miss. 

CB: 74-75. Didn’t throw it that many times during his outing. Slurvy profile due to the present HB break. Shorter breaker for velo. Slowed down armspeed. Didn’t slot it that same as the FB as it was thrown out of a slightly lower slot and gets about a foot less of extension on it. 

CH: 75-78. Straight change profile. Minimal fade and drop. Slower armspeed. Higher spin CH. Consistent slot. 

Summary: Cardenas' ProCase outing was one of highs and lows. Started off giving up some hits and walks but finished his outing easily striking out the remaining three batters. The physical ingredients are there where his highly projectable frame combined with his uber quick arm show that its easy to project him in the upper 90s within a few years. It’s all about him finding that mechanical repeatability and efficiency which will help sure up his command. As of right now none of his secondaries show + potential so he'll have to sure up those as well. Look for Cardenas to take the next step this summer and for him to make a name for himself amongst pro scouts next HS season. 


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