Prep Baseball Report

Future Games Tryout: OC Quick Hits

Steven Hardesty
Central Coast/North LA Area Scout


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Fullerton, Calif. - The Prep Baseball California staff put their collective eyes on the first wave of invite-only '26/'27 graduates from around California as part of the Future Games Tryout process on Saturday June 1st at Fullerton Community College with our Future Games Tryout: Orange County event. A collecton of 50+ of the these top players were each impressive in their own rights, but today we take a look at some of the top performers from this event with this edition of Quick Hits.

Players were put through the traditional showcase workout that included a 60 yard sprint test and Jump Test on Swift, On Field Batting Practice, defensive workouts at their positions and concluded with pitchers facing live hitters in a 13 inning simulated scrimmage. Trackman was in use for all hitting and pitching sessions to gather data and help measure their present athletic proficiencies and future projectability. As well, Blast Motion was utilized to gather data on swing performance from each player during batting practice.

Future Games Tryout events are aimed at putting some of the top players in the Fr./Soph. classes into the showcase structure with an opportunity for our Prep Baseball California staff to interact with rising future talent of High School baseball players in California and evaluate their present athletic ability, baseball tool sets and provide feedback on the development process for these players. Players who stand out at the Future Games Tryout events have opened the door for an opportunity that can ultimately culminate into a trip to LakePoint, Georgia for the 2024 Future Games to compete against Prep Baseball teams from other states around the country in a showcase style event as one of the premier college recruiting events in the nation.  

For all the data and information on all of the players outside of the Quick Hits click here.

Here is a first look at some of the standouts from the Future Games Tryout: Orange County.

Warren Gravely C / RHP / Santa Margarita Catholic , CA / 2026

While there are many players who put on outstanding performances on this day, what Gravely did was quite impressive. As a C/OF during the defensive portion of the day including a 90 MPH OF arm velocity with online carry, 82 MPH C arm velocity with online 1.94 pop time that maxed out at 2.02 seconds . Sliding into the BP portion of the day, Gravely unleashed an explosive RH swing with consistent barrel accuracy including a max EV at 97.5 MPH with 7 baseballs off the barrel of the bat using the middle to pull side of the field with authority. When the game play portion started he took the next step with his performance going 2-3 in 4 plate appearances (HBP in his first trip to plate) including a pair of rocket doubles one down the LF line the other he just missed a HR to LCF for an easy standup double. His potential behind the plate as a catcher, arm strength to play RF, raw power, physical frame, feel to hit and more were all on display for Gravely in what likely was the best performance of the day.

Ira Rootman OF / HARVARD-WESTLAKE, CA / 2027

The ‘27 OF from CIF-SS D1 runner Harvard Westlake made a name for himself this spring as part of the starting lineup for the Wolverines and carried it into the Future Games Tryout: OC with one of the best offensive performances of the day and solidly the best day of any ‘27 grad in attendance. During OF workouts Rootman showed an accurate online arm up to 81 MPH, ran a 6.94 60 time which is giving him potential CF defender vibes going forward. His batting practice was filled with hard hit baseballs with balance and some present bat speed that allowed him to peak with a 95.6 MPH EV. But, once the game started Rootman showed his natural feel to hit by collecting a pair of triples to the opposite field both balls were driven with authority over the heads of the CF/RF while also adding a stolen base after reaching base in another plate appearance.

Kai'nalu Van Scoyoc SS / RHP / Palos Verdes High, CA / 2026

The ‘26 SS/RHP from Palos Verdes High School put together one of the most impressive all-around performances on the day. He started by taking a solid INF at SS where he displays feel for the position with his actions & arm strength. As well, he ran a 7.14 60 where he continues to trend up athletically. During BP he took a pair of consistently solid BP round using the middle to pull side of the field with a max 89.6 MPH EV and a 84.0 MPH avg EV with a 75% sweet spot rage that carried into the game with a pair of good at bats including a loud triple. During his inning on the bump he worked consistently at 85-86 MPH with his FB touching 87.1 MPH spinning his CB at 68.5-70 MPH for a solid inning of work with 1 K and plenty of strikes.

Camden Goetz OF / RHP / Canyon, CA / 2026

Goetz started his day with a personal best 6.89 60 time at a Prep Baseball California event with improved actions moving around the OF during defensive work which translated into the game where he made a nice running catch and threw out a runner at home plate showing off his 82 MPH OF arm velocity. His batting practice was filled with baseball being driven with authority around the field from a simple balanced LH swing that features bat speed/strength to peak at 95.3 MPH on his exit velocities while averaging 88.3 MPH with a 75% sweet spot rate. As good as his BP was Goetz was another who showed how well his feel to hit translates into the game by collecting a deep triple to RCF and a loud L-5. Goetz solidly put himself amongst the top 5 hitters out of this event both with his BP and his in game performance and is an intriguing LH hitting OF who is raising his profile.

Dustin Dunwoody RHP / OF / Royal , CA / 2026

The ‘26 arm out of Royal High School earned his invite on the strength of a strong spring for the Highlanders where he worked in both relief and starting roles. The wiry athletic 6’2 170 lbs. Dunwoody has an athletic delivery with lower effort levels which allows him to repeat it consistently while attacking the strike zone with a 86-88 MPH FB that peaked at 89.3 MPH. The arm action is quick with looseness to the path. Dunwoody adds in a CB in the low 70’s, a 76-78 MPH SLD and flipped in a 79-80 MPH CHG for good measure. He picked up a strikeout while working a strong 5 batter inning as one of the better all-around pitching performances of the day.

Michael Nonis C / 3B / Centennial, CA / 2026

Nonis may not be the biggest player on a baseball field, but his performance at multiple Prep Baseball California invite-only events and during the high school season plays at a big level. That was again the case at the Future Games Tryout: OC event where he showed off improved pull side power during BP with his innate feel for barreling the baseball by peaking at 92.6 MPH on his EV. His workout behind the plate showed off his increased arm strength up to 75 MPH on throws with a new low pop time of 2.01. As strong as the showing in the workout was, Nonis surpassed it by going 2-2 with a walk during the game play portion of the day. His LHH profile with trending up athleticism/defensive profile made Nonis one of the standouts of the day.

Jake Ourique RHP / 1B / Gahr , CA / 2026

The righthander out of Gahr High School announced his presence on the Prep Baseball California radar with a CG start to the Spring Invitational and carried that performance throughout the spring into the Future Games Tryout: OC event where he spun a clean 5 batter inning. Using a FB that sat consistently at 84-85 MPH while peaking at 86.8 MPH plus feel for both of his offspeed offerings with a 74-75 MPH CHG and 66-68 MPH breaking ball which features some sweeping action to it. While Ourique does not light up a radar gun he does bring polish with his control of the strike zone, ability to throw any pitch in any count, flashes command, ease of operation to his delivery which all combine to make him one of more well-rounded pitchers in the event. He collected 3 Ks over his 5 hitters with just one base runner. As his pitch arsenal continues to add life with maturity there is a bright future for Ourique.

Blake Killinger RHP / Orange Lutheran, CA / 2026

An impressive 6’7 200 lbs right hander out of Orange Lutheran Killinger was the last arm to take the mound on the day and he made a statement to close out the event. He sat at 86-87 MPH with his FB while touching 88.5 MPH at the peak, backing it up with a pair of breaking balls that showed potential in a 73-75 MPH CB  and 78-79 MPH SLD. Killinger threw strikes with all 3 pitches and collected 2 Ks in 5 hitters and allowed just 1 hit. The delivery works with good body control for a pitcher his size at a young age and there is quickness to the arm path.

Ezekiel Lara OF / Mater Dei, CA / 2026

Lara was a Prep Baseball California Future Gamer in 2023 and the LHH OF from Mater Dei made his case to be a potential returner to the event with his work at the Future Game Tryout: OC event. Running a now personal best 6.72 60 time to open the day he moved into the OF to show his 85 MPH OF arm with carry to his throws that gives him a CF/RF potential going forward. As solid as Lara is as an athlete/defender his LH swing is where he separates himself from others with a similar profile. With a quiet set up and small move in the load Lara was able to consistently be on time during BP with impact to the pull side of the field including new top numbers in EV by reaching 97.1 MPH and a 354’ missile to RF. His feel to hit showed up in the game with a 2-2 performance in 4 plate appearances (2 BBs for him) he singled in his 3rd trip to plate and crushed a loud triple in his last trip to the plate.

Taden Krogsgaard SS / RHP / Temecula Valley, CA / 2026

Another 2-way player who showed well on each side of the game. During the workout portion of the day Taden was solid with a 7.22 60 time, solid actions on the INF during defensive work including arm strength up to 86 MPH on his throws. Krogsgaard took a pair of solid BP rounds including finding 7 barrels out of 10 swings with a peak EV up to 94.9 MPH while averaging 84.5 MPH with looseness in his swing that translated into the game play portion where he collected 3 hard hit balls with a single in that span. His work on the mound was solid with some intrigue to his potential as a RHP who uses a FB in the 83-86 MPH range that averages 16” of IVB, spinning a SLD at 72-74 MPH with spin rates above 2400 RPMs at its peak while adding in a 81 MPH CHG and interesting 78-79 MPH Splitter which has good action to it. 

Caleb Trugman 3B / RHP / Ruben S. Ayala High, CA / 2026

With a 6’5 195 lbs. frame Trugman immediately catches your eye once he walks into the field and when the ‘26 2-way talent from Ayala High School begins to show off his tool set he takes his profile to the next level. On this day he put together one of the cleanest INF workouts showing off range laterally, ability to move downhill with body control, consistent hands, feel for his footwork and a 88 MPH INF arm velocity. During BP he showed his ability to lift the ball with authority which plays to the power profile you get from his frame with a peak EV up to 93.1 MPH while collecting a 2K single in the game play portion of the day. His work on the mound was solid backing up what was an outstanding spring for him; he showed a FB at 84-86 MPH while touching 87.8 MPH adding in a 74-76 MPH CHG and CB in the 65-68 MPH range. His control was not as solid as he displayed during the spring season, but his 3 pitch mix with quality present stuff allowed him to work a solid inning on the day.

Adam Whyte OF / LHP / Tustin , CA / 2026

Whyte was yet another strong 2-way performer who showed well on each side of the game at the event. He ran a personal best 7.28 60 time to start the day while adding in accuracy on his 81 MPH OF arm velocity. His BP was one of the more impressive ones of the day using a good turn with strength through contact. Whyte was up to 95.8 MPH on is EV, averaged 91.8 MPH while launching one pull side HR at 362’ which he carried over into the game with strong at bats throughout the event. He also added in a solid inning of work on the mound with a low 80’s FB and CHG/CB/SLD mix to back it up highlighted by the 74-75 MPH CHG he kills spin on. 

Aidan Young OF / C / Villa Park High, CA / 2026

Young is a strongly built 5’10 165 lbs C/OF who put together an intriguing performance throughout the day. Running a 7.22 second 60 time while adding in an accurate 78 MPH OF arm with the addition of a quality skill set behind the plate including 74 MPH C arm velo and pop times in the 2.04-2.11 range. While he is a versatile defender with some athletic ability where Young stands out best is in the RH batters box both in BP and during the game play portion he made this readily apparent. With bat speed that comes from loose fast hands through the zone and quickness in his hips there is raw power that shows up during BP including a max EV at 98.2 MPH while averaging 92.2 MPH with natural bat to ball skills. In the game play portion Young collected an early single while drawing a BB displaying his plate presence and rhythm/timing.

Tyler Starling OF / LHP / Agoura High, CA / 2026

An intriguing athlete who is a standout football player he started off his day by posting a 6.83 time in the 60 yard dash, then moved around the OF workout as one of the smoother athletes who also popped a top arm velocity at 85 MPH with carry to his throws. During BP he started a little slow, but once he got his rhythm/timing down unleashed one of the better performances including a pair of pull side HRs with a peak EV at 97.6 MPH while averaging 86.8 MPH during the BP portion of the day. Starling toed the mound from the LH side flashing some quickness to his arm with athleticism to the delivery reaching 83.1 MPH on his FB paired with a CB that showed 2300+ RPM spin rates and a 73 MPH CHG. Overall, the athleticism and tools carried Starling on the day with some polish still needed to the package, but his workout was one of the best all-around ones of the day.