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Future Games Tryout: VTA County Quick Hits

Steven Hardesty
Central Coast/North LA Area Scout


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Santa Barbara, Calif. - The Prep Baseball California staff put their collective eyes on the second wave of invite-only '26/'27 graduates from around California as part of the Future Games Tryout process on Sunday June 9th at Westmont College with our Future Games Tryout: VTA County event. On a misty and cool day that put the collection of 50+ of the these top players to the test against the wetter conditions than we traditionally see in Southern Californa each of the player were impressive in their own rights, but today we take a look at some of the top performers from this event with this edition of Quick Hits.

Players were put through the traditional showcase workout that included a 60 yard sprint test and Jump Test on Swift, On Field Batting Practice, defensive workouts at their positions and concluded with pitchers facing live hitters in a 8 inning simulated scrimmage. Trackman was in use for all hitting and pitching sessions to gather data and help measure their present athletic proficiencies and future projectability. As well, Blast Motion was utilized to gather data on swing performance from each player during batting practice.

Future Games Tryout events are aimed at putting some of the top players in the Fr./Soph. classes into the showcase structure with an opportunity for our Prep Baseball California staff to interact with rising future talent of High School baseball players in California and evaluate their present athletic ability, baseball tool sets and provide feedback on the development process for these players. Players who stand out at the Future Games Tryout events have opened the door for an opportunity that can ultimately culminate into a trip to LakePoint, Georgia for the 2024 Future Games to compete against Prep Baseball teams from other states around the country in a showcase style event as one of the premier college recruiting events in the nation.  

For all the data and information on all of the players outside of the Quick Hits click here.

Here is a first look at some of the standouts from the Future Games Tryout: VTA County.

Carson Sheffer C / OF / OAKS CHRISTIAN SCHOOL, CA / 2026

On a day that featured some of the top uncommitted '26/'27s players around California who all showed their abilities Sheffer was a star amongst this group. A wiry athletic 6'1 160 lbs. catcher out of Oaks Christian he started the day off with an impressive 7.1 60 time with a 19.5 MPH max run speed. During the batting practice portion of the day he consistently drove the baseball from the middle to pull side of the field with leverage and hard contact. His barrel is accurate and he shows a consistent feel for his rhythm and timing. As impressive as his BP was what Sheffer did behind the plate was equally impressive if not more by popping 2.0 with accuracy to 2B and carry to his throws while flashing 82 MPH C arm velocity. The tools and athleticism enough would have put him on this list, but he followed it up by collecting 2 hits and barreling up a 3rd ball during the game portion of the event while showing a smooth glove behind the plate and his versatility manning 1B for 2 innings and making a pair of nice plays at the spot. Sheffer continues to make his mark on the Prep Baseball California staff.

Erick Barron OF / 1B / Buena High, CA / 2026

Barron stands 6' with some present strength to his 185 lbs. frame especially in the lower 1/2 where he has strong legs. His batting practice was one of the more impressive ones for his ability to barrel baseball after baseball through the middle of the field. He uses a small knee turn on the front side reminiscent of a young Albert Pujols with quickness to his lower 1/2 turn and accuracy with the barrel to drill the baseball on a line repeatedly. His actions and arm strength during the OF throwing portion were clean with 81 MPH OF arm velocity that showed accuracy to home plate with carry on a wet day. His workout was impressive, but where Barron took the next step was during the game play portion when he made a spectacular catch going to his glove side in the RCF gap to steal extra bases with a sliding catch while collecting a BB, drilling a 2 RBI single and working another quality at bat for an all-around great day for the '26 CF out of Buena High School.


The 2-way talent out of Orange Lutheran was consistently strong throught the day on each side of the game. Standing 5'11 with present strength to his 205 lbs. frame he showed his athletic ability with a 7.14 60 including a top run speed at 19.5 MPH while easily reaching 80 MPH on his OF throws that looks the part of a corner OF defender. During BP his barrel was loud with pull side authority including several of the higher end exit velocities on the day while homering to LF. On the mound he worked a firm FB into the upper 80's that paired well with his sharp SLD that induced swing/miss from hitter to help him collect 2 Ks from the 5 hitters he faced. At the plate himself he drilled a single to LF with authority in his first AB, drew a BB in his 2nd at bat and reached on an E-5 in his 3rd at bat. A very strong showing in each area for the uncommitted '26 from Orange County.

Jameson Berigan RHP / OF / Thousand Oaks High, CA / 2026

Berigan worked an impressive 6 hitter look that included 3 Ks (1 looking). With a wiry athletic 6'1 168 lbs. frame Berigan shows arm speed with feel to spin the baseball including a 86-89 MPH FB which consistently showed 2400+ RPM spin rates that he could elevate for swing/miss. He dropped in an impressive 75-77 MPH SLD which showed tight spin with swing/miss action while mixing in a 79 MPH CHG to LH hitters and dropping in a 71 MPH CB for a get ahead strike. With arm speed, ease of operation to the delivery, feel for the strike zone, 4 pitch arsenal and a pair of swing/miss pitches Berigan was one of the most impressive arms on the day.

Jonny Haskett RHP / St. Augustine High School, CA / 2026

Haskett made the trip up from San Diego to the Central Coast and made the time in the car well worth it with an impressive 6 batter outing. Featuring a FB which showed life through the zone and worked the 86-87 MPH range consistent while inducing swing/miss that collected 3 Ks of which 2 were looking. His breaking ball was sharp and he flashed the ability to control it within the strike zone while also being able to induce chase out of hitters on it. His delivery was clean with minimal effort and looseness to the arm action. Haskett stands 6'1 175 lbs with a wiry lean frame that shows room to add more strength.

Luke Armijo LHP / 1B / La Mirada, CA / 2027

The '27 2-way from La Mirada put together a good day all around, but was highlighted by his 6 batter look on the mound. Armijo has a stronger builty 6'1 200 lbs. frame with noticeable strength to his lower 1/2 that helps him control his body/arm throughout his delivery which features deception with a shoulder turn that shows the hitter the number on his back. When he uncoils from the turned position Armijo shows present arm speed with ability to repeat his arm action that shows quickness with minimal effort while sitting 85-87 MPH on his FB with life that induces swing/miss while mixing in a CHG at 76-79 with deception from the FB arm speed he throws it with and fade to the arm side he can get soft contact or swing/miss with the pitch. Armijo punched out 5 of the 6 hitters he faced including 2 coming on his CHG while the only ball put in play resulted in an E-6 on a jam shot from a LH hitter. On the position player side Armijo was solid showing some strength to his LH swing with lift to the pullside, but the approach/consistency for finding his barrel will need polish to remain a 2-way player. 

Bear Calvo SS / RHP / La Mirada , CA / 2027

Calvo is one of the top '27s in the class and the highest ranked uncommitted '27 in California presently. He left no doubt to his ability with his showing against the talent at this event. Standing 6' 175 lbs. with noticeable strength across his frame there is the athleticism to stick on the dirt with a 6.95 60 time while flashing present 83 MPH INF arm velocity with accuracy to his throws that could project some potential to play SS, but will easily handle 2B or a move to 3B. His hands/feet worked well during the defensive portion with feel for going laterally and downhill with body control. During batting practice his bat speed, barrel accuracy, strength and feel to elevate the ball were all on display consistently as he smoked several baseball to the pull side with authority including leaving the yard during BP. As impressive as his batting practice was Calvo took it up a notch during the game where he drilled a loud triple to the LCF gap where he showed off the impact in his bat and speed in his game, then beat out an INF single with a sub 4.5 home to 1B time after crushing a foul HR earlier in the at bat. All around Calvo again showed why he is so highly regarded within the '27 class presently in California and nationally.

Sam Stoller OF / C / Sierra Canyon, CA / 2026

Stoller made his mark with a strong impression across the board on this day. Standing 5'10 165 lbs. with some wiry strength and quick twitch to his actions he ran a 6.95 60 time while peaking at 20.1 MPH on his run speed. From there he showed defensive versatility by taking a clean OF with 77 MPH OF arm velocity and accuracy on his throws while also donning the catchers gear to flash 77 MPH C arm velocity and pop times in the 2.1 range. Stoller looks better suited presently to play the OF, but having the skill set to catch in his back pocket is never a bad thing. Wherever the RH hitter winds up defensively his smooth quick swing with leverage will impress. During batting practice he showed the ability to impact the baseball through the middle of field while being able to lift the ball to the pull side with authority. His 2nd round of batting practice was loud with several loud drives. During the game play portion he started with a bang going to RF for a 3B on a hard line drive that allowed him to show his speed getting around the bases. In his 2nd trip to the plate he worked a BB and was hit by a pitch. There is some polish still needed across the board, but the foundation of tools makes for an intriguing '26 prospect.

Evan Rodriguez C / OF / Simi Valley, CA / 2027

Another '27 who put together quite an impressive day Rodriguez showed athletic ability, offensive potential with defensive versatility. Standing 5'10 160 lbs. with some wiry athletic strength to his frame his athleticism is apparent including a 7.14 60 time and 19.2 MPH top run speed. His defensive toolset is lead by his feel to receive behind the plate with agility in the block and he adds a quality arm presently behind the plate including a 75 MPH C arm velocity with a 2.04 pop time. Rodriguez adds versatility to his defensive profile by looking like a potential CF/RF defender with easy actions moving around the OF during the defensive workout and a 77 MPH accurate OF arm. His batting practice was strong which was highlighted by several hard drives to the middle/pull side of the field including showing off his raw power by homering during BP. In the game play portion of the day Rodriguez picked up a single to the 5-6 hole which he clocked a sub 4.5 home to 1B time while drawing a BB in his second plate appearance. Just a rising soph. who is a standout football player in addition to his outstanding baseball ability Rodriguez showed his potential with his performance on this day.

Justin Gaisford LHP / 1B / Valencia High, CA / 2026

Gaisford looked strong as a 2-way talent from the Santa Clarita area whose baseball tools and feel for the game standout as much as his ability to excel in a workout. Standing 5'10 and 175 lbs. with some present strength to his frame he looked strong in the batters box where his loose hands and quick bat sprayed line drives around the field with consistency during batting practice while showing impact to the pull side. His glove and feet are solid at 1B which showed up moving around during defensive work and in game with consistency. On the mound his pitchability shines as he controls the strike zone with a 3 pitch mix from his FB/CB/CHG which he feels confident to throw in any count and his FB velocity continues to trend up. Over his 5 batter look Gaisford incuded a soft gounder to 2B, struck a batter out, rolled another hitter over to SS before allowing his 1 hit and retiring the final hitter on a pop out to RF. He worked a pair of good at bats during the game turning on the ball in each plate appearance. 

Damian Cordero SS / 2B / Yucaipa , CA / 2027

Cordero stood out previously for the Prep Baseball California staff at a Preseason ID event and again he looked strong with his performance at the Future Games Tryout: Ventura County. Standing 5'9 with noticeable strength gains to his now 160 lbs. frame he showed gains to his athleticism in addition to his strength gains. He ran a 7.3 60 time with improved run speed up to 18.6 MPH and a 1.7 10 yard split time. His batting practice again was impressive as he shows strength through contact with feel for consistently finding his barrel with authority including a pair of deep HRs to LF while working the middle of the field with line drives. He stays balanced and uses his lower 1/2 well and as he continues to mature/add strength he should tap into his power more consistently. He moves well on the INF dirt with rhythm to his footwork, softness to his hands ability to go laterally/downhill and accuracy to his throws that should give him a chance to stick at SS and can easily handle 2B long term. During the game he stung the ball in each plate appearance showing the ability to go to all parts of the field with a hard barrel E-5 and a sharp line drive right at the rightfielder.

Bobby Ramirez 2B / SS / Pacifica High, CA / 2027

Another '27 who put together one of the stronger workouts on the day the MINF from Pacifica High School looked comfortable throughout the day. With a compact 5'9 155 lbs. frame that will get stronger as he matures his baseball tools are advanced across the board including smooth actions at SS where he looks comfortable going laterally/downhill playing with quickness in his feet and going 1 or 2 handed into the ball. His transfer is quick with an accurate throw and as he continues to add strength to his present 75 MPH INF arm velocity while increasing his athleticism there is a chance he could stay at SS long term. Ramirez took a strong pair of batting practice rounds where he was off the barrel consistency with firm line drive contact through the middle of the field while showing some present feel to use his lower 1/2 in the turn. He barreled a ball right at the 2B in his first plate appearance before singling in his final plate appearance. An advanced baseball player at young age as his body/athletic ability continue to improve there is a bright future ahead for Ramirez as evidenced by his showing on this day.

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