Prep Baseball Report

Inland Empire Summer ID: Quick Hits

Steven Hardesty
Central Coast/North LA Area Scout


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Ventura, Calif. -

Kick starting the Prep Baseball California Summer ID series our staff got eyes on several talented players at the Inland Empire Summer ID on Tuesday, June 4th at Temescal Canyon High School. Players in attendance on our Summer ID series will range from the the '25 graduating class to the '28 graduating class.

Players were put through the traditional showcase workout that included a 60 yard sprint time and Jump Testing on Swift Technology platform, On Field Batting Practice, defensive workouts at their positions and concluded with pitchers throwing an on field bullpen session. Trackman was in use for all hitting and pitching sessions to gather data and help measure their present athletic proficiencies and future projectability. As well, all hitters recorded data using Blast Motion sensors to track their swing metrics.

Summer ID events are designed for players in the '25-'28 to utilize theshowcase structure to interact with our Prep Baseball California staff and allow our staff to evaluate their present athletic ability, baseball tool sets and provide feedback on the development process for these players. Players who stand out at these events receive data packages on their metrics including Trackman, Blast Motion and Swift for position players with Trackman for pitchers. In addition, all players in attendance receive video to be posted into their Prep Baseball profile which gives college coaches around the country access to identify them as a potential recruit. As well, players have the opportunity to earn invites to select Prep Baseball California Invite-only events including: California State Games (our biggest recruiting event), Preseason All-State Events, Uncommitted Games, Top Prospect Games, Future Games Tryouts, ProCase and more.

For all the data and information on all of the players outside of the Quick Hits click here.

Here is a first look at some of the standouts from the Inland Empire Summer ID in this edition of Quick Hits.

Evan Hall OF / RHP / SAN MARCOS H S, CA / 2025

An athletic 6' 180 lbs. RH hitting OF from the San Diego area Hall put together the strongest all-around performance of the day, including several personal best metrics throughout the workout. Starting off the event he ran a 6.93 60 time and proceeded to show an accurate strong throwing arm from the OF with carry to his throws that peaked at 87 MPH. During the BP portion Hall was able to consistently generate hard contact with an athletic swing including a max EV up to 93.1 MPH while averaging 88.5 MPH living on the barrel of the bat throughout his two rounds. The swing features leverage through the middle to pull side of the field and will play to gaps double power with pull side HR power.

Christian Eaton SS / RHP / Etiwanda , CA / 2025

Eaton was another standout rising SR. who put together a quality all around workout. A medium framed wiry athletic SS who showed solid actions at the position with plenty of arm strength to stick up the middle with an 89 MPH INF arm velocity and carry to the bag with his throws. He showed a middle of the field line drive approach with a max EV at 86 MPH. A solid prospect as an RHH INF, Eaton adds a quality 4 pitch mix on the mound. Throwing a FB in the 82-84 MPH range with an easy delivery he adds in an interesting 76-78 MPH CHG, 68-70 MPH CB and a tight 75-77 MPH SLD. 

Jayden Serna C / 1B / Norco High, CA / 2027

Serna is an intriguing young LH hitting Catcher who showed well both behind the plate and at the plate. During the BP portion of the workout Serna was consistently on the barrel with a line drive based swing that shows quickness in the hands (20.5 MPH) and use of his lower 1/2 (14.1 G's of rotational acceleration) while peaking at 84.7 MPH on his exit velocities. He received well with smoothness to his actions behind the plate during bullpen sessions while showing off an interesting arm potential including online accurate throws in the 2.1 range. The foundation of tools for Serna was on display and just a '27 he has a chance to be a strong player in the Inland Empire.

Broderick Buhr OF / 2B / Arlington , CA / 2025

Another athletic '25 out of the Inland Empire who showed off a good toolset. Buhr stands 5'10 160 lbs. with some run speed clocking a 6.9 60 time with arm strength to handle either CF or RF at 87 MPH and flashed accuracy on his throws. He showed some sneaky juice during batting practice which included a 96.4 MPH max EV on a 360' blast while averaging 85.2 MPH throughout his two rounds of batting practice.

Blake McHugh RHP / 3B / Norco High, CA / 2026

The '26 RHP out of Norco High showed an interesting arm with some strength to it and feel for a 3 pitch mix during his bullpen session. McHugh's FB worked at 83-84 MPH while peaking above 2300 RPMs of spin. Paired with a 70-74 MPH breaking ball which he flashed present feel for with 2400+ RPMs of spin on average while nearing 2500 RPMs at its peak. He rounds out his pitch with with a firmer 77-80 MPH CHG which he threw with quality arm speed and feel to kill spin on the pitch with spin rates in the 1700 RPM range. With 2 more years of developmental time in high school McHugh has a strong foundation to continue to build on.

Andrew Zarate 3B / RHP / Yucaipa High, CA / 2026

Another '26 who made a strong impression on the Prep Baseball California staff with his showing at this event. Zarate has some present physicality to his frame at 6'1 185 lbs which he puts to good use at the plate where his lower 1/2 generates plenty of torque in the turn with 23 G' of rotational acceleration which leads to 70.8 MPH of bat speed and 21 MPH of hand speed. His swing has strength through the zone including a max EV up to 95.2 MPH with 357' max distance. He moves well at 3B displaying some potential to stay at the spot with the arm strength to handle the left side at 84 MPH. As well, he looked solid on the mound during his bullpen session with a 3 pitch mix including a 80-82 MPH FB, 71-73 MPH CHG and 69-71 MPH breaking ball.

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