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VTA County Summer ID: Quick Hits

Steven Hardesty
Central Coast/North LA Area Scout


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Ventura, Calif. -

Continuing the Prep Baseball California Summer ID series our staff got eyes on several talented players at the Ventura County Summer ID on Thursday, June 20th at Thousand Oaks High School. Players in attendance on our Summer ID series will range from the the '25 graduating class to the '28 graduating class.

Players were put through the traditional showcase workout that included a 60 yard sprint time and Jump Testing on Swift Technology platform, On Field Batting Practice, defensive workouts at their positions and concluded with pitchers throwing an on field bullpen session. Trackman was in use for all hitting and pitching sessions to gather data and help measure their present athletic proficiencies and future projectability. As well, all hitters recorded data using Blast Motion sensors to track their swing metrics.

Summer ID events are designed for players in the '25-'28 to utilize theshowcase structure to interact with our Prep Baseball California staff and allow our staff to evaluate their present athletic ability, baseball tool sets and provide feedback on the development process for these players. Players who stand out at these events receive data packages on their metrics including Trackman, Blast Motion and Swift for position players with Trackman for pitchers. In addition, all players in attendance receive video to be posted into their Prep Baseball profile which gives college coaches around the country access to identify them as a potential recruit. As well, players have the opportunity to earn invites to select Prep Baseball California Invite-only events including: California State Games (our biggest recruiting event), Preseason All-State Events, Uncommitted Games, Top Prospect Games, Future Games Tryouts, ProCase and more.

For all the data and information on all of the players outside of the Quick Hits click here.

Here is a first look at some of the standouts from the Ventura County Summer ID in this edition of Quick Hits.

Gavin Berigan SS / RHP / Thousand Oaks High, CA / 2027

Berigan is a lean wiry athletic middle of the diamond defender who showed off a very well rounded set of baseball tools with interesting upside to him. Standing at 5'10 145 lbs. it's a wiry frame, but has plenty of room to fill as he matures. He flashed his athleticism by running a 6.97 60 after just finishing his FR. season at Thousand Oaks. Moves with good actions at SS where he has good feet with consistent hands into a quick transfer with an accurate arm that presently shows 75 MPH INF velocity. At the plate he took a soild BP working mainly to the middle of the field with consistent contact off the barrel of the bat. His swing is loose with more of a flatter bat path which generates line drive contact and a max EV up to 85.9 MPH and impact to the pull gap. The foundation of tools is there and as he continues to mature/add strength to his frame the upside for Berigan is very interesting.

Carson Baker 2B / RHP / South Hills, CA / 2026

Baker was another wiry athletic middle of the diamond athlete who showed a solid well rounded baseball toolset. At 5'10 160 lbs with quickness to his actions both in running and around the INF dirt during defensive work Baker is a primary 2B, but shows the actions to potentially play some SS with a 79 MPH INF arm velocity. With torque in his hips during the turn of the swing that generate 14.5 G's of rotational acceleration and quickness to his hand path at 21.6 MPH while adding pull side impact to his mid/pull approach Baker peaked at 90.4 MPH on his exit velocity with a 334' drive to the LCF gap while staying on the barrel consistently throughout his batting practice rounds. Coming from the strong South Hills High School program there is plenty to like about the future for Baker as he continues to improve/develop his already strong tool set and athleticism. 

Tristan Jennings OF / 2B / Granada Hills Charter, CA / 2025

Jennings is a rising SR. out of the Granada Hills Charter Program who has claimed back to back Western League titles in the City Section and he showed his toolset off in front of our staff at Thouasand Oaks. With wiry present strength to his athletic frame Jennings displays the footspeed and actions in the OF that could handle CF/RF with a 6.96 60 while displaying 88 MPH OF arm velocity with carry and accuracy to his throws. His offensive profile is as interesting as his defensive profile where Jennings showed leverage in his swing with some uphill to the path that created loud hard contact to the pull side gap and LF line. He peaked at 90.1 MPH on his exit velocity showing doubles power consistently with sneaky potential HR power especially if he continues to add strength to his wiry frame as he matures. A very strong showing out of Jennings.

Anthony Costa OF / LHP / Chaminade College Preparatory, CA / 2026

Costa is a rising JR. out of a strong Chaminade program who showed the toolset to help them continue to look to compete at the top of the rigorous Mission League. Standing 5'10 170 lbs. while showing footspeed with a 7.1 60 and good actions moving around during the OF portion of the day that including 79 MPH OF arm velocity with accuracy to it. His batting practice featured a quick swing with both present bat speed at 75.8 MPH and quickness with his hands at 21 MPH to help him consistently barrel the baseball to the pull side of the field including a 92.7 MPH 332' line drive to the RCF gap. Costa works mainly to the middle/pull side of the field with leverage and displayed good consistency being on the barrel with contact. The foundation for a potential CF/RF defender is there with interesting offensive upside for Costa as he continues to develop/improve overall in the future.

Ricardo Hurtado OF / SS / ORANGE LUTHERAN HIGH SCHOOL, CA / 2027

Hurtado made a strong impression at the recent Prep Baseball NPI event at Lakepoint and returned to his Southern California base to travel about an hour and half north to Thousand Oaks High School and make another strong statement in front of the Prep Baseball California staff. A rising sophomore at the powerhouse Orange Lutheran program Hurtado has a blend of athleticism, baseball tools and upside that makes him one of the top '27 players in the state of California. Running a 6.84 60 and standing 5'11 170 lbs. with defensively versatility showing both potential to play CF and up the middle on the INF dirt Hurtado has a intriguing profile and adds a 87 MPH OF arm and 85 MPH INF arm with accuracy to his throws that could be a potential impact defender at premium spots in the long term. At the plate he started a little slow getting comfortable with his timing, but the loose bat speed he generates with easy quick hands (70.8 MPH bat speed and 22 MPH hand speed) plays to his middle/oppo line drive approach which peaked at 88.7 MPH while averaging 80.6 MPH with an impressive 92% sweet spot rate during batting practice. The overall package with upside for Hurtado is intriguing and playing for a program like OLU in the Trinity League with the showcase/tournament circuit to solidify his profile the ceiling for Hurtado is high.

Jackson Pratt OF / LHP / ST FRANCIS HIGH SCHOOL, CA / 2025

A rising SR. who had a strong season for the CIF-SS D4 runner up St. Francis program Pratt was able to show off his 2 way potential at Thousand Oaks High School. An athletic 6' 170 lbs. frame with some wiry strength to it and burst to his actions including a 6.76 60 and the OF arm velocity at 81 MPH with accuracy shows his CF/RF defensive profile. Pratt's LH bat looked strong with present quickness to the bat path/hand path and torque in the turn including a rotational acceleration up to 28 G's while showing consistent line drive contact to the middle of the field with 89.9 MPH max exit velocity and 81.8 MPH average exit velocity which suits a high contact line drive approach with some sneaky impact to the pull side. As well, throwing a bullpen session Pratt displayed an interesting sinker/CHG combo with similar movement patterns to the arm side that featured the ability to tunnel and play off each other while adding in a shorter breaking SLD to the glove side that gave him a east/west arsenal that could be an effective soft contact arsenal. A strong piece for the Knights as they look to build on their successful 2024 season.

Drew Kostich 2B / OF / Chaminade , CA / 2026

Another rising JR. for the Chaminade program Kostick showed an interesting toolset during his workout at Thousand Oaks. Standing 6'2 185 lbs. with some present physicality to his frame while adding the ability to continue to add more strength his tools play to a power profile for Kostich. There is present footspeed including a 6.9 60 while moving around well on the INF with feel for his footwork and hands, but some rawness to polish he looks like a 2B/3B defender long term with 80 MPH INF arm velocity that can handle either spot. His approach at the plate is aggressive to the pull side with a swing looking to damage each time he pulls the trigger. Kostich impressed with present 95 MPH max exit velocity and launched the ball to the pull side highlighted by a 370' HR to LCF, but there was some inconsistency to the contact quality. As he improves his rhythm/timing with maturity there is raw power that shows potential to be a corner defense/impact offensive profile. To add to the intrigue with Kostich he also threw an impressive bullpen session highlighted by a 85-87.2 MPH FB which he threw for strikes while adding feel for a CHG at 79-80 and the makings of an interesting 69-72.6 MPH CB, but like his offensive profile there is some polish still needed. Althogether the tools for Kostich are loud and if he can polish the profile he has a chance to be an impact player going forward.

Joshua Brown 3B / C / OAKS CHRISTIAN SCHOOL, CA / 2025

Brown showed his defensive versatility, athletic ability with strong offensive profile during his workout at Thousand Oaks. It's a wiry athletic 6' 176 lbs. frame with broad shoulders he can add strength to his frame which would help his presently solid baseball tools take the next step. Brown worked out in the OF/INF and behind the plate where across the board he looked like a solid defensive player with good actions and arm strength for any spot on the field. His athleticism is present including a 6.72 60 that gives him CF defensive potential and the INF actions look suited for 2B/3B with interesting ability to add depth behind the plate including a 2.1 pop time that could be improved should he ever focus full time on catching at the next level. The versatility defensively plays and adding in a strong offensive ability highlighted by a middle to pull approach with impact of the bat including a 100.3 MPH max exit velocity while averaging 87.2 MPH with a 357' HR to straight away LF. Brown gets to contact with present quickness to his bat and hands including 73.2 MPH bat speed and 21.7 MPH hand speed. The tools are present, the versatility is interesting and as a rising SR. at a strong Oaks Christian program Brown is a strong uncommitted name to follow.

Jack Brinkman SS / 2B / Oaks Christian School, CA / 2026

Brinkman hails from the strong Oaks Christian baseball program and the rising JR. showed well on this day. Running a 7.0 60 to start his day while adding in 79 MPH INF arm velocity with smoothness to his actions that looks the part to stay up the middle defensively with some potential to stick at SS long term as he continues to develop/improve. There is quickness to his operation at the plate which combined with his middle of the field approach and loose hands in the swing equaled a solid batting practice session for Brinkman. He peaked at 88.2 MPH with a line drive based swing that includes bat speed up to 69 MPH and 21.1 MPH of hand speed. The foundation is solid for Brinkman and as he competes for consistent varsity playing time while continuing to polish his overall baseball/athletic profile will be one to keep eyes on here in Ventura County.


Boop matched his younger brothers impressive showing at the Orange County ID event by adding his own impressive day where the 6'3 204 lbs. Boop was one of the more impressive physical frames there who also showed strong athleticism including a 7.15 60 and the versatility to look solid both behind the plate and moving around the OF. Behind the plate there was accuracy with carry to his throws to 2B including 78 MPH C arm velocity with a 2.02 pop time and then moving to the OF Boop showed off arm strength with carry from a more compact OF arm stroke that reached 85 MPH. You could see potential for him to be a corner OF defender who also can catch going forward. At the plate the physicality to Boop's frame translates into solid raw power with lift in his pat that plays to the middle/pull side approach that looks to do damage on each swing. Boop peaked at 97.1 MPH on his exit velocity with a launched 384' HR well over the LCF at Thousand Oaks High School. His swing has bat speed at 76.3 MPH with hand speed at 25 MPH and the torque in his turn to get there quickly with 13.9 G's of rotational acceleration. 

Dane Shepard 3B / 2B / ST FRANCIS HIGH SCHOOL, CA / 2025

Shepard caught the eye of the Prep Baseball California staff with his loud drive to RF during the CIF-SS D4 title game off MLB draft potential LHP Boston Bateman. He backed up that at bat with an impressive performance at Thousand Oaks High School. It's a stronger 5'11 193 lbs. frame with present strength to the upper/lower body while adding in decent athletic ability at 7.27 in the 60 with the actions/arm strength to profile to stick at 3B including accuracy to his throws and consistently solid actions with his feet/glove at 3B during the defensive workout. Where Shepard stood out the most though was with his strong RH swing which showed pull side authority from a middle/pull approach including 93.4 MPH max exit velocity with a 84.5 MPH average exit velocity and carry to the ball off the bat from the leverage in his bat path including a 361' HR to straight away LF by Shepard. It's an offensive profile which will be best suited for a corner defender profile, but potentially with some polish could play 2B and the bat shows strength with some power impact going forward as he looks to help the Knights repeat their strong 2024 season.

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