Prep Baseball Report

5A District Bracket and Players to Watch

By John Cackowski
State Director


It is tournament time in Colorado and all classifications will be underway this weekend with District and State Tournament play.  Continuing our look at post season play is the 5A classification where it is wide open for many of the teams in this year's field. There are 4 teams in 8 districts. All teams are playing a single elimination tournament on Saturday with all District Championship Games being played at the host sites at 3:00 PM.

District 1 (Pine Creek HS)
No. 1 Pine Creek (17-2) vs. No. 32 Rangeview (12-7) 10:00 AM
No. 16 Fruita Monument (14-5) vs. No. 17 Rocky Mountain (13-6) 12:30 PM

Players to Watch: 
2018 1B Justin Olson (Pine Creek),  2018 RHP/OFJay Onken (Pine Creek), 2016 LHP Bryce Johnson (Pine Creek) 2016 RHP Wade Council (Pine Creek), 2017 OF Toby Scoles (Pine Creek) 2016 RHP Sam Schroeder (Fruita Monument) 2016 1B Cuba Bess (Fruita Monument), 2017 3B John Sorensen (Rocky Mountain) 2016 LHP Austin Alarid (Rocky Muntain) 2017 2B Kalen Hammer (Rocky Mountain), 2016 C Chris Diehl (Rocky Mountain), 2017 C Jadon Uhrich (Rocky Mountain), 2017 1B Spencer Gendreau (Rocky Mountain) 2016 INF Josh Schumacher (Rangeview)

District 2 (Mullen HS)
No. 8 Mullen (12-2) vs. No. 25 Prairie View (13-6) 10:00 AM
No. 9 Monarch (13-6) vs. No 24  Fountain Fort Carson (13-6) 12:30 PM

Players to Watch:
2016 C Maverick Handley (Mullen), 2017 INF Joey Salvato (Mullen) 2017 2B Marcus Salvato (Mullen) 2017 RHP Rocco Porreco (Mullen), 2016 P Johnny Ramirez (Prairie View), 2016 1B Parker Valentine (Prairie View), 2016 RHP Zach Berohn (Monarch), 2016 OF Paul Giaquinto (Fountain Fort Carson), 2016 2B Nate Downs (Fountain Fort Carson)

District 3 (Heritage HS)
No. 4 Heritage (13-6) vs. No. 29 Doherty (9-10) 10:00 AM
No. 13 Cherokee Trail (15-4) vs. No. 20 Broomfield (13-5) 12:30 PM

Players to Watch: 
2016 SS Billy Moreland (Heritage), 2017 C Casey Opitz (Heritage), 2018 RHP Riley Egloff (Heritage), 2016 RHP Buhn Song (Doherty), 2016 1B Ryan Sullivan (Cherokee Trail), 2017 LHP Connor Nantkes (Cherokee Trail), 2017 OF Eric Cox (Cherokee Trail), 2017 3B Nick Perez (Cherokee Trail), 2017 INF Michael Morris (Cherokee Trail), 2016 OF/LHP Jerome Bohannon (Cherokee Trail), 2017 1B Matt Turner (Broomfield), 2017 RHP James Notary (Broomfield), 2016 RHP Eddie Flores (Broomfield), 2016 RHP Walter Pennington (Broomfield)

District 4 (Rock Canyon HS)
No. 5 Rock Canyon (11-8) vs. No. 28 Bear Creek (8-11) 10:00 AM
No. 12 Dakota Ridge (13-6)  14-5 vs. No. 21 Chaparral (9-10) 12:30 PM

Players to Watch:
2017 SS/RHP Matt Givin (Rock Canyon), 2018 INF Nick Merone (Rock Canyon), 2018 INF Cayden Zimmerman (Rock Canyon) 2017 OF Walker Rumsey (Bear Creek), 2016 OF Bailey Collins (Dakota Ridge), 2016 OF Ryan Faircloth (Dakota Ridge), 2017 RHP Carter Akerfelds (Dakota Ridge), 2016 RHP/INF Ty Lightley (Dakota Ridge), 2016 INF/RHP Aaron Hammann (Chaparral), 2017 C Jonah Jenkins (Chaparral), 2019 OF Bryce Mathews (Chaparral)

District 5 (Regis Jesuit HS)
No. 2 Regis Jesuit (15-4) vs. No. 31 Palmer (10-9) 10:00 AM
No. 15 Grand Junction (13-6) 14-5 vs. No. 18 Cherry Creek (13-6) 12:30 PM

Players to Watch:
2016 RHP Bo Weiss (Regis Jesuit), 2016 RHP Travis Marr (Regis Jesuit), 2016 OF Quin Cotton (Regis Jesuit), 2017 RHP Caleb Sloan (Regis Jesuit), 2017 P Jordan Chappell (Palmer), 2016 C Tyson Zanski (Grand Junction), 2018 INF Zack Owens (Grand Junction), 2016 P Tyler Mantlo (Grand Junction), 2018 OF/RHP Tanner O'Tremba (Cherry Creek), 2016 RHP/INF Nate Sweeney (Cherry Creek), 2016 RHP Cody Schultz (Cherry Creek), 2017 3B Andrew Chavez (Cherry Creek) 2017 RHP Sam Colehower (Cherry Creek), 2016 RHP Carter Van Gytenbeek (Cherry Creek)

District 6 (ThunderRidge HS)
No. 7 ThunderRidge (13-6)  vs. No. 26 Chatfield (10-9)
No. 10 Denver East (15-4) vs. No. 23 Fort Collins (13-6)

Players to Watch: 
2016 RHP Jake Eissler (ThunderRidge), 2016 1B Chase Noell (ThunderRidge), 2018 INF Jake Haze (ThunderRidge), 2017 RHP Tim McIntyre (ThunderRidge) 2016 RHP Tanner Johnson (Chatfield), 2016 RHP/INF Mike Lucero (Chatfield), 2016 C Tyler Goff (Chatfield), 2016 Dylan Lutz (Denver East) 2016 RHP Ben Moran (Denver East), 2016 RHP Preston Snavely (Fort Collins), 2017 1B Nathan Dill (Fort Collins) 2016 INF Brandon Hahn (Fort Collins) 2016 C Richard Edwards (Fort Collins)

District 7 (Lakewood HS)
No. 3 Lakewood (14-5) vs. No. 30 Legend (7-12)
No. 14 Legacy (15-4) vs. No. 19 Ralston Valley (13-6)

Players to Watch: 
2016 OF Braden Smith (Lakewood), 2016 INF Michael Seckman (Lakewood), 2016 3B Marcelo Sanchez (Lakewood), 2016 INF Ben Schechter (Lakewood) 2016 INF Michael Vessa (Lakewood), 2016 RHP Chase Powell (Lakewood), 2016 LHP Luke Klatke (Lakewood), 2017 SS Kyle Cardona (Legend), 2017 1B Jordan Stubbings (Legend), 2016 RHP Christian Manmano (Legend), 2016 INF Jordan Luthi (Legacy), 2017 1B Paul Thompson (Legacy), 2018 LHP/1B Ryan Overboe (Legacy), 2016 INF Peter Carlson (Ralston Valley), 2018 SS Luke Leisenring (Ralston Valley), 2017 RHP Levi Leisenring (Ralston Valley), 2017 RHP Drake Davis (Ralston Valley)

District 8 (Grandview HS)
No. 6 Grandview (14-5) vs. No.27 Douglas County (10-8-1)
No. 11 Columbine (10-9) vs. No. 22 Liberty (10-8)

Players to Watch:  
2016 RHP Grant Schroeder (Grandview), 2016 RHP Nick Morris (Grandview) 2016 LHP Zach Sundine (Grandview), 2016 RHP Cade Crader (Grandview) 2017 C Tyson Hays (Grandview) 2016 OF Travis Parker (Grandview), 2016 SS Tyler Smith (Grandview), 2016 3B Jake Minnick (Douglas County), 2016 Isaiah Casas (Douglas County) 2017 LHP Javier Rodriguez (Douglas County), 2016 SS Tommy Gillman (Columbine), 2016 RHP Taylor Dye (Columbine) 2017 OF/RHP Chase Anderson (Columbine) 2017 OF Mikey Gribel (Columbine) 2016 P Kendrick Catron (Columbine)

Stats that Standout:

Ryan Sullivan of Cherokee Trail leads 5A in hitting with a .569 batting average

Justin Olson of Pine Creek leads 5A in homeruns with 9, his teammate Jay Onken is 2nd in 5A with 33 RBI's

Josh Schumacher of Rangeview leads 5A with 34 RBI's and also hit .543 on the season.

Sam Schroeder of Fruita Monument leads 5A with a 0.52 ERA.

Bo Weiss of Regis Jesuit leads 5A with 6 wins on the mound.