Class of 2021 Preview Middle Infield Analysis

PBR Colorado Staff

The Prep Baseball Report’s Class of 2021 Preview Event took place Sunday May 6th at Dakota Ridge High School. Prospects from the 2021 class came together in a pro-style workout to strut their stuff in front of the PBR scouting staff.

Following is a look at top performances in a number of measurable categories. Click Here for a statistical breakdown of this event.

We began our look at this event with the outfield position, catcher position and corners position, today we look at the middle infield position from the Class of 2021 Preview.

Class of 2021 Preview Middle Infield Position




Sam Hart SS / RHP / ThunderRidge HS, CO / 2021

5-foot-11, 150-pound right hand hitting SS/RHP who ran a 7.52 60.  Balanced setup at the plate with a high leg kick to start the swing.  Front side opens up and body rotates through the zone.  Swing path is up hill with good extension out front.  Exit velocity was 78 mph.  Athletic in the field with good hands and feet.  Quick glove to hand transfer with a short throwing motion.  Arm played at 76 mph.  Max effort on the mound, works quick with a sink and drive motion from balance.  Lands in-line with the plate and delivers from an over the top slot.  Fastball was 78 mph with arm side run.  Curve sat 64-65 mph with 11/5 shape.  He finished with a 64-65 mph change.




Zach Herrick RHP / SS / Cherry Creek , CO / 2021

5-foot-10, 165-pound right hand hitting SS/RHP who ran a 7.54 60. Simple approach at the plate with a short stride and small load.  Hands and weight explode through the zone with good pull side power.  Swing stays level and in the zone with good whip.  Exit velocity was 83 mph.  In the field he attacks the ball with athletic feet and hands.  Throws are accurate to the bag at 75 mph.  Repeatable smooth motion on the mound.  Falls to the plate from balance.  Delivery is from a high ¾ arm slot and arm speed stay consistent on all pitches.  Fastball was 79 mph and stayed mostly straight.  Curve flashed tight spin and 11/5 break at 69-70 mph.  Change had late sink and sat 70-72 mph.




Zachary Horwith RHP / SS / Douglas County HS, CO / 2021

5-foot-11, 180-pound right hand hitting SS/RHP who ran a 7.37 60. Open stance, big leg kick trigger, solid balance. Short loose path, hands create bat speed, projectable traits at the plate. 79 mph exit velocity from the tee. Defensively he covers good ground and has soft hands.  Quick glove transfer and accuracy across the diamond.  Arm played at 73 mph.  On the mound he gets to balanced and falls to the plate.  Will benefit from a strong lower leg drive.  Delivery is from an over the top arm slot.  Fastball was 79 mph with good location in and out.  He added a 58-62 mph Curve with sweeping 11/5 break and a 65-66 mph Change to finish his session.




Gavin Johann 2B / C / Weld Central , CO / 2021

5-foot-7, 130-pound right hand hitting 2B/C who ran an 8.10 60. At the plate he hits from a balanced stance with a slow load on the pitch.  Good lower leg drive on the swing.  Hands come through the zone on an uphill path.  Exit velocity was 67 mph.   In the field he showed good athletic actions and instincts.  He has soft hands and a good glove to hand transfer.  Arm Velocity was 68 mph.






Westin Miller SS / 2B / Wheat Ridge, CO / 2021

5-foot-6, 118-pound right hand hitting MIF who ran a 7.50 60. Lean middle infielder, balanced setup, wrap load, short stride, maintains balance through contact. Opposite field approach, long, uphill barrel path, 78 mph exit velocity off a tee. Defensively anticipates well and rounds the baseball.  Quick transfer and high ¾ release.  Arm played at 69 mph.




Gavin Schmeh SS / 2B / Brighton, CO / 2021

5-foot-6, 135-pound switch hitting MIF who ran a 7.81 60.  At the plate he is a developing switch hitter.  Swing from the right side is smooth and slightly open.  He uses a high leg kick to trigger the swing and lower half drives through the ball.  Exit velocity was 80 mph from the right side.  Left side swing start open is a long stride to come square.  Stays on the back side during the swing.  Swing path is uphill and hits to the ball to all fields.  Exit velocity was 77 mph from the left side.  In the field he has good athletic actions and gets rid of the ball quickly.  He showed good instincts and feet and delivers an accurate 72 mph ball across the diamond.




Izaak Siefken RHP / SS / Holy Family, CO / 2021

5-foot-9, 150-pound right hand hitting SS/RHP who ran a 7.42 60. Stand open at the plate and loads heavy on his back side. Long stride on the pitch and weight explodes through the zone.  Hands create good whip.  Exit velocity was 82 mph.  In the field he showed good athletic actions and instincts on balls in the hole.  Quick glove to hand transfer and arm played at 75 mph.  Sound on the mound with a good balance point and drive to the plate.  Lands in-line and delivers from an over the top slot.  Fastball sat 78 with some run.  He added a 58-60 mph curve with 11/5 break and featured a plus change up with fastball arm speed at 67-70 mph.