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Colorado Top Prospect Games: Quick Hits Twins

Mike Anderson
Colorado Scouting Director

Colorado Top Prospect Games 

August 22, 2021

LaSalle, Colorado


LaSalle, CO--  On August  22, 2021, PBR Colorado held the Colorado Top Prospects Games at Big Foot Turf and the Field of Dreams in LaSalle, Colorado.  This showcase and games gave Colorado’s Upperclass another opportunity to shine after a modified high season and shortened club season.  The 2022’s and 23’s came all 4 corners of the state.  Colorado’s 2024’s and 2025s sought an opportunity to put their name on the radar for collegiate recruiting and identification.   

Top Players from this event will have opportunities to be invited to future invite-only events such as the PBR Colorado Preseason All-State, the PBR Future and Junior Future Games

Our special Quick Hits today focusing on 3 Sets of Twins that were a part of our Colorado Prospect Games:

Twin Quick Hits:

2023’s Jake Trussler/Nick Trussler  The Two Way Trussler brothers.  Jake Trussler(3B/ RHP) ran a 6.90 60.  Demonstrated hand speed and strength with great balance Exit Velo 89.3  RHP FB at 81.2, strike thrower with a great feel for his CB 72  Nick(2B/RHP).  LHH Nick Trussler(2B/RHP) has direct path with quick hands and uses middle of the field.  Great mechanical swing Strength still to come. Exit Velo 89.6 RHP FB 81.6, CB 67.  Both Trusslers are very athletic and create a positional versatility.  Have witnessed great progress in their developmental stages

2022’s Jared Delgado, C/Jaden Delgado, 2B/3B  The Holy Family pair are baseball junkies. Jared Delgado(Catcher), displayed great barrel contact with strong rotational acceleration.  Produced an Exit Velo of 91.39 and Pop range of 2.08-2.12. Jaden Delgado(2B), demonstrated good skills as MIF, plays through ball with hands and feet.  Aggressive hitter with middle of the field approach. Exit Velo 82.09.   

2023’s Bryce Bienvenu/Quinn Bienvenu  We got to see the Bienvenu brothers from Rock Canyon in their 1st PBR event.  Bryce Bienvenu(OF) a LHH, uses pull side approach. Hands have quickness.Exit Velo 84.4 OF arm Velo 72.  Quinn Bienvenu(C), had a pop time at 2.18.  Wide open stance, had line drive round and used middle of the field.  Produced a 76 Exit Velo.  Add strength will benefit both as the continue to develop

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