Colorado Year in Review: No. 7 Most Viewed Profile

John Cackowski
State Director, Colorado

We're looking back at the top 10 most viewed profiles on our website from the year of 2014. Coming in at No. 7 on our list is No. 6 ranked 2015 RHP/3B Ryan Madden of Fairview. Below is our scouting profile of Madden plus a Q&A we did with him about his commitment to Oklahoma

Ryan Madden, RHP/3B, Fairview HS, 2015 (Oklahoma Commit)
Madden opened eyes in his start against the St. Louis Pirates at the World Wood Bat Championship. Pitching for Mountain West, the lanky 6-foot-2, 180-pound Madden showcased an impressive three-pitch mix, including an 88-90 mph fastball in the first inning. He settled in at 86-88 for the remainder of his five-inning stint. Madden’s choppy delivery proved deceptive early on, and his 77-79 mph slider served as an effective out-pitch. Madden struck out seven and allowed one run on four hits and a walk in five innings.


Q&A with Ryan Madden

Jeff Markle
Assistant State Director


PBR Colorado is continuing it's look at committed players and last week saw a very impressive group of 2015 players sign National Letters of Intent to play baseball at the next level.  As the week came to an end, we had a chance to catch up with the No. 6 player in Colorado's 2015 class—Oklahoma recruit Ryan Madden. He is a 6-foot-2, 180-pound two-way player for Fairview HS had a great junior year going 9-1 and an even better summer and fall, highlighted by a quality start in the World Wood Bat Championship.  

PBR: Why did you choose Oklahoma?ryan

Madden:  I chose Oklahoma because when I went out there I really liked the feel of everything and really liked the coaches. I also liked the fact that they will compete for a national title every year.

PBR: Where did Oklahoma first see you compete?

Madden:  Oklahoma first saw me this summer at a practice and then again this fall in Jupiter.

PBR: What role do the coaches expect you to play during your first year on campus?

Madden:  My role hasn't been determined yet. I'm just going to go out there and try to compete for a spot.

PBR: What is your biggest strength as a player and how do you feel that will help Oklahoma?

Madden:  I feel my biggest strength is my ability to play both ways. I believe that it will help Oklahoma in that it basically saves them a roster spot.

PBR:  What advice would you give about the recruiting process?

Madden:  The only advice I would give about the recruiting process is start early. Most colleges are recruiting younger and younger players so the earlier you can start, the better.

PBR:  What is your most memorable baseball moment to date?

Madden:  My most memorable baseball memory to this date would probably be the Sunbelt tournament I played in this summer. It is hosted in a small town in Oklahoma and the players get to live with host families. I just really enjoyed the experience and my host family was amazing. I still talk with them to this day.

PBR:  What would you say are your best assets both on and off the field that will help your team this year?

Madden:  I believe my most valuable asset both on and off the field would be my work ethic. It's nice for coaches to not have to worry about a player getting his work in on his own and staying eligible with his grades.

PBR: Who has had the biggest impact on you as a baseball player?

Madden:  My father has had the biggest impact on my baseball career. He's not necessarily a baseball guy but he always found me good coaches if he couldn't do it himself. He's always really supportive of me and my baseball. He's at almost all of my games and to this day he can still catch a bullpen for me. I'm definitely grateful to have him.

PBR: Who do you play for in the summer and what was your most exciting experience?

Madden:  I play for my high school in the summer. The coolest thing that happened this summer was probably getting to host the legion tournament. It's just better playing at home.

PBR: Who is the toughest pitcher/hitter you have faced in Colorado?

Madden:  The toughest pitcher I’ve faced was David Peterson who went to Regis and is at Oregon now. And the toughest hitter I’ve faced would probably have to be Cole Anderson of Rocky who's going to New Mexico next year.

PBR: What are your goals both individually and for the team going into your senior season?

Madden:  My goals for this spring are to win a state title. We fell short last year and I know we're all ready to get after it this spring. Individually, my goal is just to improve upon last year's stats.

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