Classes of 2017 and 2018 Top 60 Times

By John Cackowski
State Director

Over the next couple of weeks we are going to recap some of the best statistics we have on record since our launch in April of 2014. Today we start with the best 60 times in the 2017 and 2018 classes.

Frankie Shearn, OF, Columbine, 2018
60 Time: 6.67
Committed: Uncommitted
Scouting Report: A 5-foot-11, 163-pound, right-hand hitting two-way player. Ran the fastest 60 time at the event at 6.67.  In the outfield, he is aggressive on all balls and gets into good position using his speed.  A long arm produced a 70 MPH velocity with accurate throws through the cut.  Behind the plate he blocks well and receives pitches with soft hands.  He had pop-times of 2.27 and 2.30.  At the plate he has a simple approach with a short stride and slight hand load.  He shows good weight transfer through the zone and hits off his front side.  He had a 71 MPH exit velocity at this event. 

Garrett Gipson, OF, Grandview, 2017
60 Time: 6.75
Committed: Uncommitted
Scouting Report: 5-foot-9, 162-pounds. Bats and throws right. Has a balanced, even stance. Good frame with medium load and fast hands. Fluid hip torque. Contact, gap, line drive hitter. Produced a 80 mph exit velocity off of the tee. In the outfield shows range, and gains ground on balls. Solid fundamentals, throwing 75 mph from the outfield. Ran an event fastest 6.75 60. Player with a lot of tools.

Thomas Linton, OF, Ralston Valley, 2017
60 Time: 6.79
Committed: Umcommitted
Scouting Report: A 5-foot-8,140-pound, right-hand hitting outfielder who the second fastest 60 at the event with a time of 6.79. At the plate he has a simple balanced set up with a slow load.  Good leg drive and a firm front side produced a 79 MPH exit velocity and a ball with good carry to right center. In the field he shows good instinct and movement into the gap.  His arm velocity was 74 MPH on a ball that was accurate through the cut.

Ryker Eagen, OF, Evergreen, 2017
60 Time: 6.87
Committed: Uncommitted
Scouting Report: 5-foot-11, 160 pounds. Bats and throws right. Eagen was one of the better athletes at the event and was voted 2017 player with the most tools. At the plate Eagen has a line drive swing that produces a 91 mph exit velo off the tee. Finishes with one hand.  He's all upper body and needs to get his lower half involved more. From the outfield he charges ball well and threw 75 mph, but his range is excellent. That is prevelant with 6.87 60 time. Eagen for sure has some tools to work with. He's a good athlete that needs to polish a few things up.

Tanner O'Tremba: OF/RHP, Cherry Creek, 2018
60 Time: 6.87
Committed: Uncommitted
Scouting Report: 6-foot, 210 pounds. Bats and throws right. O'tremba is a very explosive player. Looks like a full back and plays the game extremely hard. O'tremba uses a slightly open stance and has an explosive swing. He can keeps his hands back, and also turn on a fastball. Has a big load, and uses leg kick to start a swing that is explosive on contact that generated an impressive 97 mph exit velocity off a tee. Has gap to gap power. In the outfield has a lot of speed for his size, and proved it with a 6.87 60 time. Strong arm at 84 mph. On the mound was consistently 85-86 mph with a high of 88, and he just chose to blow his fastball by the hitters this weekend. In games in the spring we have seen curve ball with 11/5 shape at 67 mph. Hides the ball well, and is square to the plate then falls off towards first base side after landing with strong leg drive. Very high player to follow.

Walker Rumsey, OF/INF, Bear Creek, 2017
60 Time: 6.89
Committed: Uncommitted
Scouting Report: 5-foot-10, 160 pounds. Bats and throws right. First time we have seen Walker and he impressed. Was one of the top athletes at the event, and received the most athletic player award at event. At the plate stands tall with open stance, medium stride. Line-drive gap hitter. Good hands to the ball. Gets off balance a little at times. Bat speed was 84 mph off the tee. Can play Infield or outfield. Arm velocity is 84 mph from both positions. Attacks the ball with good fundamentals. Very impressed with his running. Ran a 6.89 60, one of the top times at the event. Player to follow in 2017.