Welcome to Draft HQ

Sean Duncan

Welcome to Draft HQ, your central hub for all things relating to the 2018 amateur draft. Draft HQ will give you an all-access pass to Prep Baseball Report’s comprehensive scouting coverage at the high school, college and junior college levels. Nowhere will you find more in-depth information on all draft-eligible prospects.

So what exactly is Draft HQ?

At the high school level, it will be business as usual, which is to say unparalleled coast-to-coast prospect coverage with our state-specific and national scouting staffs. National Supervisor Nathan Rode will again be traveling all over the country tracking the top prospects in The Rode Show. All of our state scouting directors will have their boots on the ground on a daily basis, along with the Six Shooter himself, National Crosschecker Shooter Hunt, who seemingly teleports from from coast to coast without detection. Basically, more content, more videos, more data than ever before.

The college level is where we will have a big shift in coverage. David Seifert, our Director of College Scouting, will be tracking all the top draft-eligible draft prospects, traveling across the country every week of the college season. Seifert, along with several other PBR state scouts, will deliver in-depth, comprehensive scouting reports on all the top prospects, in addition to weekly College Crosscheck notebooks. Now combine that with D1Baseball’s gold-standard coverage, and together we will bring fans and scouts alike unrivaled coverage never seen before.

This is where it gets fun. There will be a compendium of draft reports listed. Those reports will also be connected to the prospect’s profile, which will provide in many cases a tabulated look at a player’s history dating back from high school with all past videos, scouting reports, stories, etc., to give a historical look at a prospect. In many cases, that will date back to when they were freshmen in high school.

Additionally, we will have our draft lists in high school, college, junior college and an overall Top 100 draft board that includes all draft-eligible amateur prospects. Throughout the weeks leading up to the draft, we will have notebooks, spotlights and much more.

Finally, we will be increasing our junior college coverage this spring to augment the weekly JUCO Wire Notebook.

In summary, Draft HQ will be your one-stop command center leading up to the 2018 Draft on June 4-6.

Enough reading about. See for yourself.