2018 PBR FL Underclass Games: Outfielder Breakdown

Doug Freeman
Florida Scouting Director

Saturday June 23rd at Henley Field in Lakeland, FL, the top underclass high school prospects ranging from the 2020-2022 classes participated in the 2018 Florida Underclass Games which is one of the premier scouting event for the 2018 summer season. With a talented roster on hand, players participated in a pro-style workout followed by two ten inning games.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will breakdown each position through stats, report, video, and more. Today we take a look at the top five outfielders, followed by the best of the rest. 

Renzo Gonzalez OF / LHP / Alonso , FL / 2021

Stocky 5-foot-10, 165 pounds with strength in the lower half. Average runner, but overall has multiple advanced tools. Offensively, the left handed hitter works with rhythm and utilizes his strong lower half well. He has loose wrists and works gap-to-gap and present bat speed and will have pull side power in the future. He has an advanced feel to hit and a very high offensive upside.Defensively, he also shows advanced actions in the outfield where he shows range, taking efficient routes to the ball with a quick first step. Gets behind his throws which are online with accuracy and carry to the bag. Pure left handed hitter and the hit tool is going to play which will make him a high value, impact player. 

Corbin Grantham OF / Buchholz, FL / 2020

Uncommitted. 5-foot-11, 181 pounds  with a solid athletic frame. Showed plus speed with a 6.63 60, with a really quality gait, covering a lot of ground each stride.Also, the natural speed translated well in the game, showing great range in center field. At the plate he continued to show he is a fast twitch athlete with good hand speed. Uses the strength throughout his frame well. There is a simple trigger and load and stays compact with slight loft. There is natural loft from a strong upper body and works well with the lower half. Had a stand up triple to left-center during the game. Interesting player to follow as he is a very athletic fast twitch athlete with a high ceiling. 


Stan DeMartinis OF / 3B / American Heritage Delray, FL / 2020

A physical 5-foot-11, 160 pounds, he has broad shoulder and strength throughout the frame. One tool doesn’t jump out at you, but by the end of the day stood out in nearly every aspect. Stood out all over the field where he showed above average actions at multiple positions. Has natural instincts in the outfield, with range and a quick first step, making a nice diving play in the game. Also, showed solid actions a third in the game and tools behind the plate in the workout with a 2.03-2.09 pop times. Offensively, the wide base works with a strong lower half. Drive through the back side and has present strength in the wrists and seemingly flicks his wrists with strength at extension. There is a lot of versatility and offensive upside and overall a quality follow who will have multi-position value. 




Alexander Haire OF / RHP / Berkeley Prep, FL / 2020

Uncommitted. Currently stands at 5-foot-11, 165 pounds with a lean, athletic frame. From the outfield he shows a quick first step, takes aggressive routes to the ball and fields it out in front with a strong, accurate throw the bag. Throws have carry, topping out at 87 mph. Offensively, while he is somewhat undersized, he clears his backside and gts to to the front side well off of a strong front side. Transfers weight while staying under control and compact through the zone. And showing above average bat to ball skills. There is present athleticism and overall tools that play well in game. 




Ahmad Fitts OF / Durant, FL / 2020

Uncommitted. Currently stands at 6-foot, 164 pounds on an athletic, high-waisted frame. Ran the second fastest 60 yard dash time of the group at 6.92 secs. His shoulders have broadened and continues to grow and looks primed to add strength. Offensively, the left handed hitter has some looseness in the wrists and hands work freely. Really trusts hands and works out in front. Could sync and use lower half, but the adjustability of the swing and hands that work freely, have continued to improve the offensive toolset. Defensively, he is a rangy athlete and tracks ball well in the outfield. Overall, he is very athletic and continues to grown and could make some major strides. 


Best of the rest in no particular order:


Benjamin Murrell C / OF / Olympia, FL / 2021

High waist 6-foot, 165 pounds. Ran a 7.81 60 yard dash. Defensively, he topped out at 63 mph. Offensively, a small leg kick and has ability to fire the backside well. There is some steepness and rotational action in the path, but has some strength and leverage with an exit velocity of 82 mph.




Drake Harman OF / OF / Bloomingdale , FL / 2022

5-foot-10, 140 pounds, he has a frame you can see growing a few inches and adding a ton of muscle as he matures. Offensively, he has a leg kick trigger that comes down in a bit of a short stride. There is separation and present bat speed and leverage. As he matures, the leg kick and load will work with more rhythm and strength and should translate to gap-to-gap power. While there are some mechanics that will continue to be cleaned up with maturity, here are a lot of tools that should project in the future. 




Dylan Bowen OF / 1B / Home School, FL / 2022

Athletic, projectable frame standing at 6-foot-1, 160 pounds. Ran a 7.27 60 on this day, but has run a 6.97 in the past and there is present athleticism in his actions. Offensively, he has a wide base and really works well out in front, getting to extension. This creates natural leverage and the exit velocity of 85 mph. There is some rotational action in the swing that takes him out of the zone early at times, but has a feel for the barrell and a frame and tools that should really develop with age. 




Daulton Vanderstrasse OF / Williston, FL / 2020

5-foot-9, 150 pounds. Has soe present athleticism and looks taller and prime for a growth spurt. Ran a 7.26 60 yard dash, has quick feel and good gait. Offensively, the right handed hitter is ver simple and quit.. He could benefit from a scap load and additional rhythm as the path is direct and level through the zone. Showed some bat speed and an exit velocity of 84 mph. Defensively, he shows some athletic actions, comes through the ball well and topped out at 76 mph. 




Zachary Thibodeau OF / 2B / Florida International Baseball academy, FL / 2020

5-foot-11, 160 pounds  rana 7.28 60 yard dash. Long, lanky frame with plenty of room to fill out. Offensively, there is some looseness in the wrists that creates some bat speed. He has a short stride and could benefit from getting more into the lower half and hitting off of a stronger front side.The exit velocity was 77 mph. Defensively, he moves well and topped out at 77 mph. 




Nick Monile OF / 1B / Calvary Christian, FL / 2022

At 5-foot-7, 135 pound, he still has plenty of time to grow and the body will change drastically. There are some tools and actions to follow though. Defensively, he took aggressive, direct routes to the ball in the outfield. Offensively, he works with a leg kick, in rhythm and is aggressive to the ball. There is present bat speed and despite the aggression, works compact and under control with bat to ball skill. Is a gamer type and will be interesting to see how he progresses. 



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