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FL Preseason All-State: Quick Hits

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The 2021 FL Preseason All-State was held Saturday, January 16th and Sunday, January 17th at Jackie Robinson Ballpark in Daytona Beach, FL. The event featured players from the 2021-2025 classes participating in a pro-style workout and two lives games in front of the PBR Florida Scouting Staff.

Players were broken down into two separate sessions with an Underclass (2023-2025) and Upperclass (2021-2022) session. If you missed the stats from Preseason All-State, they can be found in our Stats Story.

Today, we will highlight some of the Quick Hits from Preseason All-State. Our stats compiled their thoughts and immediate analysis from both sessions of Preseason All-State.

Quick Hits: Upperclass


Power Arms

2021 Jose Pena, RHP, Tampa Prep

PBR Super 60 participant, FIU commit looked the part this weekend leading off Game 2 with an electric outing tallying 4 K’s thru 2 IP. Fastball sat 90-93 mph, topping out at 93.5 mph. Also worked in a 2 seam with late life and really spun his curveball well. Pena has an athletic frame with a very quick arm, repeatable delivery, and feel for three solid pitches. Pena continues to make big forward strides in his development. 2 IP, 4 K’s, 0 Hits, FB (93.5 mph)

2022 Ryan Fry, RHP, Wharton

Extremely impressed with the major jump the Miami commit has made, Fry was electric with above average arm strength, attacking both sides of the plate with a FB up to 93.5 and showed very good feel for a breaking ball. Definitely a guy to follow. 2 IP, 5 K’s 0 Hits, (FB 93.5 mph)

2022 Chandler Dorsey, RHP, George Jenkins

High waisted, athletic Miami commit looked the part of a high end arm this weekend as well. Sitting 90-92 mph (2508 rpm.), attacking top of the zone with life creating a lot of swing and misses. Showcased a tight, short slider that tunneled well with his fastball which also got a handful of swing and misses. Dorsey has the ability to throw 3 pitches for a strike effectively. 2 IP, 5 K’s, (FB 92.0)

2022 Ryan Slattery, RHP, TNXL Academy

Slattery continues to make strides forward. The Pitt commit attacked downhill at mostly 87-88 mph with some heavy, late life getting in on the hands of some hitters. Showed an ability to spin, with potential as it flashed tight break with depth. 2 IP, 3 K’s, (FB 89.3 mph)


Athletic Defenders

2022 CJ Bussell, SS, Naples

6-foot-2 large, strong bodied frame that moves very well running a 6.78 in the 60 yard dash. Showcased power to both sides of the field with carry, 97.4 mph exit Velo. 82 mph (INF), 86 mph. (OF) 


Big Bats

2022 Colby Shelton, SS, Bloomingdale

The Clemson commit has really added a lot of strength to his frame. The strength really translates offensively as the swing stays simple and compact and uses it effectively with 97.3 mph (Exit Velo). In game Shelton went 2-4 on the weekend, made some athletic plays up the middle and ran a 6.88 in the 60 yard dash. 

2021 Victor Rodriguez, OF, Montverde Academy

The FIU commit set a new PBR Florida record, with his 108.8 mph (Exit Velo) putting on a show in his offensive workout Saturday night. To go along with the natural power at the plate, Rodriguez has an elite arm on a very strong and athletic frame topping out at 97 mph from the OF. Ran a 6.85 in the 60 yard dash. In game Rodriguez went 1-3, 3B. 


2-Way Players

2021 Ian Anderson, LHP/OF, Lakeland Christian

Anderson continues to be impressive and make strides offensively. Has implemented more fluidity and rhythm allowing him to use his strength effectively producing a 102.6 mph (Exit Velo). From the OF, the South Florida State commit was up to 87 mph with throws on line to the target, and also ran a 6.93 60 yard dash. The arm strength correlates to the mound as well as Anderson topped out at 86 mph on his FB. 

2022 Jacob Smith, RHP/OF, Spanish River Community

Smith was very dominant Sunday attacking hitters with 3 pitches that he was able to locate to both sides of the plate. Had a smooth consistent delivery and was not afraid to attack and go right at hitters going 2 IP, 5 K’s, with FB topping at 85 mph. Offensively went 1-3 at the plate, with 97.4 mph (Exit Velo). 



2022 Schyler Arroyo, C, Hagerty

5-foot-9 stocky, strong, athletic Bethune-Cookman commit showed above average athleticism. Defensively, behind the dish he showed quick feet and the ability to get rid of the ball quickly with a 2.04 pop time. Offensively he showcased quick hands and a level bat path that helped him spray line drives to all parts of the field. 3-5, 3 2B’s, 2 RBI’s, 95 EV, 

2022 Riley Bambino, 2B, Pembroke Pines Charter

Bambino was a constant in game threat as he went 3-5 throughout the two games. Athletic middle infield is quick on his feet and showed the defensive tools at second base.

2022 Dillon Costello, 3B, Calvary Christian

Tall strong frame. Showcased his ability both offensively and defensively. Defensively he had a good 1st step mixed with soft hands, and a strong arm across the diamond (80 mph). Offensively he stood out as one of the better in game hitters with a short compact swing which allowed him to drive balls to both gaps. 3-4, RBI, 95 mph (Exit Velo)

2022 Kyle Mueller, RHP, Lake Wales

Mueller has a towering 6-foot-4 205 lb frame. The righty had the highest spin rate in attendance this weekend, climbing all the way up to 2722 rpm on his cutting fastball which correlated into 6 K’s in 2 IP. 


2021 Uncommitted 

2021 Scott Griesemer, RHP/3B, Ponte Vedra

6-foot-2 200 lb, high waisted frame. Griesemer went 2 IP with 4 K’s on Sunday coming from a high downhill ¾ arm slot that created natural arm side running action on his fastball topping at 88 mph. Griesemer is currently uncommitted. 

2021 Torry Jones, 3B/OF, Lakewood

Jones has a projectable 6-foot-2 frame. Athleticism played defensively showcasing easy athletic actions in the outfield with a clean low effort arm up to 89 mph. Offensively, showed above average bat speed, maxing 98.7 mph (Exit Velo), with loose, quick hands. 


Quick Hits: Underclass



2023 Jackson McKenzie, LHP/1B, Pace

The Mississippi State commit lived up to the hype working quickly through 2 innings. Totally  under control and had explosive actions towards the target with a fastball up to 87.3 mph and a sharp 12-6 wipeout curveball.  2 IP, 5 K’s. 

2023 Cooper Consiglio, LHP, East Lake

Like the look of Consiglio, mature actions for age on the bump. The Hawaii commit may have one of the highest ceilings in attendance. Since the Fall Consiglio, has made a 3-4 mph jump. Added physicality, staying slightly closed, arm really works and showed fastball with life up to 84 mph. Flashed potential above average to plus curveball and changeup, his consistent release point produced a lot of strikes. 2 IP, 4 K’s. 

2023 Brady Appel, RHP, Edgewater

Appel continues to impress and make strides forward. The uncommitted right hander had a simple compact arm action with a heavy fastball and an above average curveball (2493 RPM) that got a lot of swing and misses. 2 IP, 4 K’s, (FB 85.2 mph)


Athletic Defenders

2024 Zach Merriman, OF, Sunlake

Tall and athletic frame. Showcased above average hand speed at the plate with a swing that stays through the ball with a consistent line drive approach and present power to the pull side. He was the top runner at the event, running a 6.58 in the 60 yard dash. His speed was obvious when he quickly stole 2 bases out the gate. 83 mph. (OF), 87 mph. (Exit Velo)

2023 Gavin Thomas, OF, The Master’s Academy

Long, lean, strong 6-foot-1 frame. Athleticism played defensively with a live loose arm up to 87 mph and a 6.92 60 yard dash. Offensively he stands tall and creates leverage showcasing present bat speed with 94 mph exit velocity. 1-3, 2 RBI’s

2023 Robert Demetree, SS, TNXL Academy

Demetree looks to have added physicality to his 6-foot, 185 pound frame. Shows above average actions at short with a plus arm for his grade up to 92 mph. The 2020 Future Gamer continues to make jumps on both sides of the ball.

2024 Zane Pestalozzi, OF, Jesuit

Physical athletic frame that moves well running 6.95 in the 60 yard dash. Consistently gets the barrel on the ball with a smooth, level, line drive gap to gap approach. Showcases above average bat speed with 95 mph exit velo. 

2024 Adonys Velez, SS, Home School

Velez, an FSU commit, has a long lean frame. Showcased advanced defensive actions with a quick first step and an above average arm, which worked well together with his soft hands and the ability to get rid of the ball quickly. 7.09 60 yard dash, 80 mph infield velo.  


Big Bats

2023 James Hankerson, 1B/OF, Berkeley Prep

2020 Future Games participant. Switch hitter showed a big bat with the ability to drive the ball to both sides of the field. Showcased present power to the pull side with exit velo over 100 from both sides of the plate. LH 102 EV, RH 100 EV

2023 Lucas Ramos, 1B, Apopka

6-foot-3 230 lbs. strong bodied and athletic frame. Ramos put together an impressive showing in BP, showing his above average bat speed (100 EV) and quick, quiet hands. He has natural lift at contact with a ton of pull side power. 7.35 60 yard dash, 2-2, BB

2023 David Hickey, C, Father Lopez

5-foot-11 208 lbs. strong durable frame. Hickey put on a show offensively showcasing a short compact swing staying through the ball with power 97 mph (Exit Velo) to both gaps. His approach at the plate helped him to a 3-4 showing with a triple on the weekend. 2.07-2.19 pop time. 

2023 Logan Hughes, 1B, DeLand

Stocky strong 5-foot-11, 202 lb frame. Showed lots of upside and the ability to turn the barrel in BP with exit velos up to 93 mph. Hughes continued to show a high offensive ceiling in game with twitchy barrel actions and power to the pull side.


2-Way Players

2023 Peyton Prescott, SS/RHP, Sebastian River

5-foot-11 athletic frame. Prescott was one of the bigger bright spots of the weekend, his ability to play multiple positions was on display. Above average arm strength from both the outfield (94 mph) and the infield (90 mph). Offensively he shows a quiet, simple approach with the ability to consistently put the barrel on the ball going 2-2 in game. On the mound he competed in the zone with a fastball up to 85.6 mph and showed an above average splitter and curveball. 

2025 Max Murray, 3B/RHP, Winter Spring

Obviously young, but a lot to like both on the mound and offensively. Repeated well for age, arm works clean and foundation to make big jumps. Shows the ability to throw 3 pitches for strikes and mixes pitches well. Fastball up to 82.4 mph. Offensively Murray showcased projectable power to the pull side gap with 90 mph (Exit Velo)



2023 Ben Barrow, C/RHP, Providence

The young 2 way had a solid weekend all around. Showcased a quick athletic release out of the crouch recording a 2.01 pop time. At the plate, Barrow made a lot of contact going 3-4 in the game with a 93.1 mph (Exit Velo). On the mound, Barrow topped at 83.5 mph with his fastball going 2 IP with 2 K’s

2023 Drew Reaves, SS, J.M. Tate 

Reaves has been really impressive, showing easy athleticism up the middle. At the plate Reaves has a strong quiet approach with quick hands and present power to the pull side gap. In the game Reaves went 3-4 using a strong, compact swing and shot the gap for a 3B96.4 mph (Exit Velo). 

2023 Connor Bruseski, 3B, East Lake

Bruseski has an athletic build with a simple line drive approach to both gaps and stays short and compact to the baseball. In the infield Bruseski works his feet and hands together showcasing backspin on throws across the diamond topping at 81 mph. In the game Bruseksi went 1-3, with 2 RBI’s. Ran a 6.94 in the 60 yard dash. 


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