Holdren's Highlights - Panhandle Edition

Connor Holdren
Director of Multimedia


Last Saturday, I started my trip to Florida’s Panhandle to continue checking in on as much high school baseball as I can this spring. I started in Tallahassee, traveled all the way to Pensacola with a stop in Panama City along the way. I don’t want to sound cliche when saying Florida’s Panhandle is a hidden gem for baseball talent because I don’t want to take anything away from the big time players who have come out of the region in the past. But the region can sometimes get overlooked and I want to take the time to shine a light on some of the talented players and teams I saw on my trip. This includes D1 bats and arms, uncommitted guys, and more. Here’s a look at some of the standouts and highlights from this past week.  

D1 Bats

Lucas Cannady, INF, Lincoln, Clemson commit

Coleman Borthwick, 3B, South Walton, Auburn commit

Chris Rembert, SS, Pensacola Catholic, Auburn commit

Jackson McKenzie, 1B, Pace, Mississippi State commit

Michael Smith, OF, Pensacola Catholic, Prairie View A&M commit

Nash Pires, SS, Pace, Alabama commit

Will Barter, C, Pensacola Catholic, Tulane commit

D1 Arms

Coleman Borthwick, RHP, South Walton, Auburn commit

Roman Jackson, RHP, Gulf Breeze, Xavier commit

Uncommitted Guys (24s,25s,26s)

Gavin Howard, SS, Gulf Breeze, Uncommitted 

Frank Wells, SS, South Walton, Uncommitted

Presley Moseley, INF, Pensacola Catholic, Uncommitted

Glenn Brooks, INF, Pace, Uncommitted

Grady Campbell, INF, Walton, Uncommitted

And more

Zack DeJesus, OF, Pensacola Catholic, Santa Fe commit

Cole Savage, C, Arnold, Enterprise State commit

Brayden Black, SS, Arnold, South Georgia State commit

Ethan Gill, LHP, Arnold, Shawnee CC commit

Matthew Musgrove, OF, Pace, Uncommitted

Ryan Stillman, OF, Lincoln, Uncommitted

Seth Frantz, OF, Gulf Breeze, Uncommitted