Florida Insider: 2017 Pitchers

By Rob Sidwell
Florida Scouting Director

The following is a look at some of the highlights from the South Florida Elite's tryout last weekend for the class of 2017 pitchers.

+ RHP Joseph Perez (American Heritage-Plantation HS) is 6-foot-2, 210-pounds and already verbally committed to South Florida.Perez has a big thick strong mature body and big hands. He is a two-way guy whose ball jumps off his bat. He was probably looked at as more of a hitter, but stood out as one of the top arms at the event. On the mound he has a high 3/4 slot with a solid delivery. Hides ball in back with some deception. Ball jumps out of his hand with very good arm speed. Fastball has tilt at 86-89 mph. Curveball is inconsistent but flashes a downer with some depth at 75-76 mph. Command is inconsistent, occasionally pulls off line, and doesn't get lower half closed at top of delivery. There is more velo to come.

+ RHP Johnny Leone (St Thomas Aquinas HS) is 5-foot-10, 155-pounds with a smaller frame body and a quick arm. His arm slot is usually around 3/4 but changes it quite a bit. Fastball has some run and sink at 84-87 mph. Can be a tough angle against right handed hitters. Curveball is slurvey at 67-69. The rotation usually depends on the slot, but it was mostly pretty good rotation. Needs to stay through it more consistently. Has good arm speed with his change up, but drops slot to throw it at  77-78 mph. Showed some of the better velocities at this event.

+ RHP Ian Evans (Evangelical Christian HS) is a 6-foot-2, 155-pounder with a tall skinny projectable body and a loose, live, easy working arm. He gets deep on the back side with a high front side and a high 3/4 slot. Lands across his body, and is inconsistent getting over his front side. Fastball has sink at 83-86 mph with some tilt. Curveball is a rolling slurve at 67-69 mph. Stuff will improve with velocity, which will improve with physical maturity. Will be interesting to watch when his body starts gaining size and strength.

+ Mason Kemp (Cardinal Gibbons HS) is a 6-foot-3, 140-pound right-handed pitcher with a tall skinny young projectable body. He has looseness in his arm with a high 3/4 slot. Fastball 77-80 mph with a lot more to come. Didn't show any type of breaking ball but showed feel for a changeup at 70-71 mph. Had a fluid delivery with a projectable arm. Stuff will improve with physical maturity.

+ RHP Jose Martinez (Archbishop McCarthy HS) stands 6-foot, 185-pounds with a strong athletic body. He has a short arm arc in back with a high 3/4 slot. Max effort delivery. Fastball was 81-82 mph with occasional run. Curveball was 70-71 mph with slurvey break and inconsistent rotation.

+ LHP Bryan Wilcox (West Broward HS) has  a skinny loose projectable body at 6-foot, 140 pounds with long loose arms. Fastball sat 75-77 mph with some tail action. Curveball 66-67 with good down rotation. Young projectable guy whose stuff will improve with added physical strength.

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