North Florida Prospect ID Top Performers

The 2014 North Florida Prospect ID took place on June 12 at Florida State College Jacksonville with several college coaches in attendance. Below we take a look at the top statistical performers in a number of categories.

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Top IF Velocity

84-Ben Jackson, C/SS (Savannah Christian) 2017

79-Max Holmes, RHP/1B (Providence) 2017

76-Zack Brockman, 3B/RHP (Savannah Christian) 2017

Top OF Velocity

78-Keefer Beaty, OF (Wakulla) 2015

70-Jarred Mason, OF (Wolfson) 2015

68-Joshua Ray, OF/!B (Eagle’s View) 2017

Top Catcher Velocity

72-Ben Jackson, C/SS (Savannah Christian) 2017

67-Kit Connelly, C/3B (Ponte Vedra) 2018

65-Jordan Detwilder, 1B/C (First Coast) 2015

Top Catcher Pop Times

2.05-Ben Jackson, C/SS (Savannah Christian) 2017

2.14-Ricky Boyette, C (University Christian) 2015

2.15-Jordan Detwilder, 1B/C (First Coast) 2015

Top Exit Velocity

85-Travis Ray, 1B (North Florida Christian) 2016

83-Max Holmes, RHP/1B (Providence) 2017

82-Ben Jackson, C/SS (Savannah Christian) 2017

Top 60-yard dash Times

7.03-Jarred Mason, OF (Wolfson) 2015

7.04-Keefer Beaty, OF (Wakulla) 2015

7.17-JT Schellenberg, RHP/3B (Wolfson) 2015

Top RHP Fastball Velocity

84-Max Holmes, RHP/1B (Providence) 2017

82-Zack Brockman, 3B/RHP (Savannah Christian) 2017

80-Dylan Pate, RHP (University Christian) 2015

Top LHP Fastball Velocity

68-Wyatt Ronek, LHP/1B (Sandalwood) 2018

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