Class of 2025 Rankings Update

Justin Goetz
Assistant Scouting Director

As we head into the 2nd week of GHSA baseball, we made some major moves in the Georgia Class of 2025 rankings. The top-10 remains locked other than 1 newcomer, Preseason All-State flamethrower Dayson Griffis. From just outside the top-10 to well past the top-50, you’ll see many pure hitters with exceptional swing mechanics moving up the board. There are also a handful of unique arms on the rise. 

As always, the evaluation process is a fluid and ongoing process with multiple viewings in order to get the best feel for players abilities. It’s important to note that as players continue their development some show marked improvement at a much more rapid pace. That doesn’t indicate that other players got worse or went backwards, it’s just how player development works. As the year unfolds, players make improvements and new prospects pop up on the radar expanding the PBR rankings universe. In addition to the evaluations of players, our scouts, both those in Georgia and nationally, have also had multiple discussions with each other to review our individual lists and then make adjustments based on what we've each seen.


1 Cannon Goldin GA Buford 2025 OF
2 Eli Pitts GA North Gwinnett 2025 SS South Carolina
3 Jay O'Neal GA Cedartown 2025 RHP
4 Dominic Stephenson GA Harrison 2025 C Georgia Tech
5 Jax Bishop GA Calhoun 2025 RHP Tennessee
6 Ty Peeples GA Franklin County 2025 OF Georgia
7 Andrew Purdy GA Calhoun 2025 SS/RHP Alabama
8 Daniel Pierce GA Mill Creek 2025 SS Georgia 
9 Jackson Peavy GA Peach County 2025 LHP
10 Dayson Griffis
GA Appling County 2025 RHP/3B Tennessee



Josh Gibbs SS / RHP / Forsyth Central, GA / 2025

Georgia Commit. 5-foot-11, 165 pounds. This is an absolute hitting machine who manipulates the barrel better than almost anyone in the class. No matter how a pitcher works him (vertically or horizontally), they are going to get barreled. There are only a couple hitters in this class that match plane on high balls as well as he does, with his elite reaction time and compact effortless load enabling him to work his hands above the ball and level out the path in a flash. You can’t beat him inside with velo due to the lightning quick front arm shrink, and if you pitch him away he will inside-out you with perfection. As I break down Gibbs as a hitter, the first thing that stands out is the amount of power production he creates in a medium frame. When a hitter creates the unreal lower half momentum and precision he does, they don’t need to have crazy physical strength. His hip hinge and elastic lower/upper half coil are a combo you rarely see in america, typically the KBO or NPB. The hinge is the basis of his rare, perfectly timed hip/shoulder separation. Josh’s unique coil not only enables his front hip to lead the stride & clear, but creates easy explosiveness into foot strike. Not only are the mechanics elite, but his intangibles are of the same quality. Approach, pitch recognition, ability to hang/decelerate on offspeed, and baseball IQ are glaring. Not only is he an instinctive defender who reads hops well, but he has a cannon for an arm from multiple angles that could hang with many college SS right now. 

William Johnson OF / LHP / Oconee County , GA / 2025

Georgia Tech Commit. 6-foot-2, 170 pounds. Few in the class have the innate bat to ball skills of this rangy athlete. Just like his summer ball teammate Ty Peeples, Johnson shows many advanced traits at the plate, and it's why he’s moved up our rankings so swiftly. Firstly, the incredibly advanced lower half - hip timing, balance underway, pace out of the hole, base doubles, hip clearance in stride, weight distribution at landing. They’re all perfect. All reasons why Cole doesn’t get beat by FB’s, regardless of velo. His lower half attacks the baseball and all his beautiful level swing has to do is catch the ball on the barrel in front of the plate. Hitters who can catch the ball in front of the plate at a high clip hit for extra bases much more often. Perfect launch position creates a knob led path that keeps his barrel in the zone forever, and he has an amazing ability to match the plane of any pitch with low effort and body control. This is the definition of a handsy hitter who backspins to all fields, as it’s a work of art to watch him hit an oppo laser. If Johnson can produce this type of bat speed while being so far from filled out, what will he do at 185 lbs? Plain & simple, this dude rakes!

Jeffrey Diaz C / 3B / Rabun Gap Nacoochee , GA / 2025

Uncommitted. 5-foot-9, 225 pounds. Our new 2nd ranked C in the class, Diaz is not only a low risk player but has considerable potential as well. Well rounded offensive catchers are hard to come by and always have been, and Diaz is that guy. Not only does he have easy potential for A/AVG power production, but all the traits to have a near average hit tool at the games highest level one day. Only rivaled by Goldin & Pitts as far as force produced in the hands thru contact, his popeye forearms and rock solid hands put a hurt on baseballs. His swing is the definition of compact and well sequenced. Jeffrey is able to create ideal separation and lower half momentum without ever going far from his center of balance. As a result, the head is nearly motionless and allows him to track pitches at a high level. This allows his lightning quick hands and good reaction time to manipulate the barrel accurately to different pitch locations. Defensively, this ball of muscle has rare traits as well. He is one of the most advanced receivers I’ve seen in a GA underclassmen. The quietness and strength in his hands make 92 look like 72. Jeffrey moves very well laterally behind the plate and reads the ball in the dirt well. His footwork & transfer on throws are of the same quality, and his arm is accurate (from knees as well). 

Sinjon Lash RHP / 3B / East Coweta, GA / 2025

Uncommitted. 6-foot-3, 195 pounds. With a 7 mph jump in velocity since 2022 Preseason All-State, Lash has arrived as a D1 arm! There were multiple impressive adjustments made in the delivery, undoubtedly a big part of his fast rise into our Top 40 of the class. Yes he’s gotten stronger and more coordinated, but it’s tough to go from T83 to T90 in a year without an incredible amount of hard work on his mechanics. He’s eliminated the pause in the top of the delivery, creating more tempo and explosive build of momentum. His knee lift is much higher & more compact to the body, activating a sit into his backside and making him smoother thru up+down+out phases. As a result, the direction is much better and he now builds power over the rubber in stride, creating more separation. The tempo increase also helps the timing of said separation. Proper sequencing and added strength, coordination have turned Lash into a certified arm. The velo should continue to climb, and the continued CB reps will separate him from the rest of the pack sooner rather than later. Check out last week’s look in the tweet below.

Noah Brocklebank SS / 2B / Druid Hills , GA / 2025

Uncommitted. 6-foot-2, 170 pounds. Few bats in the class had a more eye opening performance than this long levered, high potential athlete did at UGA Campus Tour. Brocklebank’s swing mechanics are pro quality from both side of the plate, and the ball absolutely jumps off his barrel with loft. His minimal negative move creates perfect hip pace out of the hole, allowing him to time any pitcher’s delivery at a high level. His forward move is effortless. Not only does have perfect separation timing, but he’s also extremely smooth with it and creates the most torque in his stretch (of hip/shoulder separation) of anyone in the class. Most importantly, the elbows shrink well creating optimal linear connection as the hands are thrown, and a knob led path. It’s of zero coincidence he does this better than anybody, considering his dad played college golf! His dad Sean says, “if he focused on golf he would absolutely have a better swing than mine. He has a knack for being shown something once and being able to repeat and improve on it.” The 2022 NL batting title winner Jeff McNeil was an elite golf prospect in HS, and didn’t play HS baseball until his senior year. The correlation of golf and exceptional hitters is an interesting study I'm currently looking at, and Noah has just as good of a golf swing as his baseball swing. With his 87 mph, 7.0 60 yd, slick glove, and special qualities with the bat, this is an under the radar baller with 5 tool potential.

Judson Hartwell 3B / OF / Prince Avenue Christian, GA / 2025

Uncommitted. 6-foot-3, 200 pounds. In this class, we can count on one hand the amount of hitters with Hartwell’s potential for power production. There are even less hitters who possess his all fields raw power. Not only did he prove his ability to time up & barrel D1 arms as a freshman vs NCC, but he put on the most complete foul pole to foul pole power display we’ve seen of any 2025 at UGA Campus Tour. This is a player who matches plane incredibly well, and checks every single box you look for in a complete hitter. The swing is perfectly sequenced and he creates tons of torque and leverage with the way he separates. He also keeps the lower half compacted, making it easier to match pitch plane and create power throughout the kinetic chain. What stands out with Judson is the ability to drive the ball to all fields (97 EV, 23.4 hand speed, 73.6 bat speed) with ease and with unreal loft on everything he hit. He hits the ball as high as he does far, and it was shocking how consistent his power was to the right center gap. His versatility to front arm shrink on inside pitches and turn the barrel in tight space, inside-out, and level the path up in the zone are eye opening. He has plenty of instincts defensively, solid footwork, and some big arm strength for his age to go with it (86 IF). 83-85 off the mound as well! Check out the tweet thread below for a deeper swing analysis.

Kenneth Hart OF / RHP / River Ridge, GA / 2025

Uncommitted. 6-foot-4, 190 pounds. Quite simply, this is one of the better swings in the class. While he’s just now coming onto the radar, he had a big showing at LakePoint ID earlier this month. Blessed with tall guy power and a very well sequenced swing, the bat is going to continue climbing as he gets stronger. The power potential is real, and has a good chance to be plus. His ability to time up a pitcher's delivery with the hips and their pace out of the hole are exceptional for such a broad, lengthy frame. Hart’s feel to manipulate the path to different pitch locations and work explosively with balanced hands close to the body stand out. His shoulders rotate on an optimal diagonal plane for loft and he produces consistent 90+ EV’s with ease. Hart has more feel to hit than most his size, and is far from just a power bat. He’s nearly just as interesting on the mound, as he’s up to the mid 80’s with a smooth delivery. This is a good bet to be a major two way prospect.

Jared Glenn 3B / RHP / Dacula , GA / 2025

Uncommitted. 6-foot, 185 pounds. There are only a handful of bats this age in GA with the pure hitter qualities Glenn has. He can time up arms 2-3 years older than him with ease off zero or minimal looks against them. JG has every tangible & intangible needed to be nationally recognized as a hitter. Firstly, he has elite swing mechanics. Hitters with the best swing mechanics not only repeat a proper, well sequenced swing built for hard contact to all fields but  - they are able to create the most power with the least effort, able to manipulate the swing path to any pitch any location, and they're able to refine the most important skills needed to become a complete hitter. Swing mechanics are a big reason Glenn has been able to develop a good all fields approach (RC gap to LC gap), pitch recognition, and plate discipline. This gets him into hitter’s counts and allows his reaction time and quick hands to take over, just simply hitting the ball where it’s pitched. His actions at the plate are extremely smooth and quiet, with minimal head movement and impressive body control allow him to track pitches at a high level. He stays on his legs from start to finish with good hip pace, allowing him to time up pitcher’s deliveries and keeping him down through the swing. He has a textbook little C load that happens in one piece, allowing his hands to flow in and out of launch position in perfect rhythm. He clears the front hip perfectly in stride while staying connected to the backside, creating a controlled but attacking lower half by increasing his base. This is a big reason Glenn catches the ball in front of the plate, the ball never attacks him. He has very strong hands and uses them to decelerate/accelerate on offspeed, keep his hands inside the ball to any location, and his top hand palm up through contact, preventing rollover and creating consistent backspin. Defensively, it’s more of the same actions for Jared. He has impressive footwork for his size and smooth hands, always working his momentum toward first. His exchange is the same quality as his 83 mph arm, which looks to be an A/AVG tool in the future. His 7.01 60 is plenty enough speed for the hot corner and his frame will only get stronger. This is a special bat who has the chance to hit for both avg and power production at the games highest levels one day.

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