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Fall Upperclass Games Analysis: Catchers

Phil Kerber
Georgia Scouting Director

On Nov. 10, the PBR Georgia scouting staff hosted its final upperclass event of 2019, the Fall Upperclass Games at Piedmont College. The event featured nearly 80 uncommitted prospects from the 2020 and 2021 classes. These prospects participated in a pro-style workout before competing in a simulated game against live pitching.

Last month, we shared our rapid analysis of this event inside out Quick Hits post, and took a statistical look at the day's top performers inside our Stats Story. We begin our position-by-position analysis with catchers. Today, we breakdown the eight catchers that attended the event.

Leading the way for the backstops as the top prospect was C Hunner Lawrence (Strong Rock Christian, 2021). Lawrence was a member of the inaugural Team Georgia at the 2019 PBR Future Games. The right-handed hitter is an athletic prospect who continues to show strength and power in his game, as evidenced by the statistical numbers who has put up over multiple events. 

C Kayden Everett (Berrien, 2021) made a strong impression as well with his offensive output. Everett consistently showed great hand-eye coordination the ability to barrel pitches up during batting practice. With quick wrists he is able to whip the barrel through the zone and drive the ball gap-to-gap.

Keep reading to view reports on all eight of the catchers in attendance at the Fall Upperclass Games, listed alphabetically.  

Dylan Clark C / RHP / Gainesville , GA / 2021

6-foot-2, 220-pound right-handed hitting catcher, broad build, strength throughout frame. Offensively, keeps things simple, balanced setup, short stride, loads hands and weight back, maintains balance through contact. Easy effort in swing, good hand-eye coordination, able to barrel balls in batting practice, gap-to-gap type hitter, produces backspin, 81 exit velocity off a tee. Defensively, short arm action to an over-the-top slot, 66 from the crouch. Creates a big target given his frame, gains ground on reception with long steps, clean on exchanges, pop times ranged 2.51-2.57. Ran an 8.14 laser-timed 60.

Jaylen Dickey C / RHP / McEachern, GA / 2020

5-foot-11, 185-pound right-handed hitting catcher and right-handed pitcher, proportional build with strength throughout frame. Offensively, wide, balanced setup, heel lift stride, short hand load back, good balance throughout. Utilizes the strength in his upper body well to drive the ball, looks to aggressively go after middle/in pitches, 81 exit velocity off a tee. Went 2-for-2 in-game with a single, double and an RBI. Defensively, short arm action, over-the-top slot, throws are true with backspin, 75 from the crouch. Sits up in his stance, glove-hand can get lackadaisical at-times on reception, clean on exchanges, fluid footwork, pop times ranged 2.15-2.0. On the mound, arm works short and clean through an over-the-top window, repeats well. Drop and drive delivery, works on-line, lands square, finishes square to home. Fastball sat 76-78, touched 79 with running action. Curveball, 11/5 shape, gradual break, 64-66. Changeup, solid sinking action when located low in the zone, 69-70. Slider, sweeping action 67-69.  Against five batters faced in-game, allowed one hit, three groundouts, and one batter to reach via error.

Kayden Everett C / RHP / Berrien, GA / 2021

6-foot, 180-pound right-handed hitting catcher, long and broad torso, strength in his upper half, room to fill out lower. Offensively, balanced setup, hovers stride leg back and then out in front of the plate, landing in wide position, balanced, hands deepen, barrel cocks upright, good balanced through contact. Barrel whips through the zone in a slightly uphill trajectory, quick wrists, displayed great hand-eye coordination barreling up the majority of his pitches seen as he drove the ball gap-to-gap with some force, 86 exit velocity off a tee. Ran a 7.65 laser-timed 60. Defensively, arm action is short, takes some to load arm on the back-side, ¾ slot, at-times gets some run on throws, 76 from the crouch. Sits low in his stance, receives with split legs on throwdowns, long and clean on exchanges, footwork is fluid, pop times ranged 2.14-2.34.

Triston Farmer C / RHP / Stephens County , GA / 2020

5-foot-10, 200-pound right-handed hitting catcher, stocky frame. Offensively, balanced setup, short stride, hands load back to a near arm bar. Somewhat static rhythm at-times, gets to the ball quickly though with a short barrel path, can get rotational with swing, profile as a power hitter, 78 exit velocity off a tee. Defensively, arm works short and over-the-top, 72 from the crouch. Creates a large target behind the plate, soft blocker, long on exchanges, fluid footwork, pop times ranged 2.31-2.59. Ran an 8.39 laser-timed 60.

Christian King C / 2B / Habersham Central , GA / 2020

5-foot-8, 170-pound right-handed hitting catcher, proportional build, broad shoulders, strength throughout. Offensively, open setup, short stride, hands load back to an arm bar, good balance. Steep barrel path, short to the ball, creates line drive contact gap-to-gap, 82 exit velocity off a tee. Went 1-for-2 in-game with a double in his first at-bat. Defensively, traditional catcher’s arm action, short and over-the-top, 72 from the crouch. Sits upright in his when receiving, clean on exchanges and short, fluid footwork, pop times ranged 2.20-2.37. Ran a 7.57 alser-timed 60.

Hunner Lawrence C / OF / Strong Rock Christian , GA / 2021

6-foot, 190-pound right-handed hitting catcher, physically built with an athletic frame will only continue to add strength to, ran a 7.11 60 on the day, has previously been around the 6.9 mark, clean gait. Offensively, keeps it simple letting his natural strength do most of the work, balanced setup, short stride, loads hands back, good balance through contact. Barrel works mostly level through the zone, creating backspin when he is able to elevate the ball, strong hands/wrists aid in his ability to drive the ball along with an ample amount of present bat speed, profiles as a gap-to-gap type hitter, 87 exit velocity off a tee. Defensively, traditional catcher’s arm action, short and over-the-top, quick arm speed, throws are true, 77 from the crouch. Sits in his stance with his lower half at a 90 degree angle, keeps his back predominantly upright, clean on his exchanges and fluid with footwork, pop times ranged 2.05-2.26.

Landon Richards C / SS / Jefferson , GA / 2021

5-foot-9, 160-pound right-handed hitting catcher, high-waisted, athletic build, ran a 7.31 laser-timed 60. Offensively, balanced setup, hands load back and barrel cocks upright, short leg lift stride, good balance throughout. Barrel works uphill, keeps hands inside, uses the whole field with a line drive approach to the opposite field, looks to elevate to pull-side, 75 exit velocity. Defensively, short arm action, slot varies between high ¾ and over-the-top, 72 from the crouch. Creates a compact target behind the plate, clean exchanges, fluid with footwork, pop times ranged 2.25-2.28.

Jacob Thompson C / RHP / Starr's Mill , GA / 2021

6-foot, 170-pound right-handed hitting two-way prospect, strong build, high-waist, broad shoulders, plenty of room to continue filling out. On the mound, arm works long and clean, full arm swing on the back-side to a high ¾ slot, ball jumps out of hand. Drop and drive delivery, strides somewhat open, lands square, finishes crossing over with some recoil. Fastball, armside run, got underneath the hands of right-handed hitters, sat 80-83, touched 84. Slider, 11/5 shape, sharp at-times, 65-57. Changeup, fade action, 73-75. Struck out the first two batters he faced in-game, one swinging and another looking, walked the next two before finishing the inning himself with an unassisted putout. Offensively, wide setup, leg lift stride, loads upper body back, good balance. Short barrel path to the ball, line drive type hitter, predominantly uses the gaps, 86 exit velocity. Defensively, short arm action, over-the-top slot, 70 from the crouch. Sits back in his setup, long on exchanges, fluid footwork, pop times ranged 2.25-2.34. Ran a 7.67 laser-timed 60.

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