GDC Tournament Scout Blog - Week 2

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The Georgia Dugout Club Tournament Scout Blog provides insider information and scouting notes from the PBR Scouting Staff during the first weekend of the event. This running blog will feature information on underclass prospects, unsigned seniors, draft prospects, and anything else that is notable from the eight fields of action. We will provide a wide range of information, including player evaluations, velocities, pop times, home to first times, and more. Simply put, the GDC Scout Blog is loaded with information. The blog is organized by field, starting with the teams on Field 9 and making our way all the way through those who played on Field 16 at the bottom.

GDC Tournament Scout Blog

Jared Jones, C/1B, Walton, 2022
LSU commit. No. 4 ranked player in the Georgia ‘22 class, and No. 9 Nationally. Jones picked up where he left off last year at the GDC tournament by continuing to put on an offensive show. Jones started the weekend off with two homeruns in Game One. In what was already one of the top swings in the country, Jones has only gotten better; the lower-half creates more leverage than before, and the hands and bat speed create serious power. Both homeruns on night one carried over 400 feet, including a 423 foot homerun on an 0-2 breaking ball that left the bat at 110mph. Jones is always a must-watch at-bat and it is scary to think there is still another full high school season ahead of him.

Barrett Eldridge, 1B/RHP, Walton, 2022
Second week in a row that the uncommitted two-way has stood out at the GDC. Strong body at 6-foot-4, 200 pounds. Swung the bat with authority and has seen pull-side success this season. Open stance, with a raised load. Hands work quick through the zone; turned on an 88 mph FB for a double down the 3B line on Day Two. Shows power potential at the plate and will surely one to keep tabs on. Also a mid-80’s arm on the mound.

Kristian Campbell, SS, Walton, 2021
Georgia Tech recruit. 6-foot-3, 175-pound right-handed hitting shortstop, long, lanky frame, highly athletic. Gap-to-gap type hitter, can shoot line drives around the entire field. Can handle velo, squared up two 89 mph fastballs in game versus Allatoona.

Logan McGuire, RHP, Allatoona, 2021
Georgia Tech recruit. No. 15 ranked player in the Georgia ‘22 class. Showed a clean, balanced delivery. Throws from an OH slot, generating some downward angle on the FB; sat 87-90, T91. Breaking ball showed 11/5 shape; missed up in zone a couple times throughout the outing, but showed sharpness and depth. Has had MLB Draft eyes on him each outing.

Riley Gaskins, RHP/INF, Allatoona, 2022
Uncommitted. 5-foot-9, 145 pounds. Has made significant strides on the mound with uptempo delivery and quick arm. Throws from a high-¾ slot. Fastball showed life and some late run at 83-86. Breaking ball showed slurve-like action at 70-73. Confident in secondary pitch and threw for consistent strikes.

William Mosley, 3B/RHP, Allatoona, 2022
Strong, solid build at 5-foot-11, 200 pounds for the uncommitted infielder. Mosley has been a standout with the bat and continued to show it at the GDC. Finds the barrel with his aggressive, yet controlled swing. Mosley looks to use the middle of the field but has the hand speed to turn on the ball. Bat stays in the zone and constantly produces loud contact and shows a line drive approach. Has also been up to 88 on the mound.

Fisher Paulsen, LHP, Allatoona, 2021
Citadel recruit. 6-foot, 185 pounds; solid, strong build. Clean, effortless delivery. Looked to challenge hitters with FB at 81-84 (has been up to 87). Slider showed 2/7 action 71-74. Did not have usual command off the bat, but settled in nicely, and found ways to get outs. Threw 4 scoreless innings for Allatoona.

Ethan Sutton, OF/RHP, Allatoona, 2023
6-foot-2, 208-pound right-handed two-way prospect, large, projectable frame, broad shoulders, strength throughout. Impact power arm on the mound, played primarily corner outfield in the field, but have seen him play third base and catcher in the past. At the plate, takes a power approach with the ability to drive the ball to all fields, creates hard contact even on miss-hits. Looks to elevate the ball with force. On the mound, has a controlled draw and delivery, explodes through release. Fastball sat 88-91, armside run, heavy, located low in the zone. Curveball, 71-74, 11/5 shape, some bite.

DJ Radtke, RHP/DH, Blessed Trinity, 2021
Georgia commit. 6-foot-4, 200-pound right-handed pitcher and designated hitter, big, strong frame, athletic on the mound. Oozes confidence, creates an intimidating figure. Arm action is quick and whippy to a ¾ slot. Pounded the zone with a fastball/slider combo. Was being very aggressive with slider, going in and out, throwing in any count. Fastball sat 87-91, touched 92. Slider, 76-79, sharp downer, swing and miss.

Joseph Chambers, RHP, Blessed Trinity, 2021
Dartmouth recruit. A go-to workhorse for Blessed Trinity. Has added size and strength to the 6-foot-2, 205 pound frame. You know that you are going to get a competitive outing every time Chambers is on the mound. He pounds the zone with fastballs and mixes in a very effective breaking ball at 77-78. Had off-speed working well at the GDC; showed ability to pitch backwards and get ahead with breaking pitches. Fastball has shown a spike at 86-88, touching 89.

Jake Lankie, RHP, Blessed Trinity, 2023
Georgia commit. No. 4 ranked player in the Georgia 2023 class. Some of the best “stuff” in the country and has performed at a high-level against top competition. Confident in three pitches, but used mostly FB/SL mix in outing. FB sat 88-91. When SL was on, it looked to be typical wipeout pitch at 79-82; confident throwing at any time, as evidence of four straight sliders to start the game, picking up a strikeout. Left a couple pitches over the plate, and had to work around runners in an inning, but flashed usual sharpness that will make Lankie a must-watch for years to come.

Avery Brown, RHP, East Coweta, 2022
Uncommitted. 6-foot, 180 pounds. Very interesting arm for East Coweta. Controlled, repeatable delivery. Low-effort delivery. Utilizes lower half on drive off the rubber. Fastball sat 83-86 with run; solid control around the zone. Flashed a breaking ball with slurve-like action at 75-77. More is in the tank.

Jansen Kenty, LHP, East Coweta, 2023
Alabama commit. 6-foot, 175-pound left-handed pitcher, proportional build, lean strength throughout, still plenty of physical development left to do. Competed well against a talented Blessed Trinity lineup. Mixed speeds and pitches, high level pitch ability. Clean arm action, short on the back-side, high front-side, repeats. Fastball sat 83-85, touched 87. Changeup, 74-75, sinking action. Curveball, 66-67, 12/6 shape, depth.

Glenn Green, RHP/3B, Sandy Creek, 2021
Georgia commit. 6-foot-2, 185-pound two-way prospect, projectable build, lanky, athletic frame, strong lower half. On the mound, arm works quick and clean on back-side, utilizes multiple slots, primarily works from over-the-top, but can drop as low as a low ¾ slot at-times. Creates deception throughout by mixing things up, changes slots, timing at balance point, and velocity. Fastball sat 88-91, at-times took some off at 84-86 to create greater armside run. Curveball, 74, 12/6 shape, depth, potential swing and miss. The addition of a split-finger has greatly impacted his arsenal. Sits 77-79, threw often and for strikes, good tumble action, comes out like fastball.

Jonathan Little, SS/RHP, Sandy Creek, 2022
Georgia commit. 5-foot-9, 160-pound middle infielder and right-handed pitcher, lean strength, proportional build, good athlete. Got a first look at Little on the mound. Pitches with aggression, challenges hitters consistently. Arm works short to a high ¾ slot, creates deception within delivery. Fastball sat 84-87. Curveball, 74, 12/6 shape, depth.

Kaleb Cost, OF, Sandy Creek, 2023
6-foot, 180-pound right-handed hitting outfielder, highly athletic, lanky, lean strength throughout, quick twitch. Hit out of the leadoff spot all weekend long. Used his game changing speed as much as possible. 3.95 down the line on a bunt single. When on base, always a threat to steal.

Paul Green, RHP/OF, Sandy Creek, 2024
6-foot, 170-pound right-handed two-way prospect, lanky, athletic frame, high waist, projectable. Impressed on the mound in a save situation. Arm action is clean on the back-side with a controlled draw, gets out front quickly with a loose arm, high ¾ slot. Tall and fall delivery, works on-line, lands square, repeatable. Relied primarily on his fastball, sat 85-87, not afraid to go inside with. Curveball, used twice, 66, 12/6 shape.

Will Hampton, LHP/1B, Calvary Day, 2024
5-foot-11, 198-pound left-handed two-way prospect, wide, sturdy frame. On the mound, arm works short and clean to a ¾ slot. Works from the third base side of the rubber, strides open, spins towards third on finish. Fastball sat 80-82, more in the tank. Slider, 67-71, big slurve, some sharpness.

Cole Turner, RHP/3B, Decatur, 2021
Uncommitted 6-foot-1, 190 pound two-way prospect. Looked sharp on the mound for Decatur. Quick arm with aggressive delivery. Used a two-pitch-mix to keep hitters off balance. Fastball sat 83-85, T86. Slider paired well off FB at 77-78; movement was tight and had late break.

Marshall Toole, OF, Decatur, 2021
Wofford recruit. 5-foot-11, 170 pounds. Left-handed hitting outfielder with superior speed. Loose, fluid swing at the plate. Produces hard contact. Separates himself with the legs on both sides of the ball. Showed to be a threat on the basepaths. Got down the line in 4.0 seconds on an infield single. Very good athlete that has shown to play all over the field.

Brady Jones, SS/RHP, Decatur, 2022
Georgia State commit. 5-foot-11, 190 pound frame. Quiet movements at the plate; simple approach with the ability to use the whole field. Reliable, smooth hands at shortstop, with a very strong arm (92 across the diamond). Hopped on the mound and topped out at 90 with the FB. Sub-7.0 runner. All-around player.

Sam Horn, QB1/RHP/3B, Collins Hill, 2022
Missouri football and baseball commit. 6-foot-4, 190-pound right-handed two-way prospect, ultra projectable frame, long, lanky, still has lots of room to fill out, athletic. On the mound, arm action has length on the back-side, gets out front quickly to a ¾ slot, whippy arm, easy effort. Had some command issues in his start against Cherokee, but showed swing and miss stuff. Fastball sat 89-92 in the first inning, settled in at 85-91 after. Curveball, 73-77, 12/6 shape, depth.

Colin Livingston, OF, Collins Hill, 2022
6-foot-1, 175-pound right-handed hitting outfielder, proportional build, lean strength throughout. At the plate, balanced setup, hands drop and load back with good rhythm, short stride, god balance. Gap-to-gap type hitter, consistently created hard contact all weekend long to all fields. Aggression in swing, quick hands.

Trevor Wall, RHP, Collins Hill, 2021
Uncommitted. 6-foot, 160 pound frame and has looked to have filled out since last season. Very athletic on the mound. Short arm action with minimal drop on arm swing. Fastball sat 84-86, but has been up to 89 in the past. Breaking ball at 69. Competitive arm still on the market.

Chase Meyer, RHP, Cherokee, 2023
Georgia commit. 6-foot-2, 185-pound right-handed pitcher, projectable, proportional build, lots of filling out left to do. Arm works long and quick on the back-side, loose to a low ¾ slot. Tall and fall delivery, mixes timing working different leg kicks and a slide step into delivery. Fastball sat 87-90, heavy armside run, 2700+ rpm. Curveball, 76-79, sweeping action, sharp worked in and out, swing and miss pitch, 2900+ rpm.

Lex Kenny, RHP, Cherokee, 2022
6-foot 165-pounds. #33 ranked 2022 RHP in the state. Clean, athletic frame with a delivery to match. Keeps it simple on the mound, over the top arm slot. Nice and easy tempo, and keeps his composure on the mound. Worked out of a couple jams with runners in scoring position for the warriors. Fastball was 83-85 with a curveball at 73-75. Forces contact with the fastball and goes to the curveball when he is ahead in the count. Solid arm for Cherokee that will eat up a lot of innings for them.

Max Eichenberger, RHP, Cherokee, 2022

6-foot-1, 200-pound right-handed pitcher, proportional build, strong lower half. Short, quick arm action, slot varies between ¾ and low ¾. Tall and fall delivery, repeats well, mixes timing with different balance points. Fastball sat 87-90, a significant jump since summer. Slider, 75-78, downer action, great feel for. Went to his slider early and often, located to both sides of the plate for swing and misses.

Tysen Benford, 1B, North Paulding, 2022
Imposing frame at the plate at 6-foot-4, 250 pounds. Uncommitted first-baseman with pop in the bat. Middle of the order hitter for North Paulding. Controlled and steady pace at the plate. Simple straight-back load. Swung the bat well in both weeks of the GDC.

Mitchell Heer, RHP, North Paulding, 2021
Wallace State recruit. 6-foot-1, 185 pounds. Started out strong for North Paulding. Fastball continues to climb at 87-89, touching 91 from a high ¾ slot. Dropped to a low ¾ slot, at times, on breaking ball at 72. Has shown a plus changeup in the past, but did not throw it much in outing. A quick, competitive arm. Works fast, pounds strike zone.

Charlie Siegel, RHP/3B, North Paulding, 2022
Uncommitted. 6-foot-2, 205 pounds. Did a nice job in relief for NP. Short arm action from a low ¾ slot. Every pitch has movement for Siegel making him a tough look. Fastball ran heavily at 83-86; worked in on the hands to RHH, missing barrels. Changeup plays well off arm slot at 74 with fade.

Dylan Cupp, SS, Cedartown, 2023
Mississippi State commit. Top-10 National rank for the 2023 class. Superior defender who makes all the plays looks effortless. One of the top defensive infielders in the country. Has shown physical jumps that have progressed overall game. Range to gloveside has broadened. Arm is accurate at short, and uses internal runner’s clock well. The bat has started to catch up to the defensive game. Cupp has always used the whole field with a linedrive approach, but is starting to show more power and use the outfield gaps. Will be a definite-watch as his prep career continues.

Luke Fernandez, RHP, West Forsyth, 2021
Oklahoma State commit. 6-foot0-3, 205-pound right-handed pitcher, wide frame, strength throughout. Has progressively just gotten better and better. Threw four pitches for strikes and overpowered North Paulding with swing and miss stuff. Went 7.0 IP, 2 H, 1 R, 1 BB, 15 K. Fastball sat 90-93, touched 94 early in the game, was 88-90 in the seventh inning, located to both sides of the plate, swing and miss up in the zone, was untouchable when he ran under the hands of right-handed hitters.  Changeup, 79-81, sinking action. Slider, 76-77, tight 11/5 shape, downer action, swing and miss pitch. Curveball, 73-74, similar 11/5 shape as slider, has larger break.

Brian Garmon, RHP, West Forsyth, 2022
6-foot-2, 200-pound right-handed pitcher, strong, sturdy frame, physical lower half. Got the start against Pope, had some command issues, but worked out of the jam consistently, only allowed weak contact. Short arm on the back-side, some pie action, repeats. Fastball sat 84-87. Changeup, 80-81, heavy sink, potential swing and miss. Slider, 74-75, downer, potential swing and miss.

Robert Bottoms, INF, West Forysth 2021
Uncommitted. 5-foot-11, 165 pounds. Slightly open stance at the plate with loose movement in hands upon load. Gets to a consistent hitting position. Moderately-low leg kick, gets wait back with slight pause. Showed some power to the opposite field with a warning-track flyout. Top of the order bat for West Forysth.

Drew Southern, 3B, West Forysth, 2021
Georgia football recruit. Corner infielder with strong lower-half. Smooth and easy swing from the right side. Simple load with a line drive swing. Creates backspin and uses the field well. Solid defender at third base over the weekend.

James Tibbs, OF, Pope, 2021
Florida State recruit. 6-foot, 185-pound left-handed hitting outfielder, proportional build with strength throughout, room for much more, big power potential at the plate. Swing works long and sweeping through the zone, quick, strong hands, can punish the ball middle/pull. Has eliminated some of the extra movement from his pre-swing setup and is more balanced, using more of the field.

Jack Butler, RHP, Pope, 2022
Uncommitted. Long, lanky build at 6-foot-4, 190 pounds. Loose arm with full action from a high ¾ slot. Showed feel for three pitches in start for Pope. FB had armside run at 82-85, touching 86. Curveball at 71-73 had loose, 11/5 action. CH: 75.

Caleb Fordham, RHP, Ola, 2022
Uncommitted. 6-foot-1 175-pounds. 2020 Future Games participant. Strong frame and lower half. Velo continues to climb. Fastball sat 84-87 topping out at 88. Mixed in the sharp breaking ball at 73-75. Fastball missed early, but settled in and forced hitter to contact. Competes pitch to pitch. Battled some cold temperatures and still managed to hold fastball velocity throughout his outing.

Kole Orshoski, RHP, Alexander, 2023
5-foot-10 150-pounds. Stock strong framed switch hitting 3B/RHP. The sophomore has a natural strong arm running it up to 85. Fastball was sitting 82-84 with a firm slider at 75-77. Strong lower half which produces most of his power. Slight head jerk at the end of his delivery. Forces contact and competes on the mound. Struggled with some walks early on, but settled in. He went inning for inning with another top ranked 2023 arm in the state. Orshoski will be one to keep an eye on throughout his high school career. 

Breydon Divine, SS, Alexander, 2023
5-foot-11, 140-pound right-handed hitting shortstop, lean, athletic build, named Most Valuable Position Player at the GDC Tournament (2nd Weekend), went 8-for-13 with 5 RBI and 5 R. Hit out of the leadoff spot all weekend long. Line drive approach with the ability to use the entire field, high contact hitter, also flashed pull-side power wirth a long fly ball off the wall in LF. Savvy defender up the middle, natural instincts, quick, athletic actions, smooth glove, plenty of arm strength to stick on the left-side. 

Josh Montalban, RHP, Alexander, 2023
6-foot-3, 205-pound right-handed pitcher, big, strong frame, projectable, much more in the tank as he continues to physically fill out. Arm works short and clean on the back-side with some looseness, hides ball well, quick arm speed through a ¾ slot. Drop and drive delivery, coils lower half and drives down the mound on-line, land square, finishes crossing over. Fastball sat 79-83, touched 84, armside run. Changeup, 71-73. Curveball, 62-64, shape varied between 11/5 and 12/6, at times got backed up, when out front had depth and some bite.

Trevor Booton, RHP, LaGrange, 2023
6-foot-4 180-pounds. #16 ranked 2023 RHP in the state of Georgia. Long, lanky frame really gets down the mound. Comes off of his back side a little early, but still manages a consistent release point. Fastball was 83-85. His slider is what really impressed. High spin at 73-75 with hard late break. Could throw it for strikes consistently, and could bury it when needed. Look for the velocity to rise as Booton matures and fills out his frame.

Matthew Morgan, RHP/SS, Lagrange, 2021
Uncommitted. 6-foot 175-pounds. Two-way college potential player. Strong, athletic frame and actions. Really impressed on the mound. Fastball was 85-88. Velo was up since we last saw him. Held fastball velocity the entire game. Showed a true 3-pitch mix. Threw all of his pitches for strikes. Competed in the zone and forced hitter to contact. Messed with timing in his delivery and still maintained control. Curveball was 72-75 with a change-up at 80-82. Simple swing at the plate. Could play anywhere on the field.

Andrew Elkhill, LHP, North Forsyth, 2023
6-foot-1, 200-pound left-handed pitcher, strong, sturdy build, physical lower half. Arm works long with a soft stab on the back-side, arm remains continuous and accelerates quickly to a ¾ slot. Drop and drive delivery, high front-side, works on-line, lands toe closed, finishes square. Fastball sat 83-85, touched 87, 88, armside run action, relied mainly on the pitch to create weak contact. Curveball, 62-66, 2/8 shape, struggled to find feel, creates timing issues with big change of pace. Changeup, 68-70, sinking action, flashed cut when thrown to glove-side, went to later in the game effectively.

Tate Strickland, RHP, Harrison, 2024
6-foot-1, 160-pound right-handed pitcher, proportional build, broad shoulders, lots of filling out to do, young arm to watch. Comfortable on the mound for a freshman. Arm works long to a ¾ slot, quick arm speed. Tall and fall delivery, falls off the mound towards first. Fastball sat 85-86 in first inning of relief, settled in at 83-85. Curveball, 74-78, 12/6 shape, depth, deceptive pitch. Maintains slot and arm speed on both pitches.

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