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LakePoint Fall Open: Position Player Analysis

Phil Kerber
Georgia Scouting Director

PBR Georgia hosted the LakePoint Fall Open on Monday, October 10th at LakePoint Sports in Emerson, GA.  This event featured prospects from all high school classes, 2023-2026. Prospects participated in a pro-style workout that included the 60 yard dash, BP, in and out, and pitcher bullpens.

In the days that followed the event, we produced post-event analysis that included a look at the traditional stats measured within our Statistical Analysis piece. Our staff also gave their initial thoughts and reactions from the event in the form of our Quick Hits article.

Today, we will begin our post-event process by rolling out the individual scouting reports of the day, starting with the position players. We will work our way to the mound tomorrow, before putting out a final list of the top overall prospects.

Top Position Players

Yenli Nolasco, North Paulding  (GA), 2025
 Positional Profile: OF/RHP
 Body: 6-3, 180-pounds. Long, lanky frame, projectable build, lots of room to fill out.
Hit: RH. Relaxed, open setup, double load, hands cock with a slight barrel wrap, followed by a short separation, strides to a balanced position. Short barrel path to the zone, level throughout, hands stay in, created hard line drive contact to all parts of the field, aggressive intent, present hand and bat speed.
Power: 96 max exit velocity, averaged 86.4 mph. 323’ max distance. Present pull-side power, power potential to all fields.
Arm: RH. OF - 83.00 mph. Long, full circle arm action, quick arm speed to an over-the-top slot, throws carry.
DefensePlays through the ball with confidence, long, easy strides, has a bounce to his step, soft glove, fields out front, clean on exchanges, carries momentum on line. 
Run: 7.02 runner in the 60.

Miles Mador, Pace Academy (GA), 2025
Positional Profile: C. One of the top C prospects in the state's 2025 class.
Body: 6-0, 185-pounds. Strong sturdy build, broad shoulders, present strength with room for more.
Hit: RH. Balanced setup, athletic bend in his knees, quiet load, rocks weight onto back-side, short stride, great balance. Short barrel path to the zone, gets extended and uphill through, present hand/bat speed, swings with intent, accelerates through contact, creates driven contact middle/pull.
Power: 94 max exit velocity, averaged 79.6 mph. 355’ max distance. Big power potential, already consistently creating hard contact.
Arm: RH. C - 75.00 mph. Short, quick arm action, loose on the back-side, over-the-top slot, throws carry and are accurate, quick release.
Defense: 1.93-2.03 pop times. Athletic behind the plate, creates a large target, flexible lower half, soft glove, feel for receiving, quick and clean on exchanges, clean footwork stays low. Advanced.
Run: 7.40 runner in the 60.

Best of the Rest (Listed Alphabetically)

Conner Christopher, Ringgold  (GA), 2024
Positional Profile: C/2B
Body: 5-7, 150-pounds. Small frame, lean, athletic build.
Hit: RH. Balanced, open setup, barrel starts on shoulder, cocks hands on load, short toe tap stride, good balance. Short barrel path to the zone, level through with some extension. Showed the ability to use the entire field, mostly line drive gap-to-gap, flashed some pull-side power.
Power: 91 max exit velocity, averaged 84.1 mph. 331’ max distance.
Arm: RH. C - 72.00 mph. Traditional catcher's arm action, short on the back-side, over-the-top slot, stays on top of throws.
Defense: 2.08-2.18 pop times. Fields position athletically, flexible lower half, stays tall with upper half, moves well behind the plate, quick hands on exchanges, average receiving.
Run: 7.00 runner in the 60.

Levi Crowe, Creekview  (GA), 2025
Positional Profile: C/RHP
Body: 5-9, 157-pounds. Proportional build, lean strength throughout.
Hit: LH. Open setup, weight pre-loaded on back-side, high back elbow, rocks back on load, short stride, simple throughout, good balance.  Long path to the zone, whippy barrel, gets through the zone and extended, middle/pull approach, some driven contact pull-side.
Power: 82 max exit velocity, averaged 75 mph. 294’ max distance.
Arm: RH. C - 70.00 mph. INF - 77.00 mph. OF - 79.00 mph. Arm action varied between positions. Short, over-the-top from behind the plate, lengthens out on the infield and from the outfield.
Defense: 2.06-2.21 pop times. C: Fields position athletically with quick, fluid actions, good flexibility throughout, some feel for glove, soft receiver, moves well, soft blocker. OF: Plays through with short, choppy footwork, clean on exchanges, short shuffle into throws. INF: Fields out front athletically, plays through, funnels into midsection, clean on exchanges.
Run: 7.76 runner in the 60.

Jackson Davis, The Walker School (GA), 2024
Positional Profile: SS/OF
Body: 5-8, 160-pounds. Small frame, lean, athletic build.
Hit: RH. Balanced setup, vertical barrel, short rock onto back-side on load, short stride, great balance, repeatable. Short barrel path to the zone, quick hand speed, level through the zone with some lag, gets extended consistently, line drive middle approach, good overall feel for barrel.
Power: 87 max exit velocity, averaged 79 mph. 300’ max distance.
Arm: RH. INF - 82.00 mph. OF - 82.00 mph. OF: Long, loose arm action, quick arm speed, high 3/4 slot, some carry. INF: Shortens up, quick, loose arm action action, high 3/4, carry.
Defense: Fields both positions athletically, plays through the ball with quick, fluid footwork, clean, confident glove, quick hands, advanced throughout.
Run: 7.29 runner in the 60. Clean gait.

Shannon Dickert, Oconee County (GA), 2025
Positional Profile: OF/RHP
Body: 6-1, 150-pounds. Long, lean frame.
Hit: RH. Balanced, crouching setup, low hand placement, cocks wrists on load, short stride. Long barrel path to the zone, level path through, middle/pull approach, produced line drive contact, loose wrists.
Power: 78 max exit velocity, averaged 63.1 mph. 238’ max distance.
Arm: RH. OF - 80.00 mph. Short arm action, some wrapping on draw, quick arm speed, 3/4 slot, flashed carry.
Defense: Plays through at times, quick feet, fields out front and funnels into midsection, long on exchanges with a pack.
Run: 7.80 runner in the 60.

Landon Moran, Whitewater  (GA), 2024
Positional Profile: 3B/RHP
Body: 5-9, 170-pounds. Proportional build, lean strength.
Hit: RH. Wide setup, hands start back, smooth rhythm, reverse toe-tap stride, good balance. Short, level barrel path to the zone, gets extended and on plane out front looking to elevate and drive middle, present hand and bat speed.
Power: 96 max exit velocity, averaged 80.8 mph. 316’ max distance.
Arm: RH. INF - 82.00 mph. OF - 84.00 mph. OF: Long, pie-ish arm action to an over-the-top slot, some carry. INF: Shorter arm action, over-the-top slot, carry.
Defense: OF: Plays through the ball with clean footwork, smooth glove, fields out front, clean on exchanges with a shuffle. INF: Plays through with a confident glove, clean footwork, some length to exchanges.
Run: 7.38 runner in the 60.

Hutch Sprayberry, Lee-Scott Academy (AL), 2023
Positional Profile: OF/LHP
Body: 6-1, 180-pounds. Athletic build, broad shoulders, lean strength throughout.
Hit: LH. Balanced setup, smooth rhythm in hands, high back elbow rises on load along with some barrel wrap, short stride, maintains an upright posture, finishes on back-side. Short, direct barrel path to the zone, mostly level through producing hard line drive contact to the pull-side, at-times the barrel path can be steep.
Power: 85 max exit velocity, averaged 71 mph. 298’ max distance. Power potential.
Arm: LH. OF - 90.00 mph. Short, quick arm action, over-the-top slot, easy carry, kept throws low and on a line.
Defense: Plays through, staying behind the ball with short, quick footwork, long pack on exchanges, short back shuffle into throws.
Run: 6.94 runner in the 60.

Caden Wells, Science Hill  (TN), 2026
Positional Profile: SS/RHP
Body: 5-8, 145-pounds. Proportional build, young frame with lots of development left.
Hit: RH. Open, crouching setup, hands start low and remain there, cocks barrel on load, reverse toe-tap stride.  Long, level barrel path to the zone, level through, line drive hitter with a middle approach.
Power: 82 max exit velocity, averaged 66.3 mph. 287’ max distance.
Arm: RH. INF - 68.00 mph. OF - 74.00 mph. Similar arm action from the OF/INF, short and athletic, utilizes multiple arm slots, some arm speed.
Defense: OF: Plays through the ball with intent, clean footwork and exchanges, some natural actions. INF: Fields behind the ball and out front, funnels into mid section, long on exchanges.
Run: 7.38 runner in the 60.

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