Most Valuable Players : 7A (Regions 5-8) Part 1...

Justin Goetz
Assistant Scouting Director

Unsurprisingly, the most densely populated schools of GHSA 7A baseball make for the deepest class in the state by far. So deep in fact, that we have to split up the classifications impact players into multiple different articles! 7A is littered with draft prospects year by year, and this one is no different. But, there are other players with a serious future in baseball that can go well beyond HS and college baseball. To avoid keeping you waiting any further, here is part 1 of  the MVP’s to watch in class 7A (Regions 5-8).

Luke McNeillie RHP / Milton, GA / 2023

Florida Commit. 6-foot-3, 185 pounds. Few players in the country have taken the jump this Eagle has in the last half year. This is a high projection arm with an exceptional delivery and stuff for his age. He creates a unique angle and plane combo that only adds to the exceptional ride & run on his explosive FB. The pitch spins in the 2400 rpm range, creating a large amount of swing and miss on this pitch alone. His low 80’s downer CH shows late fade and has plus potential, and he shows the ability to throw it in any count. McNeillie’s upper 70’s SL has a ridiculous amount of sweep, 20 or more inches when it's on. There will be many radar guns behind the plate at Milton this year.

Arnold Abernathy Jr SS / OF / North Cobb, GA / 2024

Tennessee Commit. 5-foot-10, 160 pounds. Word of this Future Games legend’s talent is spreading quickly. His tools are so loud, they’re impossible to miss. The one that weighs most on the scale currently is his ++ run tool, turning in 4.00 times repeatedly across 2022 (3.90 on bunt). This is a high impact leadoff bat who’s just as likely to take you deep first pitch as he is to work an 8 pitch walk. There are few in the state with his body control, bat speed, and bat 2 ball skills. Not only does he have an elite short game, but he drives the ball into both gaps with authority for 2B’s & 3B’s.On the dirt he attacks the ball, reads hops well, and the arm is both strong and accurate. The range & exchange are plus. Look for crazy numbers this spring!




Kyle Henley OF / Denmark, GA / 2023

Georgia Tech Commit. 6 foot 3, 177 pounds. With 6.2 - 6.3 speed that is top of the scale, Henley is without question the fastest player in the state. He’d be right at the top of MLB sprint speed if he were there now, which I believe is only a matter of time. Kyle brings 3 electric tools to the diamond at a premium defensive position (CF) that play every day, regardless if he has a good game at the plate or not. Due to his run tool and athleticism, the range and glove are from another planet, giving him true gold glove potential in the future. Henley is very well balanced at the plate and has made vast improvements in simplifying & quieting down his swing in the past year. With excellent bat speed and elite reaction time, he’ll be turning around FB’s all spring!



Francesco Capocci RHP / 3B / Denmark , GA / 2023

North Carolina Commit. 6 foot 4, 215 pounds. This is a strong prototype starter frame with a  power arsenal and a touch of finesse who is going to blow away hitters all spring. Not only does he have a 91-93 FB reaching into the mid 90’s with impressive ride up in the zone, but it's just as tough to pick up out of hand. With a high leg kick & twist to the back hip and throwing from a crossfire angle, he creates dangerous deception for hitters. These unique traits in his delivery are uncommon in such a power pitcher with this level of explosiveness. His SL is developing into a power offering in the 79-80 range with distinct vertical shape that flashes wipeout depth, and he also has a SLV like breaking ball for a more horizontal look to hitters. Capocci has advanced lower half mechanics that take pressure off his arm and there’s a lot of intrigue with his CH. We will be getting multiple early looks on our No. 10 player in the 2023 class.

Dane Moehler RHP / SS / Walton , GA / 2024

Clemson Commit. 6 foot 3, 170 pounds. One of the most projectable arms in his class has now solidified his future with a fresh ACC commitment to one of the most exciting atmospheres in college baseball. He’s got many goals to attain before he gets there, including hopeful State Championship runs for this spring and the next. With his nasty 87-90 FB with bore that will cause many stingers in the hands early in the year, this is not who you want to face. Working his future power CB off that with 12-6 shape and advanced feel, he’s going to own the zone vertically. Unsurprisingly he has a CH that’s rapidly developing and should take another leap this spring.



Austin Treadwell RHP / 3B / Wheeler, GA / 2025

Uncommitted. 6 foot, 170 pounds. This electric arm put himself on the map at the PBR Fall Classic, leading to dozens of D1 schools inquiring about him. As soon as we saw Treadwell put an effortless 90 on the board, it felt like the equivalent to finding gold. The elite arm speed, arm action, and FB life immediately stood out. What separates Treadwell from other pitchers in his class other than his heater? The athleticism, arm strength/arm speed combo, and an impressive feel for two legitimate offspeed pitches that are going to rack up K’s in 7A.



Hyland Brown RHP / 1B / Walton, GA / 2025

Our VP of Scouting Shooter Hunt said it best, “Those schools looking for frontline potential will want to circle Brown as a priority in the spring. The long 6-foot-4, 170-pound right-hander flowed effortlessly through a clean delivery throughout the fall where he sat mostly 84-87 mph out of a high ¾ release with a quick arm that is likely to generate much higher outputs in coming years. His ability to spin a tight 74-76 mph curveball with near 12/6 shape looked the part of a future swing-and-miss offering, and he even flashed an intriguing changeup, 70-72, that showed strong signs of blossoming into a quality third offering.”



Alex Hernandez RHP / 3B / Forsyth Central , GA / 2024

Georgia Tech Commit. This is one of the most low effort operators in the class, and his swing & miss stuff is going to make big noise this spring. The delivery is extremely smooth and relaxed, creating big velocity for his age without much stress. Hernandez attacks hitters with his high spin (2400+) 87-89 T90 FB with tremendous carry, and bore on RHH. It plays very well up in the upper quadrant and makes his hammer CB in the 76-78 range that much more devastating. The pitch is nearly a two plane hammer already, as he consistently showed it was an A/AVG pitch in the PBR Cup. It will undoubtedly be a plus pitch in the future. This thing looks like a strike until halfway to the plate, absolutely falling off the planet for consistent K’s. 7A hitters are in trouble when Hernandez toes the rubber.



Jayden Nunez RHP / 3B / Collins Hill, GA / 2024

Uncommitted. 5 foot 11, 160 pounds. This projectable arm shows fluid rhythm, high energy and ease of operation. Nunez is very flexible/mobile down the mound, creating pure torque from vast hip/shoulder separation. His loose, mid depth arm action builds effortless arm speed from a crossfire, near sidearm slot creating a difficult across the zone angle for hitters. The 85-88 FB is nasty at 2,400-2,500 RPM with explosive ride+run up, and aggressive run+sink down, mirroring his advanced breaking ball more often than not. Jayden’s 73-75 SLV is a banger with elite potential at 2700-2900 rpm! It sweeps across the entire zone w/ sharp+efficient spin, tilt, and late depth. Expect electric K’s this spring at The Hill!



Part 1 Honorable Mentions

Kyle Robitzsch / C / North Cobb / 2023
Steele Ingram / OF / North Cobb / 2026
Dean Livingston / RHP / Collins Hill
Jackson Leach / LHP / Milton / 2024
Anthony Biondo / LHP / Denmark / 2024

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