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Preseason All-State: Catcher Analysis

Phil Kerber
Georgia Scouting Director

PBR Georgia hosted its second annual Preseason All-State event at LakePoint Sports this Saturday, January 9th. the event brought together just over 30 of the top prospects in the state's class of 2021 and 2022. Despite frigid temps, with the real feel temperature hovering around 28-30 degree, prospects competed in a pro-style workout.

We began the event analysis with our initial thoughts and a statistical analysis. Today, we will begin to dive into the player reports. We start with the hardest working group of prospects at a showcase, the catchers.

This group of players was led by Radford commit C Scott Mudler (Chattahoochee, 2021). Mudler has a strong, athletic frame, running a 7.18 60 yard dash. Hitting from the left-side of the infield, he sweeps his barrel through the zone looking to do damage pull-side. Behind the plate, he creates a large target and showed event best catch and throw skills.

Keep reading to view reports on the rest of the catchers at the event.

Top Catcher Prospects

Scott Mudler, Chattahoochee (GA), 2021 Radford
Positional Profile: C
Body: 6-1, 195-pounds. Strong, athletic build, broad shoulders.
Hit: LHH. Keeps it simple, wide, slightly open setup, short hand load coupled with a short stride, great balance. Swing path is long and sweeping through the zone, easy effort swing, takes a power approach, looks to get extension and make pull-side contact, ball jumps off bat when elevates pull-side.
Power: 95.00 mph exit velocity from the tee. Big power to pull-side with potential to all fields as he matures.
Arm: RH. C - 75.00 mph. Arm action is short to a high 3/4 slot, whippy arm speed, throws carry and are accurate.
Defense: 1.92-2.00 pop times. Flexible and athletic setup, plays through the ball with quick, fluid footwork, quick and smooth on transfers. Soft receiver, understands framing.
Run: 7.18 runner in the 60.

Rand Bestermann, Peachtree Ridge (GA), 2022
Positional Profile: C/2B
Body: 6-2, 200-pounds. Proportional build, lean strength throughout, plenty more to come as he continues to mature.
Hit: RHH. Open setup, hands load back smoothly, short stride, gets on front side early, finishes balanced. Hit path is short to the zone, mostly level through, drives the ball into left-center when he gets extension, flashed pull-side pop.
Power: 94.00 mph exit velocity from the tee.
Arm: RH. C - 75.00 mph. INF - 76.00 mph. Short arm action to a 3/4 slot on the infield, behind the plate arm plays short to an over-the-top/high 3/4 slot, throws showed carry, kept throws around the target at both positions.
Defense: 1.97-2.12 pop times. On the infield, charges the ball with short footwork, competent glove hand, good feel for back hand, clean transfers. Behind the plate, quick, clean footwork, good receiver, athletic hands, quick on transfers.
Run: 7.45 runner in the 60. Clean gait.

Dylan Butler, Perry (GA), 2022
Positional Profile: C
Body: 5-10, 160-pounds. Medium sized frame, lean build, lots of room to fill out.
Hit: LHH. Balanced setup, hands start back and deepen on load, short stride, back leg thrusts through contact. Swing path is long to the zone, level through, some quickness in hands, creates line drive contact middle/pull, flashed pull-side pop on pitches low and inside.
Power: 89.00 mph exit velocity from the tee.
Arm: RH. C - 72.00 mph. Short arm action to a high 3/4 slot, quick arm speed, kept throws around the target.
Defense: 2.01-2.12 pop times. Flexible throughout lower half, plays through the ball, quick, clean footwork, quick on transfers.
Run: 7.40 runner in the 60.

Hutch Ezell, Mill Creek (GA), 2022
Positional Profile: C
Body: 6-2, 195-pounds. Long, lanky frame, projectable build, lots of room to fill out.
Hit: RHH. Wide, balanced setup, quick rhythm in hands, loads back smoothly, short leg lift stride, good balance. Hit path is short to the zone, uphill through, looks to elevate and drive the ball to the pull-side, some looseness in hands, pull-side power.
Power: 92.00 mph exit velocity from the tee. Pull-side power.
Arm: RH. C - 68.00 mph. Arm action is short to a 3/4 slot, some stiffness in arm.
Defense: 2.22-2.29 pop times. Flexible hips, receives cleanly, clean footwork, at-times feet get heavy, clean on transfers, can get long sometimes.
Run: 7.46 runner in the 60.

Mahkai Pelzer, Chapel Hill (GA), 2021
Positional Profile: C/3B
Body: 6-0, 185-pounds. Thick frame, strength throughout.
Hit: RHH. Balanced setup, hands cock and load back, leg lift stride, good balance through finish. Swing path is mostly short to the zone, can get long at-times, uphill through, middle/pull hitter, able to drive the ball pull-side when he gets extension.
Power: 86.00 mph exit velocity from the tee.
Arm: RH. C - 70.00 mph. INF - 76.00 mph. Arm action is short to low 3/4 slot on the infield, short to a 3/4 slot behind the plate.
Defense: 2.25-2.33 pop times. On the infield, plays through the back, smooth footwork, clean on transfers, confident glove hand. Behind the plate, box setup, short footwork, clean on transfers.
Run: 8.04 runner in the 60.

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