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Memorial day weekend was action packed with players from the 2027-2024 class. In event we took a look at some guys that made impacts in our quick hits articles from days 1 and 2 and then another article from days 3 and 4. Here we take a deeper look with scouting reports from players that made an impression on our scouting staff. 

Clinton Harris, RHP, 2024
Uncommitted. 6-foot-2, 200-pounds. Out of Brookwood High School. Harris was one of my favorite arms of the day running the fastball up to 92 mph. Fastball sat around 88-91. Fastball spin rate was around 2200 at times. Harris also showed a changeup that he threw to lefties and righties down in the zone with good depth to get swings and misses with. Slider had good sharp movement at times that will continue to develop. Harris worked ahead in the count getting ahead with his Fastball. Really good leg drive as well as reach adds extra movement to all pitches. Harris will be an arm to keep an eye on throughout the summer.

Kenny Foudy, C, 2026
Uncommitted. 5-foot-11, 171-pounds. Foudy will be a guy that will be fun to follow throughout the entire summer. The athletic built backstop can really do it all. At the plate he has the ability to hit for power to any part of the field. His short/level swing allows him to backspin balls that carry into the gaps for extra base hits. Foudy gets to a nice hitting position after his small toe tap load. He gets nice separation with his hands getting his hands and hips on the same timing. Defensively, Foudy has nice hip mobility that allows him to move well behind the plate. Blocks well side to side, funnels everything towards the plate. He has nice strength that allows him to receive the baseball well. He's able to get his thumb moving pitches back towards the zone, steals many strikes when he is behind the plate.

Coleman Eldridge, OF, 2026
Uncommitted. 6-foot, 165-pounds. Eldridge is an intriguing guy to watch coming out of the ’26 class. He keeps a strong front side, not allowing his weight to drift. He is very explosive in his swing, with good hip coil, providing gap to gap pop. Eldridge has nice extension at the finish of his swing to stay on the baseball and work the other way. He has a rotational swing keeping his barrel in the zone for a long time. His plus speed allows him to be aggressive on the basepaths and try to push for the extra base. Defensively, he makes good reads off of the bat and gets good first steps in the direction of the ball. He has a solid arm to go along with his ability to track baseballs.

David Albert, RHP, 2025
Uncommitted. 5-foot-11, 165-pounds. Albert has one of my favorite arms of the weekend. He is a crafty right hander that ran the fastball up to 86 and settled in at 84-85 mph. The fastball has great run/sink action hard into RHH. Then backs the fastball up with a 74-75 mph breaking ball. His curveball has great depth with nice 12/6 break. Albert has a great delivery, he really gets nice leg drive while exploding down the mound. Then gets nice extension on his release. Albert is a player that has tremendous upside in the coming years. Excited to see his progressions.

Brady Holbrook, OF, 2025
Uncommitted. 6-foot-1, 195-pounds. The lefty bat has a real intriguing swing coming out of the ‘25 class. On day one of the 2023 Georgia State Games, he sent one over the RF wall for a big time homer. He keeps nice swing mechanics generating power off of a stiff front side. Shows nice timing with his hips and hands. He has nice hand separation in his load with real strong bat control through the zone ending with good extension after contact. Holbrook has an on-plane bat path creating major backspin at the point of contact.

Dimitri Angelakos, RHP/SS, 2024
Uncommitted. 6-foot-3, 200-pounds. Angelakos, one of the top remaining uncommitted arms left in the ‘24 class. He had a strong start Sunday on day two of the 2023 Georgia State Games. He has a long and explosive stride down the mound. He ran a sinking fastball up to 90 mph while sitting at 88-89. His fastball was electric with late sinking action. Then flips in a slider 75-77, his slider is a great pitch coming off of the fastball. Has great break, in which he can throw for a strike and get hitters to chase out of the zone. Makes it even harder than it already is on the hitters while keeping the same arm slot with both pitches. Angelakos is going to be a huge pickup for someone.

Michael Fredette, RHP, 2025
Kennesaw State Commit. 5-foot-10, 160-pounds. Got the start in a big time pool play game Sunday and he did not disappoint. He was extremely fun to watch from the first pitch to the last pitch of his outing. I love the tempo and the explosiveness he shows while he is on the mound. Fredette has crazy spin rates on both pitches. He throws a lively fastball 89-91 and running it up to 92 mph, with a top spin rate of (2604). Then he spins in a plus wipeout slider at 76-78 mph with a top spin rate of (2950). What an outing to start the summer can’t wait to see how much he progresses throughout the summer.

Colin White, LHP, 2026
Georgia Tech Commit. 6-foot-3, 175-pounds. A young left handed arm that shows electric stuff on the mound. His long/ lanky build allows a lot of room for growth in the coming years. White’s fastball had some late life on it that would run back into left handed hitters. He got his fastball up to 90 while sitting 88- 89. He had a high spin rate on the fastball up to 2450. White has a big hammer curveball that turned into a pitch he relied on the most. He really drives off of his back leg to explode down the mound.

Grant Largen, RHP, 2025
Uncommitted. 6-foot-4, 200-pounds. Largen has a quick/short arm action delivery where he really gets down the mound with the intent to explode down the mound. He really sits on his back leg in his delivery. He solidified a two pitch mix with his fastball and slider. He would flash a changeup every so often to keep hitters off of the fastball. He ran his fastball up to 88 while settling in at 84-86. The fastball is a real good pitch for him that has late life on it with high spin (2340). The slider has the potential to be a really good pitch for him, Largen showed flashes of what the pitch could be in his outing. The slider ranged from 74-76. He was able to get many swings and misses with it. Largen is a player that is starting to come into his own, his velo is on the rise, and becoming a pitcher. He is starting to make a name for himself in the ‘25 class.


Carter Gregory, RHP, 2024
Uncommitted. 6-foot 3, 205-pounds. Gregory will be an interesting guy to follow throughout the summer. He got ahead early in counts with both his Fastball and curveball. His big frame will allow for more velocity in the coming months and years. Fastball sat 83-85 while topping at 86 several times. Curveball has good depth and sharp break downward. Solid speed differential between the all three pitches. Used the changeup mainly against lefties. Curveball will be his out pitch in the future to get chases down in the zone.

Brady Christman, C/OF, 2025
Uncommitted. 5-foot 11, 195-pounds. Christman had himself a day. Smoked balls all over the field with a triple to the gap in Left Center and a homerun over the wall in Left Field. Both balls left the bat at 98 mph. He has a low and crouched stance which allows him to stay in his legs throughout his swing. He’s a super strong kid who runs well for his size. Christman has the potential for future raw power in years to come. He will be a very interesting follow to see how he develops with age.

Henry Akopov, OF, 2025
Uncommitted. 6-foot, 180-pounds. Akopov was one of my favorite guys to watch in all facets of the game. His athleticism shines through his swing, speed, and presence in the outfield. His patience at the plate was exceptional, working himself into a 3 ball count early in his first at-bat. He then drove a ball into the opposite field to record his first base hit of the day. His short-compact swing allows him to drive the ball well to all parts of the field with high exit velocity. Akopov then added a stolen base to his stat line to show off his quickness. Defensively, he excels with exceptional reaction time and shows off his speed by covering a lot of ground. He will be a very interesting player to watch develop over the next few years.

Max Owens, C, 2024
Uncommitted. 6-foot 4, 190 pounds. Owens is a tall and lanky backstop with an above-average swing. He shows off his athleticism with his presence behind the plate. His arm strength is exceptional. His smooth swing and quick hands allow him to hit pitches all throughout the zone. His toe-tap load allows him to control his timing. Owens does a good job at keeping his barrel in the zone allowing him to hit hard line drives to all parts of the field. Owens will be a fun player to watch throughout the summer from the 2024 class.

Reece Grodeman, RHP, 2026
Uncommitted. 6-foot 4, 175 pounds. Grodeman is a talented player with exceptional athleticism. An advanced left-handed hitter that drove the ball all over the field during the weekend. He has quick hands allowing him to hit the ball hard consistently. He drove the ball well to all parts of the field. His smooth, easy rhythm swing allows for hard line drive contact. Grodeman is able to keep his barrel level through the zone allowing him to hit inside and outside pitches. He also shows off his athleticism by being aggressive on the bases. In the outfield, he has great reaction time and footwork while tracking balls down. He has good arm strength in which he displays on the mound as well. 

Whit Thomas, SS, 2026
Uncommitted. 6-foot-2, 165-pounds.(13th at his position in Oklahoma, 37th in his overall class) Thomas has a long, lanky, athletic frame. Above-average left-handed hitter. Thomas has a smooth and simple approach at the plate. His athleticism is shown throughout his swing and his fielding. He worked the count early in his at-bat before ripping an opposite field double. Thomas has an athletic set-up with loose, athletic hands that keep his barrel through the zone. His smooth and simple swing has a level approach that allows Thomas to drive the ball to all parts of the field. He also maintains balance throughout his swing while swinging with strong leverage and bat control. On Defense, Thomas is confident and therefore attacks the ball with good footwork. Thomas has soft hands and good glove action. Registered a 75 mph velo from across the diamond with plenty of room to develop more strength in the future.

McKale Stevenson, RHP, 2025
6-foot-3 180-pounds. Stevenson has looking to have gained some size and strength since the fall, and he has really paid off on all his pitches. The fastball was up to 88 with over 2400 of spin. He settled in at 85-87, and held velo throughout the outing. The second half of the delivery is the driving force, and he does a really good job of finishing over the front knee. The breaking ball has good shape, and is pretty firm at 76-78 with 2500-2700 of spin. He commanded all 3 pitches in the zone, and had quick, efficient innings. Stevenson will be a name to know headed into NPI next week.

Chase Tatum, OF/1B, 2026
Uncommitted. 6-foot-3, 195-pounds. (69th ranked overall player in Georgia in his class.) Tatum is a big, strong athletic player. The ball jumps off his bat from gap to gap. He stands up tall in the box with a slightly opened stance. Smooth swing and attacks the inside part of the ball well. Tatum makes the routine plays in the field, and his tall frame helps with bang-bang plays at first. Tatum is a fun player to watch and will be a fun follow for the next few months and years.

Trey Robbins, 1B, 2026
Uncommitted. 6-foot-3, 205 pounds. (15th overall in GA, 4th at his position). Tall, muscular, athletic frame. Balanced setup with athletic bend in the knees. Defined lower half. Really good strength in hands/forearms.  Fast hands while getting his foot down on time in order to time up his load/hips. Swings with control and power. On Defense, Robbins' tall frame helped with being able to reach high throws. Also did a good job of stretching out to meet the ball sooner.

Luke Miller, OF, 2024
Uncommitted. 6-foot, 170 pounds. (107th overall in GA, 23rd at his position). Medium frame with lean muscle. Athletic stance with a smooth LH swing. Has good pop to the pull side. Nice load and extension to barrel the ball with consistent, hard contact. Simple approach at the plate with a gap-to-gap approach. Good speed for size and can fly around the bases. Defensively, Miller takes good routes to the ball and fields balls in stride.

Will Corn, OF, 2024
Uncommitted. 5-foot-11, 145-pounds. Skinny frame with a narrow stance. Corn does a good job of keeping his hands inside and extending his barrel through the zone to drive the ball. Corn has barreled multiple balls to all parts of the field this summer. Above-average LHH. Defensively, Corn makes routine plays in the OF with solid arm strength to cut off runners.

Cooper Hecklinski, OF, 2026
Uncommitted. 6-foot, 165 pounds. Strong build with a strong lower half. Big leg kick to time pitches up with nice load + extension to barrel the ball to all parts of the field. Pulls the hands back before exploding his bat flat through the zone and getting hard contact. Hecklinski is able to generate solid bat speed which allows him to stay strong through the ball. He also maintains great balance throughout his swing. Hecklinski is an Athlete that can also be a threat on the bases. Defensively, Hecklinski was fielding balls in stride all game.

Tyler VanSumeren, OF/1B, 2026
Kennesaw State Commit. 5-foot-11, 145-pounds. (11th overall in the ‘26 class, 2nd at his position). VanSumeren is an Overall Athlete. He has a skinny frame with proportional strength. Good lower half with nice bend in the knees. VanSumeren is an advanced LHH. Clean, athletic, controlled swing. Small toe-tap, good load, maintains barrel through extension to create hard contact with ball. VanSumeren will continue to fill out and add muscle to his frame. One of the top prospects in the state. Good Follow to watch throughout the summer.

Jack Turner, SS, 2025
Uncommitted. 5-foot-11, 175-pounds. (25th at his position in the state). Turner is a Gamer. He has a very slim, athletic, build. Turner is super athletic and explosive with plus speed (6.97 60). Toe-tap load, keeps hands inside, and extends up through the zone to drive the ball with hard contact. Turner also maintains great balance throughout his load in order to be in good position to unload on any pitch he sees. Has above-average bat speed with line drive approach to all fields. Explosive lower half that he uses to his advantage to be able to turn on any pitch. Defensively, Turner is confident in his ability to get to any ball hit his way. He takes aggressive routes to grounders with really smooth, easy, glovework. He gloves balls in stride with an on-line, quick release, that is accurate to 1B. An Overall really good athlete.

Julian Horner, CF, 2024
Uncommitted. 6-foot 1 195 lbs. Horner shows a major presence in the box. He does a great job at slowing the game down. In his second game of the 2023 State Games, Horner went 2-3 with two bases clearing doubles. One of which happened to be a ground rule double just to the right of the batter's eye. The other was a line drive through the left center gap that rolled to the fence. His “failed” AB was a hard ground ball to the second baseman to score the go ahead run late in the game. His big frame and strong legs generate power that is among the top in his class. Horner’s bat speed and smooth compact load allows him to drive the ball to all parts of the field with some serious pop. He provides a major clutch factor in big moments. Horner went on to log several more hits throughout the rest of the tournament.

Ben Fussell, SS, 2026
Uncommitted. 5-foot-9 160-pounds. Fussell is much stronger from this time last summer. He had a full year of varsity experience, starting at shortstop. He now has the power to drive balls in the gap. The approach at the plate has always been really good, but now we can hunt his pitch and look to do damage. In the field he makes all the routine plays. He ranges well up the middle, and has the ability to throw the ball on the run. He had a couple nice doubles plays that he took himself, and worked through the bag with the runner sliding into second. At the plate he stays in his legs much more, and has cleaned up the load to keep him on time consistently, especially against good pitching. Fussell will be a fun one to watch this summer and into next spring with an experienced lineup from Coffee County returning.
Jude Matthews, LHP, 2026
6-foot 165-pounds. Matthews has made some big strides since last summer. At the Junior Future Games he showed the ability to throw strikes with pitches and ran the fastball up to 77. Less than a year later he is sitting 79-82 and touched 83 and 84. The lower half has really developed and has carried the velo jump for him. His trackman metrics on all of his pitches are starting to tick up as well. His curveball spin stays above 2300, and the fastball has 12-18 inches of horizontal break. Matthews is going to be a fun left handed arm to see develop the rest of the summer against some tough competition.

Blake Bryant, RHP, 2026
Clemson commit. 6-foot-3 165-pounds. Bryant tossed an impressive 7 innings with 11 strikeouts. The frame and delivery are beginning to come together, and the velocity is starting to take off. He was up to 88 and settled in at 85-87. He has a true 3 pitch mix with confidence in all of his pitches. The fastball has late life when it is down in the zone with some arm side run. The change up plays off of the fastball out of the same arm slot and arm speed. The curveball is high spin with good shape and late break. The composure and tempo is impressive for his age, Bryant has all the right makeup to be an exceptional pitcher at the next level. The fastball is going to be in the low 90’s in a matter of time.

Dillon Stiltner, RHP, 2025
6-foot-2 165-pounds. Stiltner was able to make a couple appearances this weekend with the first one being a tune up for bracket play. He filled up the zone as usual with the fastball up to 87. The fastball has late life, especially up in the zone. He was able to get multiple strikeouts on the fastball above the hands for swing and miss. He continues to clean his delivery up, and he looks even more effortless than before. The lower half is picture perfect with strong back leg drive and front leg lock out on the finish. The velo is going to continue to climb for Stiltner. In his bracket play outing he was up to 89. He is going to be a big name to know in the ‘25 class with a ton of upside in the mechanically sound delivery.