IA Preseason All-State: Outfield Evaluations

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By Rob Allison
Prep Baseball Report Iowa

Prep Baseball Report's IA Preseason All-State event took place on Sunday, March 13, 2016. The event was held at the SportsPlex West Facility in Waukee, IA. The event featured prospects from the 2017 and 2018 classes from Iowa, Minnesota and Nebraska who showcased their talents in front of our scouting staff. Thank you to the players, parents, my staff and SportsPlex West and the Iowa Sticks for such a great event.

There were a number of great individual performances this year at the IA Preseason All-State. Also of note is the fact that official high school practices don't start in Minnesota for another week; and Iowa players aren't near their peak performance with their season beginning in May. Look for many of these player's numbers to continue to improve as they get closer to actually playing.

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Below we have highlighted the top prospects at their respective positions with evaluations.

top outfield Prospects

1. Robbie McCargar, OF, Dowling Catholic, 2017
6-foot, 185-pound left-handed hitting outfielder. 7.03 runner. Strong build. One of best bats at event. Clean bat path with loud contact. Creates bat speed with well above avg. pop with minimal effort. Short to contact and shows ability to hit for power to all fields. 95 mph exit velocity. Has made improvements in outfield. Looks more comfortable with routes and fielding. Ball comes clean out of hand with good accuracy to target at 78 mph. Everyday left-fielder and middle-of-order bat.

2. Gregory Bennett, SS/OF, Western Dubuque, 2017
5-foot-11, 170-pound right-handed hitting middle infielder. 6.78 runner with good strength in compact frame. Simple swing. Repeats well. Even with high back elbow; bat path is clean and short to contact. Consistent hard contact with ability to drive baseball to opposite field. One of better BP’s at event. 92 mph exit velocity off tee. Versatile athlete with ability to play infield and outfield. Runs enough for OF with 89 mph arm strength. Throws are online and accurate to target and shows athletic routes and actions.

3. Anthony Alepra, RHP/OF, Cedar Rapids Kennedy, 2017
6-foot-3, 175-pound right-handed hitting 2-way player. Lean wiry body. 7.00 runner at this event. Hitting mechanics have greatly improved since August 2015. Better rhythm and balance in swing. Consistent hard contact with mid/pull approach. 90 mph exit velocity. ¾ arm action with accurate arm at 90 mph. Shows athleticism in routes and fielding. Intriguing 2-way prospect in 2017 class.

4. Alex Lindstrom, OF, Eastview (MN), 2017
6-foot-1, 175-pound left-handed hitting outfielder. 7.3 runner at this event. Above avg. high school football-wrestler. Type of player that could really take off in college. Lost 20 lbs. for wrestling season. Frame could easily handle 20-25 back on. One of more projectable bats in MN 2017 class. Generates easy bat speed. Stays down and through at contact. Quiet repeatable swing with ability to drive baseball to oppo gap. 90 mph exit velocity. Solid actions that should improve in outfield with more reps. Arm is accurate with above avg. carry to target at 80 mph. Everyday left-field type player with above avg. bat.

5. Jayden Kies, OF/RHP, Iowa City West, 2018
6-foot, 145-pound right-handed hitting 2-way player. 6.68 runner. Lean athletic build. One of better BP’s at event. Has bat whip through zone. Stays through at contact with ability to use whole field. Consistent solid contact and has good hands at the plate. 84 mph exit velocity off tee. Light on his feet with good quickness in outfield with athletic routes to the baseball. Above avg. accuracy with solid carry on throws at 82 mph.

outfield (follow list)

Tony Barreca, C/OF, North Scott, 2018
5-foot-10, 160-pound right-handed hitting catcher/outfielder. 7.18 60 time. Square stance with smaller inverted C load. Strength in bat has increased. Occasionally barrel leaves zone early. Shows gap to gap approach. 86 mph exit velocity off tee. Quick feet with clean exchanges behind the plate. Compact movements and repeats well. Shows ability to receive. Has solid flexibility. Solid carry, very accurate to bag, with a 2.03 pop time and 72 mph arm strength. Above avg. carry on throws to catcher from outfield at 86 mph. Aggressive routes with fielding ability. Ability to play OF and get out from behind the dish everyday and keep bat in line-up.

Benjamin Beutel, LHP/OF, Davenport North, 2017
5-foot-11, 160-pound left-handed pitcher/2-way player. 7.19 runner. Quiet in box. Short load. Some disconnect with arm bar to swing. Hard middle/away contact. Repeats swing well. Short finish occasionally after contact. 82 mph exit velocity. Plays fast in the OF with aggressive routes. Quick release with above avg. high school arm strength. Will rush throws occasionally from ¾ slot. 86 mph arm strength.

Justus Burke, OF, Davenport Assumption, 2017
5-foot-11, 185-pound right-handed hitting outfielder. Strong running back build with speed. 6.87 60 time. Big load and leg kick. Flashes strength in bat with middle/pull approach. Tries to generate too much- effecting timing in box. Once he quiets down in box; shows enough hitting ability. 85 mph exit velocity. Good athlete with raw fielding mechanics in outfield. Tends to field on side with long release. Arm is accurate to target at 79 mph arm strength from outfield. Multi-sport athlete that will continue to develop and improve. Interesting power/speed combination.

Keaton Candor, OF, Lemars, 2017
5-foot-10, 190-pound right-handed hitting outfielder. 7.46 runner. Strong compact build. Creates good bat speed through zone. Has extension through contact. Deeper load with leg kick trigger. Shows ability to drive baseball with authority to oppo gap. 93 mph exit velocity. Projects to play left field in college. Avg. quickness and routes to ball. Tends to field with 2-hands effecting balance and momentum on throws. Arm is accurate with solid carry to target at 80 mph.

Blaise Rosson, OF, Burlington, 2018
5-foot-11, 170-pound right-handed hitting outfielder. 5-foot-11, 170-pound right-handed hitting outfielder. 7.34 runner. Shows potential with bat. Controlled leg kick trigger. Creates bat speed and flashes some pop in bat. Mid/pull approach. Aggressive swing and look to drive baseball. 81 mph exit velocity. Solid actions in outfield. Has range and moves well at position. Stiff throwing actions. Needs to use more momentum on throws. Throws are accurate to target with solid carry at 80 mph. Follow in 2018 class.

Tommy Springer, OF/RHP, Eastview (MN), 2018
5-foot-11, 195-pound right-handed hitting 2-way player. 7.6 runner. Projectable build with strong lower half. Present strength in bat with raw hitting mechanics. Has rhythm in load. Drop drive mechanics to contact. Flashes above avg. pop with mid/pull approach. 86 mph exit velocity. Proto build and actions for right field. Needs to improve running speed. Good angles and actions to field. Plus arm strength from outfield with good accuracy and well above avg. carry to target at 92 mph.

Josh Strauss, OF, Linn-Mar, 2017
5-foot-11, 190-pound right-handed hitting outfielder. 7.53 runner at this event. Lean athletic build with solid strength. Tends to lean over plate at contact. Fights back elbow occasionally to begin swing. Flashes hard contact with pull approach. 83 mph exit velocity off tee. Light on his feet and OF and flashes athleticism. Should continue to improve with additional reps. Clean high arm slot with accuracy. 79 mph arm strength from outfield with good carry to target.

Noah Weeter, OF, Sioux City North, 2017
6-foot-1, 180-pound right-handed hitting outfielder. 6.72 runner with athletic build. Flashes hard line drive contact with avg. pop in bat. Deep load with high back elbow restricts swing; but path is relatively clean and has some strength elbows to wrists. 89 mph exit velocity off tee. Plays fast in OF with good quickness and aggressive routes. Hands are sure and fields well. Shows avg. arm from outfield with lower elbow release and avg. carry at 78 mph.

outfield Prospects

Jarrett Blunt, RHP/OF, Ottumwa, 2018
6-foot, 150-pound right-handed hitting 2-way player. 7.41 runner. Deeper load at plate. Underneath at contact. Oppo approach. 76 mph exit velocity off tee. Avg. actions in outfield. Timid routes to field. Longer arm action with decent carry to target. 78 mph arm strength.

Garrett Greiner, OF/RHP, Pekin, 2017
5-foot-11, 165-pound right-handed hitting 2-way player. 7.28 runner. Crouched stance with longer stride into contact. Uphill path to contact with collapse in lower half. Avg. solid contact with mid/pull approach. 80 mph exit velocity. Avg. routes and athleticism in outfield. Elevated throws from ¾ arm slot with minimal extension or momentum. 78 mph arm strength.

Trace Howard, OF, Wapello, 2018
5-foot-9, 160-pound right-handed hitting outfielder. 7.00 runner. Athletic build with present strength. Stiff hitting mechanics. Creates bat speed. Spray contact from mid/pull approach. 80 mph exit velocity off tee. Aggressive routes in outfield and plays with quickness. Tends to field with 2-hands. Limited use of front side on throws. Arm is accurate to target with quicker release at 77 mph.

Jake Huff, OF/LHP, Pekin, 2017
6-foot-3, 180-pound left-handed hitting 2-way player. 7.19 runner at this event. Crouched stance. Has made offensive improvements since August. Flat slashy swing plane. Spray contact with gap to gap approach. 82 mph exit velocity off tee. Plays fast in the outfield with aggressive routes and shows good glove. Throws are accurate to target with quick release and avg. carry. 76 mph arm strength from outfield.

Kyle Kliever, OF/C, Lemars, 2017
5-foot-11, 175-pound left-handed hitting outfielder/catcher. 7.25 runner. Solid build. Deeper load with flashes of above avg. pop in bat. Elevates baseball at contact. Middle/pull approach. Loses weight shift behind locked front leg. 77 mph exit velocity. Avg. actions in outfield. Shows soft glove with appropriate routes to ball. Avg. quickness. 80 mph throws from outfield. Solid/avg. behind the plate. Good blocking mechanics. Needs to improve receiving skills. 2.22 pop time with 72 mph arm strength.

Alex Kopriva, OF, Ankeny Centennial, 2017
5-foot-11, 175-pound right-handed hitting outfielder. 7.43 runner. Open stance. Strides to square with front heel turn trigger. Drops hands in swing plane length to contact with uphill plane. Middle/away approach with solid contact and some strength in bat. 91 mph exit velocity. Shows avg. athleticism in outfield. Shows good accuracy to target from ¾ pie arm action at 79 mph.

Bobby Magnus, OF, Davenport Central, 2017
6-foot, 175-pound right-handed hitting outfielder. 7.56 runner. Leg kick trigger. Shoulder load creates length to contact. Tends to hook baseball with mid/pull approach. Flashes pop in bat with good strength. 76 mph exit velocity. Avg. quickness and energy in outfield. Fields with 2-hands. Tips front shoulder causing him to throw uphill. Avg. arm with accuracy to target at 76 mph.

Luke Roudabush, OF, Grinnell, 2017
5-foot-9, 140-pound left-handed hitting outfielder. 6.91 runner at this event. Pre-set hands with minimal rhythm. Flat bat path through zone with mostly ground ball contact. Limited use of lower half. Contact/spray hitter. 69 mph exit velocity. Good quickness in outfield. Late glove presentation. Tends to field on side. 61 mph arm strength from outfield.

Sam Stelken, RHP/OF, Beckman Catholic, 2017
6-foot-3, 185-pound right-handed hitting 2-way player. 7.15 runner. Physical build. Spread stance with short leg lift trigger. Some stiffness in lower half with short finish after contact. Solid contact from mid/pull approach. 83 mph exit velocity off tee. Decent athlete in outfield. Light on his feet. Sure hands and appropriate routes to ball. ¾ arm slot with solid accuracy and sinking action to throws at 85 mph.

Luke Wilder, RHP/OF, North Scott, 2018
6-foot-1, 180-pound right-handed hitting 2-way player. 7.34 runner. Open stance. Strides to square. Deep load and tends to drop hands in swing; creating uphill path through zone with short finish. Avg./ok pop in bat with mid/away approach. 82 mph exit velocity. Shows good feet and glove in outfield with aggressive routes to ball. Short arm action with solid accuracy and avg. footwork on throws. Would benefit from following throws to target. 81 mph arm strength.


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