Missouri Valley Preview: Outfield Analysis

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By Brian Feekin
Prep Baseball Report Nebraska

The Missouri Valley Preview was an opportunity for 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 prospects from Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota to showcase themselves and see where they were at before the spring season begins. Prep Baseball Report's Missouri Valley Preview event took place on Monday, February 15, 2016 at Ultimate Baseball Academy in Omaha, NE.

There were breakout performances, opportunities to see new players, and gave PBR Nebraska the opportunity to create an extensive follow list of prospects to see over the course of the spring and summer. Many individuals, as well, placed themselves into the fray for our 2017 and 2018 state-wide player rankings which will be released in the future.

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outfield Prospects

Travis Baily, C/OF, Elkhorn, 2017
Athletic 6-foot, 192-pound catcher/outfielder that ran a 4.93 40-yard sprint. Open stance. Get's closed after small triggered stride. Lots of movement with hands. Level swing plain with a long follow through. Average actions in the outfield. Release is slowed by extra glove pat. 81 mph throws from outfield with accuracy to catcher. Square stance behind the plate. Needs some polishing on receiving. Extra movement with pitch. Quick release on throws to target. Clean transfer from glove to hand. Posted top pop time of 2.03.

Grant Bohling, OF, Lincoln Southwest, 2018
5-foot-11, 185-pound outfielder ran a 4.87 40-yard sprint. Good rhythm in swing. Squared stance and stride stays square. Some length to swing but gets hands through the zone with an inverted swing plane. Exit velocity of 78 mph. Shows athleticism in the outfield, good hands, quick release with accuracy.

Bradley Bourland, INF/OF, Homeschooled, 2017
6-foot, 165-pound Outfielder/Infielder ran a 5.03 40-yard sprint. Crouched stance. Hands start outside the body generating a long swing path. Avg. contact. 70 mph exit velocity off a tee. Avg. footwork. Heavy feet after fielding the ball. 63 mph infield velocity. Better actions in the outfield. Fields ball out front. Collapses lower half on throws. Outfield velocity of 70 mph. 

Brenton Davis, C/OF/INF, Raymond Central, 2017
5-foot-11, 170-pound left-handed hitting 2nd basemen/catcher that ran a 5.03 40-yard sprint. Simple load and keeps arms and bat in good launch position. Short to contact. Shows barrel control and is able to use the whole field. 76 mph exit velocity off a tee. Short arm action from OT slot. Shows ability to make routine in the field. Aggressive to the ball with usable hands. 75 mph across the infield. Narrow set-up behind the plate limits movement to balls. Quick transfer makes up for velocity. Throws were made in the 2.07-2.15 range.

Dayne Kreikemeier, OF, Lincoln Pius X, 2018
The 5-foot-11, 175-pound outfielder showed the top 40 and home-to-first times at the event with 4.81 and 4.03. Crouched set-up. Barrel is quick through the zone. Toe tap trigger. Squared multiple balls up. 75 mph exit velocity. Quick actions in the outfield, releases throws quickly despite lacking velocity. Throws were on target. 70 mph arm strength.

Chase Lauver, OF, Lincoln Northstar, 2017
6-foot-1 185-pound outfielder that ran a 5.16 40 yard sprint. 4.18 home-to-first time. Right-handed hitter, tall stance, small front leg and heel pick up/turn trigger, uphill swing plane, top spins balls. 81 mph exit velocity off tee. Aggressive actions in outfield. Slowed transfer and release due to extra hop. Throws were accurate. 79 mph outfield velocity.

Alec Lee, OF, Grand Island, 2016
5-foot-10, 200-pound outfielder ran a 4.88 40 yard sprint. Continued to show improvement at the plate. Level swing plain. Physical compact swing. Matured approach using all fields. Top exit velocity of 92 mph off a tee.  Also had outfield velocity of 84 mph. Carry and accuracy through the catcher. Footwork should continue to improve.

Michael Love, OF, Westside, 2017
5-foot-11, 175-pound outfielder ran a 5.03 40-yard sprint. Right-handed hitter, high back elbow, loads with high leg kick, weight transfer through contact with good direction, line drive swing plane with lift and finish at end. 79 mph exit velocity off a tee. Defensively, aggressive to the ball in the outfield. Fields ball out front. High 3/4 arm slot with accuracy.

Carson Pilkington, OF, Elkhorn South, 2018
6-foot, 200-pound outfielder ran the 2nd fastest 40-yard sprint at the event with a 4.85. Right-handed hitter, balanced stance, front leg triggers the swing. Long swing plain and hands stay on top of the baseball. Good approach to all fields. 76 mph exit velocity. OK outfield actions. Struggled getting ball out of glove at times. Stays tall on throws. 79 mph throwing velocity with good carry.

Dylan Phillips, LHP/1B/OF, Creighton Prep, 2018
5-foot-10, 180-pound two-way player ran a 5.22 40-yard sprint. Quiet body at the plate. Gap to gap approach with line drive swing plane. 78 mph exit velocity off a tee. Shows ability to make routine plays in both infield and outfield. Accuracy with throws with good carry. 

Garrett Shaw, OF, Ogallala, 2017
Shaw saw an increase of outfield velocity from previous event and is now up to 69 mph from the outfield. Avg. ball transfer from glove, throws from 3/4 arm slot. 67 mph exit velocity. Improved weight shift offensively from previous event. 



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