Q&A With 2015 U. of Iowa Commit: Robert Neustrom (Sioux City North)

By Rob Allison
Iowa State Director

Robert Neustrom

Robert Neustrom, OF/LHP, Sioux City North, Class of 2015

PBR:  Why did you choose the University of Iowa?
NEUSTROM: I chose the University of Iowa because they presented me with a good opportunity to play at their school. Also I've been a Hawkeye fan my whole life, and it has been a goal of mine to play Division 1 baseball in a major conference.

PBR:  What other schools were you considering?
NEUSTROM: Before I was contacted by Iowa I was considering various Junior Colleges to expose myself to Division 1 schools.

PBR:  Where did they first see you? How did your relationship develop with the coaching staff?

NEUSTROM: They first saw me at the Junior Showcase in Des Moines. My relationship developed with the coaches after my junior season when the coaches first contacted me. The relationship grew when they continued to stay in touch with me, and culminated once I went on my official visit.

PBR: What role do you expect to play your first year on campus?
NEUSTROM: I expect to work hard both academically and athletically and improve my baseball skills to where I earn a starting spot in the lineup.

PBR: Who has had the biggest impact on you as a baseball player?
NEUSTROM: My high school and legion coach, but most of all my father who got me to love the game at a very young age. He has also helped me improve my game throughout my whole life.  

PBR: What have you worked on/improved since last year?
NEUSTROM: One thing I've worked on and improved since last year would be my speed. I put an emphasis on speed and agility when I work on my game. Another aspect that I have worked on and improved is my arm strength from the outfield and mound.

PBR: Who is the toughest player that you have faced in Iowa?
NEUSTROM: The toughest player that I have faced in Iowa would have to be Dom Thompson-Williams. He has robbed me of many multiple base hits with the plays that he made in the outfield.

PBR:  What are your thoughts on the recruiting process? Any advice for future players in your position.
NEUSTROM: I didn't have the exposure that most elite players had, but in the end my talents were exposed to the right school. Advice I would have for future players in my position would be to expose yourself at a young age and work hard on the fundamentals of the game.


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