Quad City Open: Catching Analysis

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By Rob Allison
Prep Baseball Report Iowa

The Prep Baseball Report Iowa's final event in 2014- the Quad City Open- took place on Sunday December 14th at the Ambrose Dome in Davenport, IA. 53 prospects strutted their stuff in front of over 20 collegiate programs in attendance. Over the next several days the PBR Scouting staff will roll out position-by-position rankings of the event, culminating with the Top Ten Overall Prospects from the showcase.

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We also broke down the Top Tools of the event. Click Here to view the Top Tools based on various commonly used scouting criteria for analyzing prospects.

Ankeny's Greg Anderberg took the top spot in this category. The switch-hitting catcher showed upper level hitting ability from the left side of the plate. Live bodied and moved extremely well behind the dish. His bat and his ability to receive and block during the bullpen sessions at the event separated him in this category.

Let’s take a look at the top catching prospects from this December’s Quad City Open.

top catching prospects

1. Greg Anderberg, C, Ankeny, 2016
5-foot-10, 150-pound switch-hitting catcher. 7.63 60 time. 78 mph exit velocity. Upper level hitter. Shows better swing currently from left side. Quality rhythm in load. Loose swing with line-drive approach. Shows appropriate footwork behind the plate. Exchange was inconsistent but shows requisite ability to catch and throw. Pop times ranged 2.16-2.2 with varying accuracy. Switch-hitting catchers are commodity and he will be followed closely over the next year.

2. Keaton Rice, C/OF, Geneseo, 2017
6-foot-1, 165-pound left-handed hitting catcher/outfielder looked noticeably more physical adding height and weight since this past summer. Hits from an open setup, slight crouch, short stride, explosive bat speed for age, short path, slightly uphill, looks mostly to pull, line drives. Defensively, showed arm strength from the outfield at 83 mph from short, over-the-top arm slot with carry. Future most likely lies behind the plate where he reeled off pop times from 2.08-2.18. Pop times and accuracy were better when he came out of the chute at a lower angle, not standing up straight first. Threw 73 mph from the crouch, ran a 7.37 60. Rice already has a plus frame, and left-handed catchers are a rarity. He’s a high follow prospect in Illinois’ 2017 class.

3. Nathan Hoth, RHP/C, Davenport West, 2016
5-foot-9, 160-pound 2-way player. 7.37 60 time. Strong swing. Wide base with short stride. Very balanced through contact with line drive swing plane and gap to gap approach. Creates separation after contact. 81 mph exit velocity off tee. Average/ok feet behind the plate with quick release. Most throws were accurate and on bag. Throws show online carry. 2.07-2.19 pop times with 73 mph arm strength. Balanced compact mechanics with high knee raise delivery. Gathers over the rubber well with rhythm and athleticism. Lands open in delivery leaving some pitches arm side. Short high ¾ arm action with some looseness out front.

Best of the Rest (Listed Alphabetically)

Tony Barreca, C, North Scott, 2018
5-foot-8, 150-pound right-handed hitting catcher. 7.57 60 time. Crouched stance with good balance. Short consistent load and short to contact. Slight uphill swing plane through contact. 80 mph exit velocity off tee. Qualiy set-up behind plate. Feet and exchange are good for 2018 grad. Most throws on bag. Proper mechanics in blocking. 70 mph arm strength to second base with pop times in 2.19-2.4 range.

Jarrin Flores, C, Pleasant Valley, 2017
5-foot-7, 130-pound right-handed hitting catcher. Small build. 7.31 60 time. Square stance with good rhythm and balance in swing. Short to contact with gap to gap approach. 74 mph exit velocity off tee. Proper blocking mechanics with quick feet and ability to deaden ball. Exchange is long at times effecting pop times and accuracy. Will continue to improve and he matures physically. Arm strength of 66 mph with pop times in 2.28-2.4 range.

Jackson Foulk, C, Muscatine, 2018
6-foot, 185-pound right-handed hitting catcher. 7.34 60 time. Strong- physically mature for age. Wide base with appropriate load into swing. Low hand set with short level swing through contact. One hand finish and creates some separation. 81 mph exit velocity off tee. Recently converted to catching. Shows strength in receiving. With continued instruction and repetitions will be a player to follow in 2018 class. 2.38-2.55 pop times with 72 mph arm strength.

Brenden Kuehl, C, Ankeny Centennial, 2017
6-foot-1, 165-pound right-handed hitting catcher. Above average athletic frame. 7.75 60 time. Open and tall stance to start. Gets square and is able to deliver above average bat speed. Line drive swing plane; short through zone after contact. 78 mph exit velocity off tee. Proper blocking actions with ability to deaden pitch in front. Sure hands and able to receive. Long actions on throws. Inconsistent release and accuracy. 2.38-2.5 pop times with 68 mph arm strength.

Richie Rice, C/1B, United Township, 2017
5-foot-10, 170-pound right-handed hitting catcher/first baseman hits from a balanced, narrow setup, hands start forward, load back smoothly, short stride, level bat path produced line drives from gap-to-gap with 74 mph exit velocity. Defensively, pop times ranged from 2.44-2.55 to second, 67 mph from the crouch from short, over-the-top arm slot, butt stays high in setup. Also ran a 7.22 60 yard dash.

Cody Roush, C, Dubuque Hempstead, 2016
5-foot-10, 200-pound right-handed hitting catcher. Thick sturdy build with strong lower half. 7.9 60 time. Square stance and strides to closed. Load is easy; somewhat deep with occasional arm bar. Hand set is low causing uphill swing plane. Strength in upper half with 91 mph exit velocity off tee. Good catchers body with leg strength and durable. Length to arm circle on throws. Flashes of ability to catch and throw. Pop times ranged 2.25-2.35 with 73 mph arm strength.

Sergei Swart, C, Bettendorf, 2016
6-foot-1, 165-pound right-handed hitting catcher. Lean athletic body that moves well around the field. 7.16 60 time. Dives into contact. Hand set is low causing slight uphill bat path. Is aggressive in swings looking to hit balls hard. Length to load and swing. Drives through at contact and stays on the ball. 82 mph exit velocity off tee. Moves well and is active behind the plate. Hitch in release effects accuracy on throws to second base. Pop times ranged 2.19-2.38. 71 mph arm strength to second base.

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