Fox River Open: Preview

By Taylor Castro
Illinois Staff

On Tuesday, June 15, the PBR Illinois staff will be hosting the Fox River Open Showcase at Hoffer Field in Elgin. This event is open to all classes and will serve as an identifier to select, invite events like Underclass Games and All-State Games.

For a closer look at the showcase details and the technologies we'll have on-site to assist our in-person evaluation for all in attendance, click here. For a complete look at those registered to attend this event, view the most up-to-date version of the roster by clicking here

Last year’s event featured Class of 2022 C Jayden Lobliner (St. Charles North HS), who has since committed to Kansas State. He was also a participant in the 2020 Future Games after his performance at this event.


In an effort to continue and develop a simplified, contactless check-in process, upon arrival, players will scan a QR Code with their smart phone camera that will lead them to a Google Form. On that Form, players will enter their name (matching the spelling on their PBR profile) and hit submit. Upon submission, players will be prompted to click a link that will direct them to their jersey color and number, located next to their registered name. From there, players will be instructed to the area where they’ll pick up their designated jersey color and number.


  • All position players: 8:45 a.m.
  • Pitchers-only: 11:30 a.m.
  • Catchers will stay for both sessions

Position Players

  • Warm-up/stretch
  • 60-yard dash
  • Offensive Evaluation
  • Defensive Evaluation
  • Vizual Edge vision testing

Pitchers & Catchers

  • Warm-up/stretch
  • Bullpen Evaluation


Click here to learn more about our tech partners that have enhanced our players showcase experience. Partners TrackMan, Blast Motion, Driveline, and Vizual Edge will enhance the players’ data collection both in-event and post-event. These technologies will assist our evaluation process, while providing players with insight on their own skills in addition to areas of improvement for the betterment of their abilities.