IL/WI Underclass Games: Quick Hits

By Kevin Coe and Peter Hamot
Illinois Scouting Staff

On Tuesday, July 20, the PBR Illinois staff hosted the Underclass Games at Triton College in River Grove. The invite-only event featured some of the top players from Illinois and Wisconsin in the Class of 2024.

A number of high-level follows emerged at the event and many will be names to become familiar with as they enter their sophomore year of high school.

Today we begin our coverage of the event with an early look at some of the standouts from the day.



+ 6-foot-4, 200-pound, 1B Aren Robinson (Brookfield Central, WI) possesses one of the more physical frames we have seen to date in the 2024 class. Robinson’s physicality translates to the right-handed batters box where he shows easy bat strength with advanced strength in his hands and a polished approach, letting the ball travel and using the whole field. Robinson has plenty of power to tap into as he continues to understand how to leverage and drive the baseball to the pull-side. Also, showed above-average athleticism at first base, moving light on his feet and showing feel for the position. High-level 2024 bat with big power potential. 

+ RHP Luke Teschke (Monticello, IL) is an athletically-built, 5-foot-11, 160-pounds and had one of the best in-game performances of the day. Teschke is highly-projectable with a quick/clean arm and low effort delivery, producing easy velocity. Teschke’s fastball sat 83-85 mph touching 86 mph with life through the zone, as well as the ability to locate to both sides of the plate. He also showcased two breaking balls, the first being a sharp slider at 71-72 mph; showing promise to continue to develop and be a wipeout pitch in the near future. His second breaking ball was an 11/5 bender in the 68-69 mph range with gradual shape. Teschke, who also worked out on the infield, led the event topping at 90 mph across the diamond.

+ 6-foot-1, 180-pound RHP Malachi Paplanus (Huntley, IL) had another strong PBR event showing. The right-hander continues to show that he is one of the most polished 2024 arms in the state with a clean delivery and plus two-pitch mix to work with. Paplanus featured a fastball in the 82-83 mph range that flashed occasional arm-side run. The right-hander’s go-to pitch is his breaking ball; which he spins around 2400-2500 RPM while showing sharp 11/5 action and the ability to throw it for strikes in any count.


+ Seth Impson (Springfield) is 5-foot-10, 155-pounds of energy. Impson was active and loud the entire day no matter where he was on the field.  Coaching up teammates and handling himself with confidence. Impson also backed up his innate catcher profile with highly-advanced actions, playing quick and athletic out of the crouch. Impson’s pop times ranged from 2.01-2.09.  His throws have carry and were consistently on the bag. Impson is advanced beyond his years behind the plate.   

+ C/SS Cal Casper (Pulaski, WI) listed at 5-foot-8 178-pounds, has a lean and athletic build with wiry strength. The right-handed hitter showed some high level ability with his barrel to ball talent.  His swing is loose, short and quick.  He peppered the outfield with line drives during his round of batting practice. His top exit velocity was 90 mph per Trackman. Caspers high level abilities showed on defense as well, starting with his above average arm strength. His exchange and footwork are advanced behind the plate and out at shortstop.  His top pop time was 2.05. Casper emerged as versatile, athletic 2024 to follow moving forward.


+ Jonathan Fleaka (Lake Zurich), a 5-foot-9 160-pound infielder, is an athletically-built quick-twitch athlete.  Offensively, Fleaka has an advanced skill set. The right-handed hitter showed advanced bat speed and strength with a short flat swing and stayed level through the zone. His swing generates backspin and carry. His highest exit velocity was 93 mph during BP.  Defensively, Jonathan showed quick feet and soft, quick hands.  He consistently made the routine play during games and flashed the ability to move laterally at shortstop.  His infield velocity topped 82 mph. Highly-intriguing right-handed bat in the 2024 class.

+ Wisconsin INF Eddie Peters (La Crosse Aquinas, WI), is a 6-foot-2, 180-pound right-handed hitter with a high waisted, athletic build. Offensively, Peters used a direct flat swing with quick-twitch that generated backspin and easy jump off the barrel. He flashed the ability to drive the ball to the pull side with loft. Peters registered a top exit velocity of 92 mph during BP.  Defensively Peters showed the ability to stick on the infield moving forward.  He has good rhythm, tempo and is aggressive with his feet.  His hands are soft and quick, as well as his arm, which generates online throws with carry.  Peters topped at 80 mph across the diamond.

+ One of the stronger two-way performances on the day belonged to SS/RHP Cooper Kamlay Franklin, WI). The 5-foot-10 155-pound right-handed hitter is a talented all-around baseball player. Offensively Cooper has a pull approach at the plate with a swing that stays short and level through the zone.  He showed strength and bat speed by yanking some balls into the deep left-center field gap.  His top exit velocity during BP registered at 92 mph per Trackman. Kamlay shined on the infield where his quick feet allowed him to show advanced range to both sides.  His hands played quick which translated to a fast glove to hand transfer and his arm is strong, with his top infield velocity coming in at 85mph.  That same arm strength played well on the mound where he showed a loose, repeatable delivery. Kamlay used a sinking fastball in the 83-84 mph range to pound the zone and produce weak contact. His best secondary offering this game was his changeup; the pitch was 71-72 mph with sinking action which he used in any count as well as right-on-right to pick up a strikeout. Breaking ball was 71-73 mph with sharp 11/5 shape, also with the ability to throw for strikes. High-follow two-way prospect in Wisconsin.

+ 3B/RHP Cash Campbell (Montini Catholic), a 6-foot-1 205-pound big-bodied left-handed hitter has long been a high-follow bat in the ‘24 class and he continues to show why. Campbell doubled twice during game-play; his first was hammered down the right-field line and he followed up with a line-drive down the left-field line, showing a true whole-field approach. Campbell has a short swing that starts with a barrel tip and flashes well above-average bat speed which projects to have big power potential down the road. Campbells top exit velocity during BP was 99 mph per trackman.  Defensively, Campbell profiles at a corner infield spot, as he takes efficient angles to attack the ball with a quick release. Campbell, who also threw an inning on the mound, topped at 81 mph across the diamond. High follow 2024 left-handed bat.

Adam Suess (Madison East, WI) a 5-foot-7, 130-pound infielder showed well defensively with active feet and hands that allowed him to move and attack efficiently. His fluid actions matched with a loose arm make Adam an interesting follow. Joshua Wicker (Fenwick, IL) showed an advanced skillset during the defensive session.  He has smooth actions with quick hands and feet. He moves with fluid rhythm and tempo and his arm is loose and strong. Brock Lulewicz (Muskego, WI) also stood out on the infield, operating with a bounce to his step and a strong arm. Lulewicz has quick hands, quick feet and a loose arm.  His infield velocity topped out at 84mph.   


A number of other noteworthy bats worth mentioning were:

+ Ryan Dummer (Burlington, WI) right-handed hitting catcher flashed advanced bat speed during batting practice utilizing a loose, short, and quick swing (93 mph exit velocity). 

+ Donatello Badalamenti (Pulaski) right-handed hitting catcher flashed some pull side strength during batting practice using a short, level swing and extended well through contact; T90 mph exit velocity.  

+ Cooper Marrs used his long lanky build to generate some well above-average bat speed.  He has very little wasted motion in his load and uses strong hands matched with a short direct swing along with a gap line drive approach; T91 mph exit velocity.  

+ Keenan Oldani is strong and muscular with advanced bat speed.  As he learns to generate loft in his swing he should continue to tab into his immense power potential.  He had the highest exit velocity on the day coming in at 100 mph.

Anthony Holloway, Jackson McCarey, and Joshua Gilroy also all flashed above-average bat speed during their rounds of batting practice and should be followed for years to come.  


6-foot-2 190-pound, LHP Ethan Eberle (Normal Community, IL) has seen his velocity climb since the winter. The left-hander uses his long-limbed frame and clean/quick arm to produce an easy 78-81 mph, T82 fastball with arm-side life and action. Eberle showcased a sharp 1/7 breaking ball in the 63-64 mph range that he throws with fastball intent. Also flashed a changeup that showed sinking action and the ability to locate down in the zone. 

LHP Jackson Ugo (Andrew, IL) is a highly-projectable 6-foot, 150-pound left-hander with plenty more left in the tank. The left-hander has a clean/quick arm with a fluid and repeatable delivery. His fastball worked 79-80 mph with arm-side run and feel for the zone. Ugo went to a sharp 1/7 breaking ball in the 67-68 mph range which he used to pair off his fastball. His third pitch was a 72 mph changeup kept down in the zone with arm-side fading action and sink, thrown with fastball intent.

RHP’s Mike Schoon (University School of Milwaukee) and Ryan Kotara (Lincoln-Way Central) both impressed with easy/athletic deliveries and loose arms. The two right-handers both sat 80-81 mph touching 83 mph with feel for 11/5 breaking balls. Kotara also caught our eye with his overall athleticism, presence in the batter’s box and highly-advanced arm strength; topped at 87 mph across the infield.

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