Prep Baseball Report

PBR Midwest ProCase: Outfielder Analysis

By Illinois Scouting Staff

Today, we take on the group of dynamite outfielders who stepped onto Route 66 Stadium for the PBR Midwest ProCase. This is the group that features the day’s MVP as well as some of the best offensive-minded prospects the star-studded showcase had to offer.

Speaking of the ProCase MVP, Jack Krumbach (Madison Memorial, WI; Xavier commit) absolutely stole the show from beginning to end. The Wisconsin outfielder began the event with an out-of-this-world 6.49 60-yard dash mark, the fastest on the day, and continually captured the gaze of those in the stands while he stood in the box for batting practice. His quality couple rounds of BP neatly transferred over into the simulated game, too. The lefty turned around an 89-mph fastball and pulled it over the right field fence for the game’s only homer. The no-doubt home run actually followed a double he ripped over the right fielder’s ahead in an earlier at-bat – that fastball he hit came in at 91 mph.

Joining Krumbach on the list of jaw-dropping BPs was Illinois outfielder Jason Hodges (Marist; Arkansas). Hodges’ big, strong 6-foot-3 frame produced some of the hardest contact of the day and he gets to it all, creating some easy pop that he works to all fields. He further cemented himself as one of the region’s top offensive prospects with his ProCase performance.

Fellow Illinois prospect Alex Helmin (Providence Catholic; Arizona State) also elicited some praise for his all-around game. He’s a natural athlete in a live and loose body that grants him a sky-high ceiling as he further develops.

For full reports on each of the outfielders who attended the Midwest ProCase, continue reading below. If you missed the previous positional breakdowns, check out these hyperlinks: C, INF. And check back tomorrow when we go through the livewire arms who toed the rubber at last month’s high-profile event.


Cade Clemons, SS/2B/OF, Lee’s Summit West (MO), 2019
Wichita State commit. 6-foot-2, 190-pound, right-handed hitting outfielder/infielder, lanky frame, loose levers. Hit from a tall open stance, short lifted stride. Loose hands, above average bat speed, exit velocity topped 93 mph from a tee. Defensively arm action is loose and accurate, played with carry, 93 mph from the outfield, 87 mph across the diamond. Natural actions, loose athlete, plays with body control and athletic arm action. 7.01 runner in the 60.

Kendal Ewell, OF/1B, Marist (IL), 2019
Eastern Kentucky commit. 6-foot-3, 200-pound, right-handed hitting outfielder/first baseman, lean projectable frame. Present, plus foot speed for size, 6.70 runner in the 60. Offensively hits out of a balanced stance, with short stride, good balance through contact. Loose easy bat speed, produced gap to gap contact. Exit velocity topped 94 mph from a tee. Ball jumped off the barrel in game. Defensively profiles at a corner, outfield action work through the baseball. Arm is long and loose, over the top with carry, 89 mph from the outfield. At first base hands proved playable, arm strength translated. Throws topped 88 mph across the diamond.

Alex Helmin, OF, Providence Catholic (IL), 2019
Arizona State commit. 6-foot-4, 175-pound, right-handed hitting outfielder, highly projectable frame, long and lean, loose live body. Balanced setup at the plate, slightly crouched, in rhythm and on time, maintains balance. Loose levers generate easy bat speed, path is slightly uphill, line drive gap to gap contact. Exit velocity topped 97 mph from a tee. Present foot speed, 6.77 runner in the 60. Defensively has gliding actions in the outfield, also plays first base, hands play well around the bag and looks natural. Arm played at 80 mph from the outfield.

Jason Hodges, OF/1B, Marist (IL), 2019
University of Arkansas commit. 6-foot-3, 210-pound, right-handed hitting outfielder/first baseman, extra large frame, strong build throughout. Premium offensive prospect. Hits from a balanced stance, slightly crouched. Bat strength present with easy pop, quick hands get to hard contact to all fields. Exit velocity topped 99 mph from a tee. 6.82 runner in the 60, long strider, power runner. Defensively likely profiles at a corner outfield or first base, looked comfortable around the bag. Arm plays over the top, 85 mph from the outfield, 78 mph across the diamond.

Carson Husmann, OF/RHP, South Central (IN), 2019
6-foot-1, 185-pound, right-handed hitting outfielder, strong athletic body type. Hits from an open stance, leg lift stride gets to even, good balance. Bat strength present, shows pop to pull side, occasional top spin contact, advanced bat speed. Exit velocity topped 91 mph from a tee. Defensively arm action is long, high ¾ slot, accurate arm, clean exchange. Corner outfield profile. Arm topped at 85 mph from the outfield. 6.92 runner in the 60.

Steve Jamroziak, OF/RHP, Muskego (WI), 2019
University of Minnesota commit. 6-foot-3, 200-pound, right-handed hitting outfielder, athletic high ceiling frame. Offensively hits out of a balanced setup, loads hands back, short stride, simple loads, works on time. Path is short to the baseball, gap to gap approach, stays on top and produces back spin contact. Exit velocity topped 89 mph from a tee. 6.81 runner in the 60. Outfield actions play through the baseball, crowhops through exchange. Arm played out of high ¾ slot, throws topped 87 mph from the outfield.

Chase Krogman, OF/LHP, Liberty (Lake St. Louis) (MO), 2019
Missouri State commit. 5-foot-11, 180-pound, left-handed hitting/throwing outfielder, strong stocky build. Hits from a spread setup, leg kick stride. Pull side approach, path works slightly uphill with bat speed. Occasional hard contact, flashes above average pop. 93 mph exit velocity form the tee. Defensively arm works long and over the top, 93 mph from the outfield, right-field profile. Feet setup behind the baseball and shuffles through. 6.99 runner in the 60.

Jack Krumbach, OF, Madison Memorial (WI), 2019
Xavier University commit. 6-foot-1, 175-pound, left-handed hitting, right-handed throwing outfielder, wide shoulder, trim waist, projectable athletic body type. Plus-plus runner, 6.49 runner in the 60, the event best, laser timed, got down the line at 4.33. Hits out of a tall setup, balance stance, short stride, simple setup and load. Quick twitch hands, loose swing with sneaky pull side pop. Bat speed and hands played in game, doubled hard to right field off the wall and hit a home run to right. Handled velocity well. Exit velocity topped 90 mph from a tee. Defensively arm plays long and over the top, accurate to target, topped at 83 mph from the outfield. Actions play through the ball, fluid easy feet. Overall had a break out day as one of the best performers of the event.

Drew Lechnir, OF, Kimberly (WI), 2019
5-foot-9, 160-pound, left-handed hitting/throwing outfielder, lean athletic frame. Present foot speed, 6.77 runner in the 60. Translates it to the field, centerfield defender, light on his feet, instinctual routes. Arm action is long high ¾ slot, topped 85 mph from the outfield. Hits from a balanced setup, short stride, gets weight to front foot. Path is short, maintains balance, line drive contact, spray type hitter. Will take what he’s given in game, hits where pitched, quality at bat type. Exit velocity topped 81 mph from a tee.

Wyatt Nelson, RHP/OF, Hopkins (MN), 2019
6-foot-1, 175-pound, right-handed hitting two way player. Profiles best on the mound, delivery lifts clean to balance point, gets to landing with weight on heels, lands square. Arm action is long and over the top, quick arm. Fastball sat 86-88 mph. Curveball has 11/5 shape, 74-77 mph. 6.87 runner in the 60. Hits from a balanced stance with quick leg kick trigger. Path works uphill, some length. 92 mph exit velocity from the tee. Defensively arm action is long, topped at 88 mph from the outfield.

Gregory Ziegler, OF/RHP, Joliet Catholic (IL), 2019
Missouri State commit. 6-foot-1, 180-pound, right-handed hitting outfielder, athletic live body. Offensively hits from a balanced stance, smooth loading action, short stride, good balance through contact. Path is short and level, repeatable stroke, stays balanced and barrel aware. Line drive gap to gap contact, exit velocity topped 84 mph from a tee. Plus foot speed, 6.63 runner in the 60. Defensively plays athletic in the outfield, easy actions, soft hands. Short over the top arm action, carries at 88 mph from the outfield.