Rake City Scout Day: Takeaways

By Illinois Scouting Staff

On Thursday August 5, 2021 the PBR Illinois scouting staff hosted the Rake City Scout Day at Ozinga Field in Crestwood, IL. The scout day included 40+ players from the Rake City organization, representing the current high school grad classes. You can find a roster by clicking HERE

Today, our scouting staff collaborated to bring you a brief overview of those who had strong showings at the event, and we also highlighted a few statistical leaders down below. 

Read on for our takeaways from the Rake City Scout Day. 


+ One of the top arms at the event was LHP Vince Waterman (Homewood-Flossmoor, 2023). The left-hander’s loose/quick arm helps produce easy velocity from his highly projectable frame. Extremely athletic; Waterman uses a drop-and-drive style delivery to gain power down the mound while striding in-line. Waterman’s fastball topped out at 87 mph with arm-side life through the zone and a max spin-rate of just over 2500 rpm. He uses a 1/7 breaking ball with sharp action in the 71-73 mph range and a changeup in the 80-81 mph range to keep would-be hitters off balance. Upside uncommitted 2023 arm.

Vince Waterman (8/5/2021)

+ RHP Jack Watson (Batavia, 2023) was another arm who showed well during the event. Wide-shouldered 6-foot 185-pound frame, Watson has evenly distributed strength throughout his body. Quick/up-tempo delivery with a short/clean high ¾ arm, short leg-kick and short stride; Watson looks to have even more velocity in the tank as he continues to polish up his delivery. His fastball reached up to 87 mph, generally straight but has life through the zone. The right-hander’s best secondary offerings were his changeup and slider; his changeup showed arm-side sink/fade in the 79-82 mph range while his slider had sharp 10/4 biting action at 71-74 mph. Watson also featured a curveball with gradual 11/5 shape in the 70-72 mph range to round off his four pitch mix.

+ RHP Waylon Deck (Homewood-Flossmoor, 2022) continued to show an advanced four-pitch mix despite his velocity being slightly down from what we have seen in the past. Deck, who has been up to 87 mph in the past, sat comfortably in the low-80’s while showing an advanced ability to spin the baseball. Deck showed feel for a curveball with depth and an average spin rate of 2361 rpm as well as a potential out-pitch in his cutter. The cutter has late, sharp cutting action that tunnels well off the fastball while topping at 79 mph with an average spin rate of 2259 rpm.

+ Keep an eye on 2024 RHP Wyatt Murphy (Riverside-Brookfield), the younger brother of the top 2022 in the state RHP/INF Owen Murphy. Wyatt has a young, projectable, 6-foot, 165-pound, high-waisted frame with plenty of room for continued physical development. Wyatt works from a full wind up, tall and fall delivery with a short, loose arm action that plays from a ¾ slot. Murphy ran his fastball up to 79 mph and showed potential to have an above average breaking ball in the upper-60’s with 2007 average rpm. 

+ Some other notable arms from the event were LHP’s Max Babich (Benet, 2022) and Evan Nieter (Homewood-Flossmoor, 2023). Babich works from a compact delivery, short stride with a quick/short arm that whips around his body producing a fastball that tops out at just over 86 mph and tight 1/7 breaking ball in the 69-70 mph range. Nieter is a long-limbed tall and fall style pitcher with a loose over-the-top arm action. The left-hander’s fastball topped out at 84 mph on top of a slider, curveball and changeup mix to keep hitters guessing. 


+ RHP/OF Lucas Montesantos (Hinsdale Central, 2022), who committed to Illinois-Springfield shortly after the event, showcased his potential on the mound as one of the top arms of the day; long/quick arm action, gains ground down the mound while striding in-line, lower-half is utilized throughout his entire delivery. Montesantos featured a fastball that topped at 88 mph with a max spin-rate of 2285 RPM. The right-hander showed feel for two breaking balls; a curveball in the 70-71 mph range and a slider at 76-79 mph with tight 11/5 shape. His fourth pitch is a changeup in the 76-78 mph range with arm-side fade towards the bottom of the zone. Montesantos has been on the rise since the spring and set to rise in the upcoming 2022 Illinois’ rankings update. His arm strength also translates to the outfield where he fired 90 mph bullets from a crow-hop to home plate. He is an athletic outfield defender with smooth hands and a clean transfer, From an offensive standpoint; the right-handed hitter possesses a quick/level bat through the zone with impressive bat-speed and an athletic swing that produces line-drives all over the yard. Montesantos is an intriguing two-way prospect at the next level.

+ One of the big winners from the event was OF/LHP Parker Baryl (St. Rita, 2022). Baryl showed natural outfield actions on top of a strong arm; touching 90 mph multiple times from a crow-hop with a clean arm action and accurate throws. The left-handed hitter possesses an athletic swing; peppering gaps with line-drives during BP with a level-path through the zone and quick hands to the ball.  On the mound, Baryl has a repeatable, controlled delivery and clean arm with his fastball topping at 84 mph. Baryl threw a high-volume of strikes and featured a four-pitch mix. Left/left two-way prospect to follow.

Parker Baryl (8/5/2021)

+ OF/LHP Dylan Mayer (New Trier, 2023) proved to be one of the top 2023 bats in attendance at the event. Mayer is a right-handed hitter with an all-around athletic swing; long stride, separates his hands away from his body as he strides out, slight uphill path through the zone with some juice to his pull-side. On the mound; the southpaw has a long/loose arm, uses a drop-and-drive type delivery to gain momentum down the hill and strides in-line with an athletic finish. Mayer’s fastball topped at just over 81 mph, which he pairs with a 70-72 mph changeup with sink and fastball intent. His breaking ball showed 1/7 shape in the 62-63 mph range with developing spin. 

+ RHP/INF Marco Arroyo (Loyola Academy, 2023) was another intriguing two-way prospect from the day. The 6-foot-1, 195-pound, wide-shouldered prospect showed well on the mound. Arroyo has a compact, quick arm action, ran his fastball up to 83 mph with an above-average changeup which currently looks to be his best secondary. Arroyo throws the changeup with intent and feel for the zone and 72-73 mph. Offensively, the right-handed hitter has a direct/flat swing with the ability to backspin the baseball. 


+ C Brian Twomey (Riverside Brookfield, 2022) boasts a strong and physical 6-foot-2, 210-pound frame with plenty of bat strength to show for in the batter’s box. Twomey showed pull-side juice from a short, repeatable swing at the plate, barreling his best ball up at 98 mph, per TrackMan. He’s a capable defender behind the plate as well, working quick to the bag with a short trigger release and pops consistently in the 2.06-to-2.08 range.

Brian Twomey (8/5/2021)

+ C Kyle Jannenga (Hinsdale South, 2022) established himself as the top defensive catcher in attendance, committing to Heartland CC shortly after the event. Jennenga flashed high-level pop-times as low as 1.94 to pair with his strong arm, which has true carry to the bag and clocked in at 81 mph. Jannenga moves well behind the plate acting as a willing blocker, actively keeping the ball in front. The right-handed hitter shows potential at the plate; extremely strong hands on top of a natural uphill path creates Jannenga’s power-hitting capabilities. 

+ C/3B Anthony Nino (Von Steuben, 2022) emerged as another skilled backstop from the event. With a pop-time as low at 2.08, Nino is capable of limiting the run game while also being a soft receiver of the baseball. Nino’s best asset at the event was his bat; starting in a narrow stance with a leg-kick timing trigger, long/loose arms, strong hands with a level path through the zone and pop off the bat.

Anthony Nino (8/5/2021)

+ Another backstop to watch from this event: C Patrick Durkin (Fenwick, 2023). Durkin boasts an extremely physical frame for his size, standing at 6-foot-3 and 235-pounds. He was consistently driving baseballs deep into the gap in BP and elevating from an uphill right-handed stroke. 


+ INF Kevin Cortez (Oak Park-River Forest, 2023) is a lean, athletic middle infielder with an advanced skill set on defense. He’s light on his feet and covers ground with athletic actions, fielding out front with soft, sure hands. His arm projects to add more velocity as he gets stronger, presently flashing multiple arm angle accuracy. Offensively he starts with a wide base and uses a barrel tip to generate bat speed.  He has an uphill swing with pull side strength.  His max exit velocity was 86mph

+ CIF Wes Deason (Riverside Brookfield, 2024) is another physical follow that popped at this event, boasting a strong 6-foot, 205-pound frame. Deason showed loose pull-side strength attached to his right-handed stroke, barreling his best ball up at 88 mph. 

+ INF Matt Spell (Brother Rice, 2023) stands at a strong, compact 5-foot-9, 175-pounds with athleticism attached to his build. He took a quality round of BP at this event, back spinning the baseball to the pull-side with aggression from a loose right-handed stroke. His glove proved to be an asset for him as well, moving swiftly around the infield with soft hands to pair. 

+ 3B/RHP Liam Hughes (Wheaton Warrenville South, 2023) has a 6-foot-2, 175-pound, lean athletic build. Offensively, Hughes swings a loose bat and flashed bat speed to the pull side. He starts with a wide stance and is short and direct to contact. When on time he has a gap to gap approach and stays on plane throughout the swing. Defensively, Hughes boasts a strong arm that plays loose to release, touching 84 mph across the infield with accuracy and carry to his target.

+ A 6-foot-2, 205-pound CIF that popped from this event: Justin Trott (Loyola, 2023). The present strength attached to his frame allows Trott to generate bat speed from his forearms, whipping his barrel through the zone and staying on plane. His hardest hit ball left his bat at 98 mph, which was the second hardest ball of the day. 


+ One of the best showings from a position player at the Rake City Scout Day came from OF/1B Cooper Ohlson (Lyons Township, 2022) who put on a show during BP with the loudest round of the day. He’s a right-handed hitter that starts in an open/athletic setup with strong/loose hands through the zone, uphill path to the ball creating natural lift and backspin capability. He displayed power favoring his pull-side, utilizing lower-half throughout his swing while maintaining balance after contact. Ohlson shows true potential to be a dangerous bat at the next level.

Cooper Ohlson (8/5/2021)

+ OF Cole Kardatzke (Downers Grove South, 2023) emerged as a 2023 to follow moving forward. Kardatzke has a projectable 6-foot 175-pound frame with plenty of room to add on strength in the future. The right-handed hitter took one of the best rounds of BP on the day; starting in an open/athletic stance, loose/quick hands to the ball, repeatable swing, level-path through the zone with a gap-to-gap approach and juice off the bat. Kardatzke also showed natural/athletic outfield actions with clean hands and a feel for the position.

+ OF/2B Blake Edmonds (Hinsdale Central, 2022) impressed as a solid all-around player on both sides of the ball and committed to Jacksonville University shortly after the event. Offensively, Edmonds has a simple/repeatable swing with natural lift through the zone and pop off the bat. He is a versatile defender who can play both the infield and outfield with quick athletic feet that provide him with the mobility to stay at either. On top of his athleticism, Edmonds possesses a strong arm from all around the diamond, showing a loose/quick action with carry. 

+ OF James Villanueva (Lyons Township, 2024) has a lanky 5-foot-10, 150-pound frame that projects. He showed a long loose arm on defense that projects to add strength with physical development, currently flashing life and carry to his target. His swing is loose and works uphill, showcasing intriguing future upside should he add strength down the road. works uphill and could be interesting with added strength.  His max exit velocity is 82mph.

+ OF Luke Yachnin (Riverside Brookfield, 2023) showed well in BP, back spinning baseballs on a line drive trajectory into the gaps and also showing an innate feel for the barrel.


A brief look at the statistical leaders from this showcase.


Rank Name State School Class Pos 60-yard
1 Kyle Jannenga IL Hinsdale South 2022 C 6.94
2 Parker Baryl IL St. Rita 2022 LHP 7.01
3 Cole Kardatzke IL Downers Grove South 2023 OF 7.03
4 Blake Edmonds IL Hinsdale Central 2022 OF 7.08
5 Lucas Montesantos IL Hinsdale Central 2022 RHP 7.13


Rank Name State School Class Pos Max FB
1 Lucas Montesantos IL Hinsdale Central 2022 RHP 88 mph
2 Jack Watson IL Batavia 2023 RHP 87 mph
^ Vince Waterman IL Homewood-Flossmoor 2023 LHP 87 mph
3 Max Babich IL Benet 2022 LHP 86 mph
4 Parker Baryl IL St. Rita 2022 LHP 84 mph
5 Evan Nieter IL Homewood-Flossmoor 2023 LHP 83 mph
^ Marco Arroyo IL Loyola Academy 2023 RHP 83 mph
^ Waylon Deck IL Homewood Flossmoor 2022 RHP 83 mph


Rank Name State School Class Pos Exit Velo
1 Cooper Ohlson IL Lyons Township 2022 OF 100
2 Brian Twomey IL Riverside Brookfield 2022 C 98
^ Justin Trott IL Loyola 2023 1B 98
3 Dylan Mayer IL New Trier 2023 OF 97
^ Lucas Montesantos IL Hinsdale Central 2022 RHP 97
^ Anthony Nino IL Von Steuben 2022 C 97
4 Kyle Jannenga IL Hinsdale South 2022 C 96
5 Blake Edmonds IL Hinsdale Central 2022 OF 94
6 Parker Baryl IL St. Rita 2022 LHP 92
^ Cole Kardatzke IL Downers Grove South 2023 OF 92


Rank Name State School Class Pos INF Velo
1 Liam Hughes IL Wheaton Warrenville South 2023 3B 84
2 Daniel McGill IL Nazareth Academy 2025 2B 82
3 Taylor Siekierski IL Fenton 2023 RHP 79
4 Marco Arroyo IL Loyola Academy 2023 RHP 78


Rank Name State School Class Pos OF Velo
1 Lucas Montesantos IL Hinsdale Central 2022 RHP 90
^ Parker Baryl IL St. Rita 2022 LHP 90
2 Blake Edmonds IL Hinsdale Central 2022 OF 83
^ Dylan Mayer IL New Trier 2023 OF 83


Rank Name State School Class Pos C Velo
1 Kyle Jannenga IL Hinsdale South 2022 C 80
2 Brian Twomey IL Riverside Brookfield 2022 C 78
3 Anthony Nino IL Von Steuben 2022 C 77


Rank Name State School Class Pos Pop Time
1 Kyle Jannenga IL Hinsdale South 2022 C 1.94-2.01
2 Brian Twomey IL Riverside Brookfield 2022 C 1.94-2.09
3 Peter Kenoian IL Oak Park-River Forest 2023 C 2.14-2.26
4 Anthony Nino IL Von Steuben 2022 C 2.15-2.20

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